The Strongest Man in History: Carousel Lift Challenge | History

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  1. That guy that called him out, bruh you're just jealous. He's that jerk in H.S. that says, "ah, that wasn't that impressive" when everyone else is freaking out. Glad he showed him up at the end.

  2. Why not attach the harnes like two straps one on each shoulder blade therefore minimizin injuryy , not likte this that much weight just strecthes ut spine

  3. I'm shocked how narrow a belt they used. No wonder they were popping their backs. They whole weight was sitting on like one vertebrae

  4. They haven't tried to beat any records that louis cyr made and he is regarded as the strongest man who ever lived

  5. Don't these men realize that they can build muscle their entire lives but it will never mean their bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and nervous system can handle the pressures of the weight and tensioning muscles being applied?

  6. Paul Anderson was the strongest man, ever. Did these feats without ANY supplements, (scientific based/backed) knowledge, assistance, endorsements, or supports. Truly Strength is in the ❤️

    Nick Best earned this respect.

    Paul Anderson versus Louis Cyr is what we need in the future.

  7. He lifted it up off the ground 2 times so he is the best a it for sure he did good the other guy said that didn't leave the ground he is just mad he is weak

  8. This lift and what it did to these guys proves what a true prodigy Paul Anderson was.
    Anderson didn't hurt himself on this lift at all.

  9. It did leave the ground Eddie unless y'all using camera tricks to fool us into thinking you guys can do it I don't think you guys would do that. So that shot of it leaving the ground is either an old shot cause we all seen it do which one is it Eddie was it camera effects cause all we see is the spokes of the carousel being lifted my grandmother could of done that if y'all understand where I'm coming everybody else has a shot with the full carousel. So which one is it Eddie???

  10. They should have told the people not to move when the thing is lifted. Even raising your legs up can change the weight and resistance your body puts into it. If this is supossed to be a perfect balanced thing, it definetly can affect a lot.

  11. Sometimes, when I'm in Costco and when I let go of the cart, I feel like ill just float away and stay on the ceiling for eternity… like a child's balloon. So I quickly grab the nearest thing to keep me grounded (last time it was chicken nuggies).
    Anyways, major Deja vous at 6:28.

    So thats a day in my [email protected] life, how u doin?

  12. All of them had one of the carrosel legs hitting the ground. Watch the left side of the carousel on the camera man's view when Brian and Eddie both do the lifts on the left hand side the people do not move it all up or down it's only the right side that goes up about 8 inches

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