10 Replies to “The Top 3 Strength Training Exercises for Runners | Week 43 | Movement Fix Monday | Dr. Ryan DeBell”

  1. It makes quite a LOT of difference that type of running – Sprint 60-200m – medium endurance (up to ~10km) – long endurance (marathon etc).
    At least for sprint I'd definitively would have choosen other exercises – a type of deep squat (sprint-start) that one co do savely even if if done explosively and near max strength – explosive trap/hex bar squat on a stable box for better ROM (fast up, normal to slow downwards/excentric) with around 3-5reps per set. Additionally unilateral FrontShoulderPress with Oblique twist + and RearDeltoid and/or Lat-exercise with each around 12-16reps in fast done (gain more upper body momentum for running fast), and maybe a little bit of assistive/compensating direkt hamstring resp. knee-flexor work

  2. Nice. That single legged dead lift is money. You can do it on an inflatable balance disc and incorporate proprio. If the wobble disc is on a vibration platform it is even better.

  3. I have spent months investigating exercises for the elderly and discovered a great resource at Seniorcises (check it out on google)

  4. Jane Fonda leg raises for the glute medius and reverse calf raises for the anterior tibialis are the best things you can do to prevent injuries.

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