The Triceps Workout “Master Tip” (EVERY EXERCISE!)

JESSE: Jeff is like a walking anatomy chart. It’s great to have him around. And the muscle markers? They make it really, really easy to understand. I’ll tell you this: I’ve learned a lot
about anatomy just from filming the videos. JEFF: Okay, so now the obliques, they come,
and they run all the way down, right- JESSE: No, no, no, no. Cut! Cut! Cut! No! Bad! JEFF: You have the linea alba that runs down
here, and then it divides it into all these quadrants. Now the lower abs would be right here. The upper abs would be up in this area, and
sometimes you can get a hernia right in the middle. So now the occularus muscle that runs right
here, under the- JESSE: No, no, no, no. Not necessary. Not in the eye. JEFF: But they’re muscle too, man. So now the supraspinatus is a really important
muscle. Jesse, I can’t reach it. If you could just draw that in. That really is important now for the health
of your shoulder. The thing is, while it may not be a big muscle,
it really is important to keeping the stability here. You can see the stability of that muscle. So, you want to make sure you- What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I’ve got some artwork on my back today and
it’s actually a muscle. Don’t worry. I got back at Jesse, and you’re going to
see that at the end of this video. But today I want to actually share with you
something even better. It’s the master tip. This time we’re applying it to the triceps. If you follow along with any of our Master
Tip series you understand that I’m giving you one tip that applies to every, single
tricep exercise you do. It does not require any extra equipment, and
it’s something you could do instantly, and feel the difference. When we’re talking about feeling the difference,
look at the difference here on this dip. It is very subtle, but I promise you, subtle
things can actually have huge differences in terms of, not just how it feels to you,
but more importantly, to the results you see from doing the exercise. Here we’re talking about the matter of an
inch. Can you see the difference between these two
dips? Here’s the difference, guys. When you do your tricep exercises we need
to start exploring full extension at the elbow. You might think that you’re extending fully
at the elbow because your arms is getting relatively straight. But I’m talking about full extension. Provided you don’t have any kind of blockage,
or chips in your elbow that prevent that. It starts with a little bit of anatomy because,
obviously, we broke out the muscle marker. We have to look at what’s going on here. This is the longhead of the tricep. The longhead of the tricep attaches – unlike
the other two heads of the tricep – to our scapula. To our back. You can see that over here. It’s attaching way up here and because of
that, in order to fully contract that muscle your arm has to get back, behind your body. Well, if we’re not getting the full extension
of the elbow that makes it even more difficult and challenging to actually get behind your
body. I realize that not every arm exercise, and
tricep exercise requires that your arm get back there, but more on that in a second. The second thing is, you’ve probably been
told something really important. That is: don’t ever lock out your joints
because locking out is a bad thing. Guys, that’s a big myth. That’s not true. What you want to do is – our bodies were
built to lock out. This elbow joint, to go to full extension,
is meant to be in full extension. It’s not a dangerous thing to be in full
extension. The problem is when we add velocity to that. So, you don’t want to add velocity to that
because that starts to get his pounding into extension. But guess what? You don’t do that. You don’t add velocity to your hinge joints. The hinge joints being here in your elbow,
and down at your knee. You want to have a controlled contraction. But because we’ve learned that you don’t
want to do that we usually cut that short. That’s a problem. So, here’s how you apply it and get more
from all of these exercises. If we take a tricep pushdown here, what we’re
doing is making sure that we don’t just get the full extension, but because we have
the opportunity to et the arms a little bit back, behind our body, we can get in an enhanced
contraction on the longhead of the tricep. For the reasons I just told you. So, you want to do that. If you’re doing a dip, like we’ve covered
here before, you have the opportunity, by the placement of your upper body, to shift
it forward a little bit, get more upright, so you do take advantage of the fact that
the arm can get back, behind the body. But once again, it’s about making sure you
extend through that final one inch. That final one-inch matters. It will make a difference when you accumulate
rep, after rep, after rep of every, single tricep exercise you do. I promise you. You can go here to a tricep extension and
the same thing. This is a great tricep exercise. It stretches the longhead, and then we go,
and reach full extension. Again, full extension. Those extra couple of inches, in this case,
matter a lot. Even if you have an exercise like the close
grip bench-press that doesn’t have an opportunity for you to get your arm behind your body at
full extension, you still want those extra few inches of full extension. So, don’t stop here. Consciously push forward. Here’s one other thing you can do to make
sure you’re doing this right. When you get to full extension, or where you
think it’s full extension, back off one inch. Back off just a little bit. I’m showing you here on the tricep pushdown
again. Back off just one inch, and then reestablish
the contraction again. You’ll find that you’ll probably get further
than you did the last time if you did short the extension. If you were able to get full extension the
first time then you’re just reestablishing that again, and your time under tension in
this position will be elongated. But the fact of the matter is this, guys:
you want to make sure that you’re not shortchanging your reps. Especially when it comes here. The same thing is going to apply when it comes
to your other hinge joint down at your legs. We can talk about that in another video. In the meantime, guys, if you’ve found this
video helpful make sure to leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re looking for other programs that
put the science back in strength – that’s what we do in all of them. The muscle marker is a key component of what
we do here. You want to head over to and
do that. In the meantime, I’m going to turn this
video over to Jesse because he earned his right to be on this camera after what he did
with his artwork on my shoulder. All right, guys. I’ll see you again soon. Go ahead Jesse. JESSE: Yeah, this is punishment for drawing
the dick. Not a good idea. Go check out the video, subscribe, check out
his website, too. Jeff, do I have to keep doing this?

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  1. Hi Jeff
    I saw a article published on Journal of Biomechanics 2007

    It says triceps are belongs to huge muscle group instead small muscle group, what do you think about that??

  2. Great video! I love all the tips you show, this is the kindda training, and learning! I want to do and know. A question though. Having all the body weight on the elbow joints wont be harmful over time? Since you have that articulation on compression

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  4. What can someone with impingements in their elbows do to train their triceps better when lock out or even full range of motion isn’t possible?

  5. my shoulder flexibility causes problems in dips and many more
    cant go lower in dips and my elbow flair out too much doing skull crusher

  6. This is great info, I'm assuming with the bicep master tip that's why I'm starting to get tennis elbow and golfers elbow, which really sux

  7. Can you do master tips for the legs(calves, quads, etc.)? Appreciate all the info you’ve put out. Eye opening and life changing. Thank you!

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  9. Hey Jeff ~
    I got some problems with the size of my triceps
    I really like the triceps pull down on the cable and the ‘dip’
    But I found out that my triceps aren’t the same sizes
    My triceps of my right hand is bigger than my left hand side:(
    These exercises use ‘two hands on one weight’, this problem bother me so much
    Is there anyway can solve this problem?
    Thank you:)

  10. Jeff hello, am charles a physical trainer, im facing a problem with ppl who cannot go to full extension of the elbow at all any advices or ideas why??

  11. Full Extension : 2:37
    Tricep Pushdowns: 3:49
    Skullcrushers: 4:26
    Close Grip Dumbbell Press: 4:47
    Re Establish Contraction: 4:58

  12. Jeff, I am 60 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to you. I love your videos and thank you very much for teaching me and I am now teaching others.

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