The True Strength Of Ultimate Kars

We have asked many questions when on the topic
of Kars. How strong is Kars, how did he lose, who can
Kars defeat? “Why did Lisa Lisa lose like that man she’s
been in like 2 fights in all of Battle Tendency? Speedwagon has been in more fights than her,
I mean not saying that he won any of them, but yeah. Now Ultimate Kars has always been a difficult
topic when it came to fights in Jojo and a difficulty in general when you want to put
Ultimate Kars against other characters from other franchises. Well I’m going to clear up those two things,
because there’s been misconceptions on Kars as a whole. Let’s begin with Kars Vs. Stand Users. Now there’s a lot of Stand Users with a
lot of abilities, and then you have users in Jojo with certain abilities. These two abilities being Hamon and Spin. So as a whole I’ve been pushing this concept
that Hermit Purple has been the visualization of Hamon like how Ball Breaker is the visualization
of Spin. Now there’s fans completely with it and
using it in arguments with people and then there’s fans that want me to drop it. For the second group, I can understand why
it would be difficult for that to believe. I bring up the quote of Arak and that’s
to where it gets half and half for people again. Well to clarify, Hermit Purple is the same
case as Ball Breaker. You can see the Stand, but it has to get to
a point of where I’d say it’s an all time high for the user when it comes to the ability. That’s why Ball Breaker could be achieved
and visualized by Super Spin. The way Araki puts it, “The “Stands” in JoJo can be
conceptualized as a reification of hidden talent, with their source being a sort of
energy that’s been in the Earth since ancient times”. Hamon itself isn’t a stand, but it can get
to the point of where it reaches that phase. It’s really all related if you think about
it. Like read what I said about Spin, it’s literally
around in the same ball park. I believe if a person does train with Hamon
as much Lisa Lisa, Tonpetty, and Joseph did then they would eventually get Hermit Purple
regardless of the arrow. But even if I point a big red arrow to what
I’m getting at, there will still be times where people don’t agree and that’s totally
fine. For the most part, a good portion of my videos
are speculation anyways, so it’s not a big deal if people don’t agree. The thing with speculation and theories is
that sometimes it does mean I will connect points to previous videos if it’s something
to where it has a lot of points on making a lot of sense. Regardless, thank you guys for supporting
my beliefs and even to the people that don’t I really do like to talk so I’m fine with
connecting up and discussing the topic at hand. Speculation and theories are great when there’s
people that can see where you’re coming from, but it’s nice to see the other side
of things with valid points and all. The thing about those two abilities is that
they have their connection to stands, but let’s focus on Hamon in specific. I’ve done two videos relating to the topic,
but I suggest you check out the connection of Hamon to Hermit Purple video in specific. So Araki had actually given us information
surprisingly on the topic of Hamon and Stands, it’s not an outlandish theorization, more
of clarifying if anything if you ask me. You can read the quote, but to sum it up. Araki had wanted to visualize Hamon, and since
it travels throughout the body that’s why you have Hermit Purple visualized being wrapped
around the body. It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise because
Araki had made the connection way before. Hamon itself is an energy used in the ancient
form of martial art Sendō, Sendō translated meaning The Way Of The Hermit. Also another reason why the stand is just
vines is because it was also meant to be used as a connection to anything possible to where
something can be projected. Hermit Purple is a telepathic stand, the stand
can be used to project many things. For example, Joseph used it to make a map
of dust that gave him directions directly to what he wanted to get to. That’s without him knowing, that’s just
the stand knowing. Dio uses it to project a vision of who Polnareff
was looking for, but had no idea of who he was. Wait a minute, Dio had Hermit Purple too? In specific he had Hermit Purple 2, like #2
not the other too. Reason being the body still had Jonathan’s
being deeply infused with Hamon in his body, since it’s originally his. Now I talk a lot about this in both of those
Hamon videos, but you have traces to where if your Hamon is stronger then that means
your Hermit Purple is stronger. Joseph at his young age, and his Hamon being
trained made him a strategy genius that knows what his opponent is going to say before they
say it and do before they do it. Tonpetty, a hamon master had the ability to
read people’s futures. So again, the stronger your hamon is, the
stronger your Hermit Purple is, meaning your telepathic abilities are stronger. Now that we’re done with that, what does
that mean for Kars. If you watched Battle Tendency you know that
Kars had the strongest Hamon ever, he didn’t have Hamon a hundred times stronger than Joseph,
but hundreds of times stronger, which is pretty vague, but we can make the assumption on how
big the jump is. Hamon being used on people has the effect
of feeling pin and needles, that being quoted. That can either be compared to the feeling
of numbness or the feeling of pins and needles that you get from a sunburn, but the worst
thing that can happen if a human is stuck with Hamon is they would lose consciousness
and that’s it, no burning whatsoever. Then you have the Hamon that Kars used Joseph
that was as if Joseph was struck with the power of the sun. His skin would liquify and then vaporize,
so his Hamon is ridiculously stronger when compared. So what would be of his Hermit Purple, Kars
would get a stand that’s for sure, but what of it. Well for being that ridiculously strong, I’m
sure that his Hermit Purple would actually pass the form of just being vines. At this point, it might end up becoming a
Humanoid stand if Kars wants it to be, but it could still wrap around Kars. Possibly a Star Platinum fusion with Hermit
Purple, but that’s for people that want to draw that. I want to get onto how exactly would his abilities
work. If Tonpetty could predict the future, then
what exactly could Kars do. What’s at the top of all telepathic abilities
or at least most. Tonpetty had “Telepathic Precognition”,
Joseph had “Mind Reading”, there’s another possibility of Joseph having another ability
when the Red Stone of Aja had passed through him and his Hermit Purple could predict outcomes
in his last stand against Kars and that’s how all that happened, but again possibility. Both telepathic abilities by Tonpetty and
Joseph are considered Basic Level telepathy, so since Kars is so far ahead he should have
either Master Level, Ultimate Level, or Absolute Level. I’d believe that he could be able to do
everything from Basic to Absolute Level because when you think about certain abilities on
the chart, some stand just casually have these abilities. For example, Psychosomatic Illusion is just
Emerald Splash when you think about it. Casting a powerful illusion capable of causing
physical effects on the target. Stands in general are supposed to be technically
telepathic in a sense so some stands alone can take the spot of Master Level. Kars is definitely supposed to above Stands
when it comes to those regular Stands, Kar’s Hermit Purple would be along the lines of
Top 10 strongest stands. He probably would end up being Top 5 of the
10, but I can promise you he won’t be number one. We know who takes that space. So what’s the abilities of Absolute Level,
well in Absolute Level you get Metapathy. The ability to read, sense, communicate with,
and control an infinite number of minds across all universes, planes and dimensions. Mindscape Materialization: The ability to
will ones thoughts and their inner world into reality. So would it be one of those? Maybe one of the Ultimate Level abilities
if Absolute isn’t the right level for it. In my opinion if we were to choose the ability
for it, I’d go with Mental Projection as the main ability and being able to do a few
of the Master, Advanced, and Basic abilities as side powers. More on Kars specifically in the Jojo universe,
him quickly learning abilities off of seeing people do them then that could be even more
destructive when you think of the counterpart of Hamon. I’m going to have a timestamp on the video
right now for the people that haven’t got to part 7 so I can talk about it, so this
is a spoiler alert technically if you don’t know anything about Steel Ball Run at all. So in Part 7 you have spin and Ball Breaker
being the stand of Spin and then other tidbits about Spin. Kars can make himself into a minotaur if needed,
but I’m not really sure he even needs the horse part about him in specific. It’s possible he could achieve the golden
rotation in a different way since he’s able to manipulate his body in so many ways. I doubt that he can surpass perfect or well
there would be no need but he could probably end up replicating it to the tee and have
it to where he could do so much with all his appendages and all. That’s a showerthought about it though because
I haven’t fully worked out the kinks on it, but an easier terms, Kars can see how
Spin is done and fully understand it and do more with it because he doesn’t require
a horse since he could be the horse or well Minotaur
because of his convenience. Before going on into the next topic at hand,
I’d like to take a moment to address support. If you use the amazon link below and either
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me a bit. So now with all that we learned about Kars
Vs. The Jojoverse, what about Kars Vs. Other Universes. Let me tell you this beforehand that where
if someone wanted Kars to fight their character, the only way Kars would lose if Kars was in
the Jojoverse. Think about it like this, if you put Kars
and a character on an even playing field where both universes meet and connect, Kars would
get the benefit of the Jojoverse and the other person’s universe too. Since he’s all lifeforms, he would have
to be all lifeforms including the ones that he’s going against since they exist then. For example, let’s say Kars Vs. Sasuke. The Sharingan is genetics, but Kars has the
ability to see at a cellular level and along with that he has the ability to manipulate
his cells to whatever life form he pleases. So he would be able to replicate the Sharingan
and he would never go blind since he has Ultimate level of regeneration, if his eyes do go blind
he could repair them or he could even remove his eyes and have them regenerate. Along with that Kars regenerates all the time
and if there’s something messing with his rapid regeneration then he regenerates with
something that would work against what’s attacking him or messing up with the process. Say that Sasuke uses Amaterasu on Kars’
body, Pillar Men alone have been able to manipulate their bodies also, but Kars would end up removing
what exactly part is being removed and would regenerate it easily. So if he even Amaterasu’d his face, Kars
could rip the skin off of his face and regenerate the skin ripped off and his hands too if they
get caught in the flames. You’re going to have people question if
alien characters would be able to go against him since Kars is the ultimate lifeform on
Earth, but the problem with that is that Earth is supposed to be the only place where organisms
live in the Jojoverse. As soon as you put Kars against another character,
you’re introducing more lifeforms that add on his list. Since he’s all lifeforms you would have
to add all lifeforms when putting him against people. So if you have this immortal character than
can basically replicate the genetics of a character to a tee and even advance further
than that, what’s the possible challenge to him. If an ability is used, Kars can copy that
ability. If the ability takes a toll on the user, it
wouldn’t on Kars because of his regenerative abilities. Unlimited stamina, does not age, he can copy
your genes, do what you do, and do it better. Kars is busted, enough said. Put some Kars versus someone in the comments,
I might make a video of it. Also if it’s in a certain franchise I might
know people that I could do the video with. Try to make it Jojo versus something else
and not Jojo vs Jojo, meaning like Kars vs Kakyoin or something. Unless if it’s like highly voted for then
I’ll probably go over it anyways. Also comment your thoughts on this too, I want
to know the thoughts on it.

100 Replies to “The True Strength Of Ultimate Kars”

  1. I can think of a few battles:
    Kars vs. Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)
    vs. Kumagawa Misogi or Ajimu Najimi (Medaka Box)
    vs. Asura (Asura’s Wrath)
    vs. Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty, this is just a funny thought though)
    vs. Alex Mercer (Prototype)
    vs. SCP-682 (SCP Foundation Mythos)
    … and probably more I can’t think of.

  2. Prime Kars (Perfect Lifeform) vs Prime Aizen (manga – without seals and with Hougioku melded with him)?

  3. Wait so it Kars was put in the dragon ball verse with equal footing he could have saiyan genetics and rapidly get stronger through zenkais and saiyan biology and go all the ssj forms

  4. Ultimate Kars vs. Father (FMA) with the Philosopher's stone.

    I wanted to do Speedwagon but we all know how that ends

  5. Kars Vs Ben 10 I wanna say ben cause alien X breaks reality pretty much but if you subtract that i think kars could win

  6. Imagine if Ultimate Kars went to the my hero academia universe. Since quirks are a natural thing in DNA and the pillar men doing similar abilities that look like quirks, Kars could learn how quirks work with his 400 iq and copy it making him more powerful than all for one and all might combine, May god bless their souls.

  7. Kars vs Saitama

    I haven't seen one punch man but from what I've heard that's the only dude who I've heard that could probably curbstomp Kars

  8. Could Saitama beat Kars cause he doesn’t have special abilities he’s just has super strength and invincibility? Kars can’t just decide to be psychically stronger he has set strength limits. The unstoppable force from one punch man verses the immovable object from JoJo

  9. @Kaleb I.A. do you think Kars could beat ultimate sephiroth? when you were talking about the Karz vs X suggestions, I was thinking about who might be a match for him, and sephiroth might just do the trick (using canonical power levels, that is, cause Ruby weapon beats out even safer sephiroth with ease using in game stat blocks)

  10. Kars can't beat certain charracters (if you don't include his "stand")
    let's take Goku , for example , Kars will be able to manipulate Ki , and will maybe , if his ultimate life form body isn't good enough , transform his cells into Sajan cells , and will become a basic sajan , and will multiply that basic ability by hundreds , maybe 1000 , but in dragon ball there is no training limit , so Goku will be above Kars , if Kars gets a chance to train in that sajan form , his training will be faster than a normal sajan because of Kars , maybe in a month he will reach Goku levels of strong , preety optimistic , then he learns to transform into super sajan , no stamina drain means no Ki drain , wich means infinite super sajan form , but this can be achived only by training and if you put Goku against him right off the bat then Kars will lose , he can surpass Goku tho .
    also , i don't want to get into this because i haven't watched dragon ball , senzu beans are plants , can't he make them and eat them , i don't know if these beans cause side effects , probably they do , but it will multiply his power (correct me if i'm wrong)

  11. Kars is very broken. However, I do think he flounders against higher tiers of characters, hack type abilities which can kill him in one shot, and maybe machines, idk if machines are counted as species.
    anyways, actual fight ideas.
    Swamp Thing
    Iron Man (all of his armors)

    Dumbass ideas
    Living Tribunal
    Pre Retcon Beyonder
    Cosmic Armored Superman
    Shaggy using insert amount of power
    Speedwagon unrestrained

  12. Araki places him as ultimate right? So there is no point in anything challenging him. If he was ultimate he would just copy any stand, change his mind to change his soul and all that, or whatever semantics you could use to justify him ripping of everyone's stands. If ultimate is the definition and that is indisputable then he can copy anything at all no matter what. I guess souls wouldn't be that simple but in JJBA you can rationale anything. Unless it wasn't stated that he is ultimate by Araki, and it was Kars stating it then, it doesn't matter at all because every character in every anime or really anything at all has at one point thought of themselves as invincible, at least in a particular situation.

  13. in the Jojo verse, all organisms only exist on the earth?
    I thought the alien boi from part 4 was from space

  14. People wanting to compare Kars to other anime caracther's is dumb. He is the ultimate life form, the only ones who could defeat him would be gods, and only if they were energy based, so as to not have genes to be copied.

  15. My choices for opponents to face off with Kars are Doomsday from DC, Mr. Manhattan from Watchmen, and for funsies Saitama from One Punch Man.

  16. Ultimate Kars vs Over Heaven Dio
    U. Kars vs Diavolo
    U. Kars vs Diego with THE WORLD
    U. Kars vs Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate
    U. K. vs Alien X from Ben 10
    U. K. vs Spectre from DC comics
    U. K. vs Dr. Manhattan from DC comics
    U. K. vs Odin from Marvel Comics
    U. K. vs Galactus
    U. K. vs Dormammu
    U. K. vs Thanos
    U. K. vs Darkseid from DC
    U. K. vs Saiyan Saga Vegeta
    U. K. vs Frieza Namek
    U. K. vs Beerus
    U. K. vs Lucifer from DC
    U. K. vs Saitama from One Punch Man
    U. K. vs Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach end of 1k year blood arc war
    U. K. vs Yhwach
    U K. vs end of Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki
    UK vs Deadpool

  17. So, Kars can get any genetic based or learnable ability or technique. Then, if he could have a walk through the animeverse, how OP could we make it?
    On top of my head he could have:
    -Hamon, Spin and Stands from JJBA;
    -Sayan (could technically become super sayan) and namekian biology, ki manipulation in all his forms and instant transmission from DB;
    -Chakra manipulation, all innate abilities, all jutsus, all ocular abilities (byakugan, sharingan, rinnegan) from Naruto;
    -Nen mastery, chimera-ant biology from HxH;
    -Alchemy mastery from FMA;
    -If the devil fruits actually change someone's DNA, the power of all DF users and Haki mastery from One Piece;
    -All titan shifters abilities from Attack on Titan;

    Now, that's alot of damage

  18. Kars vs All for one plz

    And make a cool scenario where

    The whole MHA characters Good or bad are scared on what Kars can do

    And they had no choice but to team up so

    The whole MHA vs Kars

  19. I always thought the stands were unique if not slightly different so kars wouldn't have hermit purple hed have something that reflects his personality and actions like idk his stand might be the very effect of the gems he sought after. Maybe his stand is wrapped around him and he can absorb and harness light like the stones this includes harmon like you said it should at max knock people out what if it wasnt harmon he was useing and actually the energy from harmon absorbed and reflected at jojo

  20. So Kars against Saitama? Saitama is indestructible and kills everything in one punch, but if Kars copies Saitama he is also indestructible and kills everything in one blow but Saitama can't die but Kars can't either

  21. i just realized
    Allen dude from DiU, he can manipulate his body as well, like kars, but it is more of transformation and not evolution ar weird growth spurts

  22. Could he copy non-biological powers? For instance, how would he beat a god like Griffith, whose power is based on magic and divine bs, and has the universe bend to his will. (See that time Skull Knight tried to kill him on top of Ganishka)

  23. if Ult Kars had Hermit Purple, i have no doubt that they would be like Josephs vines. but instead they would be giant trees with large long roots covering everything, and they would also probably give life as Ultimate Kars does, and Kars would have knowledge of everything that the roots reach nd do crazy shit like appear whereever there are roots even if its across the world. i can imagine the entire planet covered with the tree since Kars is on some next level shit anyway

  24. Ultimate Kars stand would likely be the sun mixed with hermit purple, just due to 1 how he burned joeseph, and 2 how symbolic it is on how the sun granted him much power, he likely has an obsession and admiration for the sun after all that was his goal.
    It wont be like the sun stand, rat a bit more like magicians red where its initially warmth but he could increase tge heat again his opponents.

  25. What about techniques? Like Kamehameha, Spirit bomb, or the that sealing thing? Just as a example. Because it not something you're born with but learn.

  26. What about Mega and Ultra digimon? Since digimon are creatures evolved from man made data, and are not natural creatures, but can appear in the real world at times and do physical harm to it, would Kars even be able to copy any of their abilities? If not, there are some very broken and overpowered ones that are like gods.
    Also they are still data when in the Real world, so again, not sure if Kars could even copy that, mimic at most.

  27. I still agree with what you are saying, but Genetics will only get your part of the way When it comes to using specific abilities. It’s kind of reminiscent of the Ben 10 versus videos, where the argument of “Ben could just copy anyone’s DNA and turn into that species” so he wins Isn’t completely correct. Like if Ben or kars had a saiyan transformation would they be able to automatically go super sayin? Would they be as strong or a stronger than the average saiyan warrior? Where does training factor in. Getting back to kars specifically, I do think his ultimate life form abilities could give him the win against plenty of strong opponents. Just not ones with unique abilities and training or really just any thing that doesn’t stem from genetics alone. ie. Magical characters, technology bass characters etc

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