The Washington Battle Over Health Care Returns | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Who cares what Lindsey Graham has to say about this? He's only gonna change his mind tomorrow and parrot whatever Trump is saying.

  2. #tRUMPERCEPTIONENGINGEER = #911bush = #FAKEWMDs to #FAKEWARWIN + gingrich's SALES PANIC TO CONS; "reublicanism dies so ATTACK & TAKE." #wtfREDS? #tRUMPrussianMAFIA TO #altrightTHUGS! #NEOCONrepublicanism.

  3. The Republicans will never be known as the party of Health Care. They seem to think that "Health Care" means having no insurance and no protection for pre-existing conditions. They have no interest in the American people. They care only about large donations from the medical insurance companies. The main difference in the cost of medical care in the US is Profit Margin. In Europe, they pay for medical school and doctors graduate debt free and work for less money, right out of Med School. Then throw insurance company profit and that's why our cost are so high and outcomes so poor. The key to the Republican Plan is there is no plan.


  5. Repeal and replace DJT on Jan. 20, 2020 or sooner if possible. Lindsay Graham doesn't care that the peoples' employee seized the interpreters notes from his "private" meeting with Vlad. Normal politicians would have a tremendous big fine problem with that. Sycophants do not.

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  7. Interesting way to finally get trumpvoters to understand that the health care they have right now IS "Obamacare". LOL. The only reason they think ACA isn't "Obamacare" is because the media seems to forget to call it the ACA most of the time. MSNBC is one of the only channels that regularly calls it the ACA "Obamacare" so please educate yourselves before you start cheering for your health care to be removed.

  8. Divided States of America ?
    Basically saying back off middle class. As a middle class individual I feel sorry for the very poor people! If you are a Christian, do what is right. Vote for someone that bring people together as Americans. Let's raise the Barr. The tax cuts is to expand businesses, let's not confuse the issue. Forget in making America great again. You firstly need to HEAL it again …and make it United

  9. It's a vendetta against Democrats for the Mueller investigation. He knows many of them have Obamacare. He is the most Anti- American president to ever hold office.

  10. Instead of a gradual shift of insurance coverage issues, it'll be overnight because it's being handled in the courts instead of the political arena like it should be. BAD IDEA. Folks could literally die with this type of decision due to losing their health care coverage and odds are that some will even be republicans.

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  12. McCain voted it down because there wasn't an adequate plan to replace the ACA. Period. That was his reason for voting it down.

  13. But Dems don't expect to pass the Green New Deal, they just want the country to start realizing that we NEED to have a direction. No "deal" is perfect. The ACA has issues that could be fixed and if repubs were smart, they'd actually fix it and make it better and "rebrand" it but apparently they're not that smart. Dems won the House on health care. Looks like they'll win the Senate and maybe even the presidency too if repubs take it away overnight through the courts.

  14. Trump continues to reveal how little he cares about the American people and how greatly he loves only himself! He is only getting rid of Obama Care because he wants to pay back the Democrats for the Meuller Report. And, again American citizens will pay the price for his ignorant and devastating decisions. Why doesn't his base and the Republicans understand that Trump is undermining America and Americans! There will be two classes of people under this administration – the billionaires and the poor!

  15. trump " I have no problem the public sees the Mueller report" (as long as i get to remove what's "irrelevant" to me") You know what a corrupt coward do, hide and cover up his own dirt to avoid being drafted to jail.

  16. Trojan Horse ahead. Their agenda is to push the premiums to make Obamacare unaffordable to the point that you'd have to drop it officially. This was the GOP plan all along during Obama's terms. They sabotaged it for political gains at the cost of human lives.

  17. I didn't vote for more than 20 + yrs. I voted in 2018 not because of health care, it was because of traitor Trump. In 2020 I will vote against traitor Trump and the GOP again! They have proved themselves to be corrupted with no limitations.

  18. I betcha maga folks who depend on ACA didnt see this coming. Repubs what is the plan you have rdy to replace ACA?

  19. This is a potus who has a personal vendetta against the american people, whether you r a suppoter of his or not. Unbelievable!

  20. Werepaying For His Healthcare He Needs a Psychiatrist! He says Nobody Needs Healthcare Just Take Of Yourself! Why are We Paying For His 6 Figure Salary And Benefits He Doesn’t DESERVE It,Besides HE’S KOMPROMAT! Remember all these hating republiCONS in 2020!!!!! VOTE DEMOCRAT and take our country back! We'll put them out of their misery afterwards.

  21. The almighty USA can´t afford healthcare for all? Why do most European countries have it? Are they economically superior to you?

  22. Trump said the Republican Party will be the party of health care. Next he’ll get his base to chant “ and Mexico will pay for it”

  23. Trump's further defacing of 'Obama statues' if you will. They will roll out a stack of lies as they did with the 'tax cut' … you know how that went. They will just lie. Vote for me and I'll give you this, once in you will get something entirely different. RepubliKKKans truly think Americans are too stupid to see it.

  24. Trump keeps trying to push everyone down to pull himself up! He is diabolical and has somehow hypnotized his cult!

  25. It has been dead since the mandate was stricken down some time ago. Good job continuing to lie to the American people.
    MSNBC, enemy of truth and America.

  26. ACA saves people's lives with pre-existent conditions. Trump and Republicans will let these people for themselves to die. Trump is very inhumane and doesn't care all the people in US, except only to himself.

  27. ACA the GOP health care plan from 1993 to counter Hillary Clinton's Universal healthcare, know 1993 is a long time back for the media, yet #factsmatter !

  28. Trump wants us old people to die because we know that Trump is traitor and the republicans want us old sick young black and brown to die take away healthcare and food stamps and you gotta dead nation. Wow Satan does have you. Father of all lies Trump his son is doing his job.

  29. The GOP has had TEN YEARS to come up with their replacement. I doubt if in those TEN YEARS that have spent as much as 10 minutes working on a replacement.


  31. Dump finally realized that he failed on his Wall he promised, now he spins to his other promise, Healthcare..And hope that those support him will forget about that Wall..

  32. America keep prepping, wshf peiceful family, or Democrat walk down road, ask illegals for help, heavily arm our drive way bye bye 👋 America will fall bye bye retarted people

  33. There has never been and there will never be a more evil president then Donald Trump is. And there has never been and there will never be a more incompetent house leader as Nancy Pelosi. The two together make a great team. Together they're destroying the Constitution. And now Donald Trump wants to get even by dishonoring whatever promise he made about Medicare Medicaid and social Security and wreak his vengeance on American citizens because he feels he is entitled to because of the failure of the Mueller investigation to prosecute him.
    In doing so he has ensured the failure of the Republican Party to both secure the presidency and the senate in 2020. Because he is full of vengence it doesn't make any difference to him that this will happen. But it's rather confusing that the rest of the Republican Party are willing to accept future annihilation and continue to back a mentally ill president.
    This proves the old adage that evil destroys itself. Donald Trump and the Republicans are destroying themselves.

  34. Thank god these idiots lost the House they won't stop, they want every penny, dime, quarter in the hands of the rich, without pause, then they want a dictatorship.

  35. Apparently only democrats use Obama care. It's all part of a fiendish plan to purge electoral roll by letting all people who lose their healthcare coverage die .

  36. What if Barr turned the logic of the Mueller report around? What if Muller proved obstruction through laying out the facts… and then said he couldn't prove the conspiracy due to the obstruction… that would be a whole different kettle of fish. Barr is a evil smart lawyer. No Exoneration.

  37. what a hateful dangerous man, yes truly the face of white so called supremecist evil! will be hated like hitler in generations to come!

  38. This is an example of the rich getting richer in this country by not only stepping on the middle class but also attacking the poorest Americans including people on disability from on the job injuries, retirees and situations where both occur at the same time. Leaving the hardworking Americans that have paid their fair share of taxes and social security in total poverty. This cowardly rich kid wants to gut America for his own selfish gain…Just sayin'

  39. Hello Mika.👋🐔🐇.
    Exceptional reporting, Mika.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Mika.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  40. Beware folks! Trump is simply going to get rid of Obamacare, repackage it, and bring it back as Trumpcare. Can't you see it? This is what Trump does. He creates nothing. He just licenses and relabels. He is just going to relabel Obamacare, which the Democrats won't be able to fight against since they are already fighting for Obamacare. Trump just did this with NAFTA. He created nothing new, just re-packaged NAFTA, which Canada and Mexico signed because they knew they were just getting a repackaged NAFTA, and they love NAFTA. Republicans are calling Medicare for All, "Socialism," so the only thing left is a relabeled, repackaged, Obamacare called, "Trumpcare." His tax cut was not "tax reform." He just repackaged old Republican ideas from their Trickle Down economic theory, and he called it the "Trump Tax Cut." His base will love anything, so once again, he has "kept his promise…" Wait and see…

  41. Shouldn't Morning Joe be talking about Michael Obama [friend] helping [s]mullet? Pepe giggles. Q sent me. Follow the money. [S]mullet worked for SCOTT FREE.


  43. Obamacare is bad but it's not the reason peoples rates are going up. They were going up that much before Obamacare, it just didn't address that problem. What Trump has to do on this issue is something neither side left or right whats to do, and that is go after the people who are charging way too much for healthcare. An ambulance company charging $4000 for a trip to the nearest hospital (true) for one. Hold open hearings make these people justify the prices and expose it all and force the democrats and republicans to forget their AMA buddies and do the right thing. If Trump would do that he would have all the country behind him.

  44. Other countries citizens are happy that their governments keep their medicine cheap.
    American citizens are happy when their government make their medicine more expensive.
    Americans are strange bunch.

  45. What's the purpose of cop, fire department, and military they are forms socialism. We pay taxes so all those service are available free. The government get the military right we are the most powerful in the world. Republicans should fight to privatize those and stay true to your word etc the police and military. Healthcare is a social problem that affect everyone. Let us join as a single player like how we pay for military….

  46. Obamacare UNCONSTITUTIONAL it was a pathetic lie a SCAM.ahh it's going to be Trump's healthcare not Hypocrite pelosis health failing care.the Criminal Corrupt Democrats don't give a dam about American citizens but they love VIOLENT ILLEGALS and Child traffickers so they get healthcare and free money that American citizens pay for oh yah and ILLEGAL VOTES.

  47. No…No…No….Mueller ! ….the Russians ! ….Trump Tower !….Prague!. ..the dossier !. .Don Jr in handcuffs !…..Russia !….Russia !Russia !…

  48. Now it's bashing Trump about healthcare since the Fake Trump Russian collusion FAILED MISERABLY like everything u tried to lie about FAILED.your ratings are in the TOILET after lying so much to the American citizens and CNN .your STILL LYING

  49. I’ll be in real trouble if they change what I get from Social Security and Medicare. Past and future workers paid into those programs. They aren’t a gift.

  50. This is predictable. Republicans ALWAYS take from the poor, middle class and disadvantaged….and they give to the already rich.

  51. I'm voting with the kids!!! They're the only ones that have a vision for this country that doesn't include yachts and private airplanes and burning fossil fuels until the planet is unlivable!!!

  52. The truth is different if the Republican Party does Undo Obamacare I can guarantee you the Republican party will be destroyed in more ways than one. Some Republican leaders could end up losing their lives the problem is is that Obamacare has been around for too long and there is hundreds of millions of people who benefit from this health care. And if the Republican party on does that without replacing it with something that is better I can guarantee you there will be a bull's-eye on Mitch McConnell's head. This is just facts history has proven this time and time again you only have to look at the French Revolution. You see what keeps a country from Civil War is the middle class and when you remove that middle-class and there is just poor bad things happen and this is what Donald Trump in the Republican Party are doing. And like I said they will pay for it in more ways than one

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