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  1. This is a pretty weird but also realistic episode. Should we work towards the goal of being perfect or at least keep improving like you mentioned in another video? I have seen so many people who are truly horrible, and others who seem almost perfect and are constantly improving weaknesses – their weakness don't bother anyone and they can easily be helped. The gap between can be huge, so I don't really think that every person is like this… however it's a good video.

  2. Economists refer to this as opportunity cost. Also, u can't have ur cake & eat it, too. Time (& $$) spent on dance lessons cannot also be used to buy Krispy Kreme treats in real time. No one gets to have it all, even Scarlett Jo.

  3. i disliked because i AM perfect. most people arent monotone like this video suggests so it's factually incorrect

  4. Personally I leave relationship not to find another "perfect one" bt to find a person whose weaknesses are similar to mine or at least tolerable to me.

  5. This concept absolutely rings true for me- I remember my ex was in the practice of venerating certain traits of mine that she saw as shining qualities- towards the end of the relationship these same traits were now viewed as glaring faults!!! This video goes a long way in explaining this interpersonal phenomenon.

  6. It's wise to accept imperfections and quirks, but we can also choose our friends better. Why abide maddening traits unless there are STRONG compensating virtues? I find friends who do NOT often disappoint or frustrate me, and it's not so hard; pay attention and don't indulge manipulation and annoying neuroses.

  7. Maybe its not so much that perfect people don't exist as it is that perfection is not a coherent concept in the first place. Some philosophers say that God is perfect, God is unchanging and God is eternal. Other philosophers say that nothing is perfect, nothing is unchanging and nothing is eternal. Maybe they are all expressing the same idea in different ways.

  8. My greatest weakness, arrogance, is the result of my confidence. My wife's weakness of disorganization is her strength of focusing on the more important things in life.

  9. A weakness is a strength taken to the extreme, like laziness is the ability to relax taken to the extreme.

  10. this is an excellent short film! I'm a perfectionist which makes it so hard to finish things! but when I do finish them I am so proud of my work!

  11. It is the one who seeks perfection from others who, in that very act of seeking, is displaying their own imperfection. Truly perfect people see everyone else as perfect already. The perfect person is whole and complete and doesn't require others to complete them. The imperfect person feels incomplete and seeks others to complete them. Thus for imperfect people, perfect people don't exist; however, for perfect people, all things are seen to be perfect.

    What is the weakness of renunciation?
    How is the weakness of renunciation not simply a projection?

  12. this is just a scenario. not a general rule
    the general rule is not about strengths and weaknesses. its about functions switching places, and when using one, you cant use another. you can have control over the functions and develop them to great lengths.
    i feel like this promotes stupidity and passivity but acceptance too. only unfounded one.
    look into mbti, look at cognitive functions

  13. This is fatally flawed in that horrible conclusion that perfect people don't exist, if it is true that we have a perfect God and it is true, He says that if any man be in Christ He is a new creature, and that it is no longer I that live but Christ that liveth in me, He is the perfect one in me who made me alive by quickening me that I have His perfect spirit in me. So, if He was the first born among many brethren and He lived the example for us how to know life and having abundantly and to the fullest of joy, He is the one conforming us to His image and perfecting what concerns us. He, our Lord our God has and does deem some of us to be sanctified and perfect in Him. To be perfect is to be as our Master, the Lord Jesus. There is nothing wrong with enjoying perfect peace of mind, and peace with our Perfect Savior Jesus, I'd rather agree with Him instead of the naysayers. Amen!!!

  14. This is not a theory. It is a hypothesis.
    What reason do we have to believe it? How has annyone attempted to test it???

  15. How quaint. I wonder what Hitlers strengths were, if his weaknesses were fearmongering, spreading hate, and lies, encouraging, and, giving license to division, encouraging, and, giving license to wholesale murder, distracting others who are unaware, or filled with their own personal agenda that suited his and their goals. The list goes on, and on. You should shudder to think of what his strengths are, given this model of strengths and weaknesses. Or was all of this his strength? Hmm? The only weakness of people is being unaware of the nature of the tree that is fear. And, subsequently, the many branches that grow from that tree, giving rise, and license to a myriad of utterly destructive tendencies. If it is not a branch on the tree of fear, it cannot, therefor, be a weakness, but only perfect strength. Each person is unique in their strengths. In weakness we are all the same.

  16. hahaha, i've been saying this since time began. Every strength, has a weakness, every weakness has a strength.

  17. It's a good argument, but I think you have to be wary of letting people off the hook for what they choose to do wrongly. Even if it is hard to stop doing the wrong thing, that is something you should address if you want to improve morally as a human being. People with the worst faults never sincerely consider that they have them, they're psychopathic. Someone who can't make a decision or keep and appointment either has autism, or some mental health issue and or they just don't care enough. Which is it? People need to meet their own needs, live their own way of life. But how much can we afford to excuse someone – how inclusive can we be before it is harmful?

  18. I'm sure I know all of these things deep down. But still really need them pointed out to me. For this I say thank-you.

  19. My friend is so observant and sensitive that she can understand what's going on in many complicated interpersonal relationships. The downside is that sometimes she can come off as too picky and easily offended in her own relationships with other people.

    Separately, I'm often praised for my open mindedness but am also seen as unsupportive as I like to play devil's advocate all the time.

  20. Isn't this obvious? Lol. Like clearly a person who is very excitable and giving might have issues being serious and assertive. Like….duh lol

  21. An incredibly strong and smart human would have to rapidly consume food to simply stay alive. If the brain is large and effective it would require large amounts of energy as does a large muscular structure. A super human wouldn't have the time to be super as he would have a super appetite

  22. It's like when you encounter very passionate people. They might be quick to anger or swift to become far too emotionally involved in things but their passion can manifest as excitement and affection too.

  23. It lines with the saying that – the attributes you find most attractive about your partner will be the same things that will drive you crazy later

  24. biology disagrees. the video assumes a sort of equality among humans, but some are just marginally better equipped all around for their envirnoment, and the seeming downsides to each strength can be less in order of magnitude.

  25. There's no such thing as strengths and weaknesses, just character. it just happens that people in general don't like this or that aspect of someone's trait.

  26. In matters of strengths and weaknesses, this is when the concepts of "Opposites make good companions" comes… For, your weakness is covered by their strength, their weakness is covered by your strength, and suddenly, you have a simple yet profound reason to be together… For, each time you note her weakness, you also cover for it… And same goes in the opposite direction.
    You suddenly become a functional team, and hold a reason to keep this relationship going, for… It's a rare find to locate someone with such good chemistry.

    Still, this is very rare to locate… Because it's a form of a "perfect match".

    When someone can weight the odds, and see that the weaknesses aren't really that bothersome while the strengths are solid, they can enter a relationship better.

    Still, let's admit that everyone will constantly find flaws in each other, and begin to imagine that they'll somehow find that "Perfect one".

    I do not seek perfection… For if something is perfect, it's probably a lie.
    And that's the issue with humanity… Everyone keeps their eye on delusions rather than realities.

  27. I just watched "How to be less anxious" and it stressed me crazy. Then I watched this and I'm calm again. THIS should be the "How to be less anxious"-video.

  28. sir you most certainly have a very soothing voice it really helps and plus the content concise addresses the core of everyday confusions which cause us needless stress and emotional turmoil… I appreciate what you do thanks a million

  29. He's wrong about his view on "perfect people don't exist".. Me, myself I'm perfect in everything I do.. Wanna see?.. Watch this -> 2 + 2 = 5 (no doubt about it)..

  30. Mostly, I agree with the points in this video. However, I also believe that in relationships, (romantic or platonic) people's perceived flaws or 'weaknesses' must be compatible with the others as well. It depends on what the individuals 'flaw'/'weakness' is and whether the other individual can accept it and vice versa.

  31. …i wonder if you are spoon feeding us platitudes to make us feel comfortable with not trying for any achievements in our lives…

  32. my gosh it is so hard to get along with someone who's just stop trying to be right,,,it's a Debbie downer

  33. This kind of thinking can be very toxic though. It's used as the foundation to stay in abusive relationships all the time.

  34. I do think that weaknesses can be related to strenghts, in fact what makes a friend of mine so sensitive also makes him shy and paranoid. However, I think that we can overcome our weaknesses without losing the strenghts, or at least try. That's what I've been trying to do with myself for a while now. It requires time and patience, but it's not impossible. Sensitivity has made my friend a great person. But now, if he wants (and he does) he can improve his social skills. The only thing is, we cannot force people to change. We can only support them if they want to.

  35. I just want to have a conversation with this man. It will be so invigorating and wise that I would learn more than my 12 years at school together.

  36. this notion is the exact reason i chose to give up entirely on the notion that i would ever find my soulmate; an ultimately crippling belief i held all through my life until i hit thirty.

  37. Really interesting video 🙂 Always making me perceive the world from new perspectives, these videos are a joy!

  38. This is very interesting, because it means that when we look at ourselves, and see only weakness, that the weakness is there because of a strength. That's a comforting thought.

  39. I often think-Fuck everybody and everything thing…I'll be the asshole in the corner by herself which will be my strength and weakness combined.

  40. First, the bad news: there's too much reinforcement of negative stereotypes about women here — "They can't handle the truth or take it like a man, and they talk too much." Also, of course no one is perfect. Too often, "I'm only human," is used to excuse abusive behavior. The good news is that I liked the lack of distracting sound effects. And otherwise, this lesson offers important insight.

  41. So what are the hidden strengths of being slow, unreliable, bad at telling anecdotes and unable to face bad news straight on?

  42. Good stuff, but we can work on the weaknesses of our strengths still through mindfulness, discipline, and discernment. If we know when it's time to exercise a behavior different from what our strengths allow us, then we can begin to exert the internal forces needed to act otherwise. We should strive for flexibility in our ways of being.

  43. Good reference. During a job interview, in explaining my "strengths", I realized that an excess of a strength, turns into a weakness. Interviewers always want to know if you're aware of this and how you deal with it.

  44. great vid. our mind so focused on how good our partners strengths make us feel we blindly ignore that strengths is a pattern which can be trouble when we are not looking for it

  45. And yet there are people whose weaknesses far outweigh their merits. Its good not to be a piece of shit to someone just because they got a flaw, but its not our obligation to share our time with people who basically suck.

  46. Good! So I no longer need to bother with correcting my faults. Far from it I can concentrate on developing new faults. Because the necessary corollary of this theory is that every weakness has its accompanying strengths. Mightn't it be a good idea to look before you leap, my friend? Aren't things bad enough already?

  47. Thank you. I love School of Life generally speaking, but found this particular lesson provided well-needed perspective, right now.

  48. Why a person’s greatest strengths is also the cause of their greatest weaknesses?

    Asking myself if this can work the other way around: can this soften/help in any way with our harsh self-judgments about what we perceive as our irredeemable flaws?

    If, like they say here, our weaknesses are also the source of our great strengths, I don't understand how this works exactly. Are they intrinsically complementary? Are talents, sensitivities, wisdom and abilities the "shadow side of things that are genuinely good"?

    What’s the weakness of the strength? What’s the strength behind the weakness? Overwhelmed.

    " [..] O let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven!
    I would not be mad.
    Keep me in temper. I would not be mad."
    King Lear, Act 1, Scene 5.

  49. So every weakness in us has its strength? Should we instead of seeing our flaws as merely so.. try to see the strength on them? Wouldn't that be too self-indulgent and reluctant to change? How could we possibly believe that the imaginated strength is real and not just made up in our heads?

  50. Out of curiosity, how about traits like racism? While everyone's entitled to their own opinion as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, what strengths pair with the weakness of racism? And sexism/homophobia to boot.

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