The worlds strongest plasterboard fixings | Drywall fixings strength test

I am now going to test out some of these
popular plasterboard fixings. Obviously some of these can take more weight than
others. I just like to point out that there are a lot of variables in doing a
test like this and the brackets that we are actually using do have the cantilever
effect. So you can’t put as much weight on those as what you could do if you were
hanging something off a hook. So we’ve got six different types of plaster board fixing and we’re going to test all these six out. I’m going to use this the same brackets and the same shelf every time. All these tests are conducted using
12.5mm plaster board or 1/2″. We are going to start
off with the Gee Fix fixing which is a heavyweight fixing for a cavity wall. We then have the Interset hollow wall
anchors. These work very well especially if you use them with the special setting
tool. We are now going to use a snap toggle and that is the 3/16 of an inch size. We then have the worm drive screw which
are sometimes called a ready driver. You can also get these in nylon. Now I’ve actually picked these up because it did say medium weight use. Ideal for shelving,
brackets and bathroom sanitary work. To be honest I wouldn’t put a lot of
weight on these. I would normally only use these for hanging pictures etc because they cannot take a lot of weight unlike some of the other fixings. So we’ll try them out anyway and we’ll see just how much weight they can
actually take before they fail. This is the blue version of the Gripit
fixing. I’m then going to test out the spring
toggles. These are only small, these are actually the M5 size. Obviously if you
get a larger size than that I would imagine that they will take considerably
more weight than these.

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