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Napoleon Hill foundation Charleston South Carolina and now here’s Joe
Slattery with Napoleon Hill and our special presentation of Think and Grow
Rich Think and Grow Rich is one of the most
influential books of all time in pointing the way to personal achievement
to financial independence and to riches of the spirit beyond measurement in
money there has never been another book like it nor ever can be it was inspired
by Andrew Carnegie who disclosed his formula of personal achievement to the
author Napoleon Hill many years ago Carnegie not only made himself a
multimillionaire but he made millionaires of more than a
score of men to whom he taught his secret another 500 wealthy men revealed
the source of their riches to Napoleon Hill who has spent a lifetime of
research in bringing their message to people in all walks of life who are
willing to give their thoughts ideas and organized plans in return for riches the
riches within your grasp cannot always be measured in money there are great
riches and lasting friendships harmonious family relationships sympathy
and understanding between business associates an inner harmony which brings
peace of mind measurable only in spiritual values the philosophy of Think
and Grow Rich will prepare you to attract and enjoy these higher estates
which always have been and always will be denied to all except those who are
ready for them everyone desires to be rich but not everyone knows what
constitutes enduring riches and most people believe rich needs to consist
only in material things that money can buy now here is a list of the 12 things
which constitute real riches number one a positive mental attitude observe that
it heads the list and second sound physical health and third harmony in
human relations and fourth freedom from fear and theft the whole future
achievement and six the capacity for applied save and seven willingness to
share one’s blessings with others 8 to be engaged in a labor of love 9 an open
mind on all subjects toward all people 10 complete self-discipline
eleven wisdom with which to understand people and twelve financial security
observe if you will with great benefit the fact that money comes at the end of
the list of the twelve things that make men rich be prepared when you begin to
put the philosophy of Think and Grow Rich into action for a changed life
which will not only ease the trials and stresses of living but will also prepare
you for the accumulation of material riches in abundance in every chapter of
this book mention has been made of the money-making secret which has made
fortunes for hundreds of exceedingly wealthy men whom I have carefully
analyzed over a long period of years if you are ready to put it to use you will
recognize this secret at least once in every chapter I wish I might feel
privileged to tell you how you will know if you are ready but that would deprive
you of much of the benefit you will receive when you make the discovery in
your own way as a final word of preparation before you begin the first
chapter may I offer one brief suggestion which may provide a clue by which the
Carnegie’s secret may be recognized it is this all achievement all earned
riches have their beginning in an idea if you are ready for the secret you
already possess one half of it therefore you will readily recognize the other
half the moment it reaches your mind when you begin to think and grow rich
you will observe that riches begin with the state of mind with definiteness of
purpose with little or no hard work you and every other person ought to be
interested in knowing how to acquire that state of mind which will attract
riches I spent 25 years in research because I too wanted to know how wealthy
men became that way my brother and I had this matriculated at Georgetown
University Law School intending to become lawyers we didn’t have any money
but I did have a villager to write and I promised if I
the right stories about successful men sell them to a magazine then pay our way
through and my first assignment fortunately was with Andrew Carnegie in
Pittsburgh he gave me three hours and when the three hours were over he said
now this is if he were just beginning come on out the house stay all night and
after dinner we take up the interview again he kept me there three days of
nights and really I was more than flattered I wondered what it was all
about he kept talking to me about the need for a new philosophy he said we’ve
had many philosophies the days of Socrates and Plato on down to the days
of William James and Emerson but most of them dealt with the their moral laws of
life what we need is an economic philosophy for the man of the streets
that will enable him to make use of the know-how gained by men like myself over
a lifetime of experience well it sounded very nice to me except for one thing I
didn’t know exactly what that word philosophy meant and finally at the end
of the third day he said now look here I have been talking to you for three days
about the need for a new philosophy I’m gonna ask you a question about if I
commissioned you to become the author of this philosophy give your letters of
introduction to men whose experiences you will need in collaboration with
yourself are you willing to put in twenty years of research because that’s
how long it will take pay your own way as you go along without any subsidy from
me yes or no Oh ladies and gentlemen there have been many times in my life
and I have faced the difficult problems and difficult decisions I don’t think I
ever faced one more embarrassing than that because when mr. konkey put that
proposition to me I my hand was down in my pocket
and I was fiddling with the money that I had there just about enough to get back
to Washington and if I had to stay at the hotel instead of this Carly’s house
I would have had that match I didn’t even know the meaning of the word
here the richest man in the world wanted me to go to white boy for twenty years
without pay wasn’t that a situation for you I started to tell mr. Carnegie I started
to do just exactly what you are the most of us our people would have done under
the same circumstances what do you think that was what would you have done if
you’d have faced that sort of proposition going to work for 20 years
without any pay for the richest man in the world well yes that’s what I was
about to do but something inside of me wouldn’t let me open my mouth until I
got a hunch that if Victor carne had kept me there for three days it must
have been for a purpose but he must have seen something in me that I didn’t know
is that also that man a man with with mr. Carnegie’s reputation for picking
men certainly didn’t pick me to do a job like that unless he knew I have the
ability to do it and whatever this something was this silent invisible
person of a standing hooking over my shoulder and whispering in my ear said
go ahead and tell him yes I said mr. Carnegie are not only will accepted
Commission sir but you may depend upon it that I will complete it he said I
like the way you ended that sentence up and I think he will do it you have the
job the only contribution mr. Carnegie ever made to me outside of introducing
me where I needed to be introduced was to pay my expenses in the early part of
our relationship with him the first man he sent me to see was Henry Ford I said
I want you to go up to Detroit become acquainted with Henry Ford observe him
carefully because one of these days he’s going to dominate the motor industry and
it’s going to be second only to the steel industry
this was his 1908 the late fall of 1900 mate ladies and gentlemen I went up
there and spent two days trying to find for it when I did find it he came out of
the rear of a shop where he been doing some experimenting with an old pair of
overalls on a plug hat or they’re bahattin did bastions the crown
grease all over his hands I remember he got my shirt sleeve dirty when I shook
hands with him and I sat down for a half hour with mystic for about all of his
conversation it consisted of yes and no mostly no and I wondered how a man like
mr. Karle it could have made a mistake like that imagine if mr. Ford will ever
be a leader in anything well I will tell you the rest of it that’s enough desire
the starting point of all achievement the first step toward riches a long
while ago a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for
him to make a decision which ensured his success on the battlefield he was about
to send his armies against a powerful foe whose men outnumbered his own he
loaded his soldiers into boats sail to the enemy’s country unloaded soldiers
and equipment then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them
addressing his men before the first battle he said you see the boats going
up in smoke that means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win
we now have no choice we win or we perish they won every person who wins in
an undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat
only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as
a burning desire to win essential to success every human being who reaches
the age of understanding of the purpose of money wishes for it
wishing will not bring riches but desiring riches with a state of mind
that becomes an obsession then planning definite ways and means to acquire
riches and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize
failure will bring riches six ways to turn desires into gold the method by
which desire for riches can be transmuted into its financial equivalent
consists of six definite practical steps that is first fix in your mind the exact
amount of money you desire it is not sufficient merely to say I want plenty
of money be definite as to the amount there is a psychological reason for
definiteness which will be described in a subsequent chapter second determine
exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire there is
no such reality as something for nothing third establish a definite date when you
intend to possess the money you desire fourth create a definite plan for
carrying out your desire and begin at once
whether you are ready or not to put this plan into action
fifth write out a clear concise statement of the amount of money you
intend to acquire name the time limit for its acquisition state what you
intend to give in return for the money and describe clearly the plan through
which you intend to accumulate it sixth read your written statement aloud twice
daily once just before retiring at night and once after a rising in the morning
as you read see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the
money it is important that you follow the instruction described in these six
steps it is especially important that you observe and follow the instructions
in the sixth paragraph you may complain that it’s impossible for you to see
yourself in possession of money before you actually have it here is where a
burning desire will come to your aid if you truly desire money so keenly that
your desire is an obsession you will have no difficulty in convincing
yourself that you will acquire it the object is to want money and to become so
determined to have it that you convince yourself you will have it can you
imagine yourself a millionaire to the uninitiated who has not been schooled in
the working principles of the human mind these instructions may appear
impractical it may be helpful to all who fail
to recognize the soundness of the six steps to know that the information they
convey was received from Andrew Carnegie who began as an ordinary laborer in the
steel mills but managed despite his humble beginning to make these
principles yield him a fortune of considerably more than one hundred
million dollars it may be a further help to know that the six steps here
recommended were carefully scrutinized by the late Thomas a Edison who placed
his stamp of approval upon them as being not only the steps essential for the
accumulation of money but for the attainment of any goal the steps call
for no hard labor they call for no sacrifice they do not require one to
become ridiculous or credulous to apply them calls for no great amount of
education but the successful application of these six steps does call for
sufficient imagination to enable one to see and to understand that accumulation
of money cannot be left to chance good fortune and luck one must realize that
all who have accumulated great fortunes first did a certain amount of dreaming
hoping wishing desiring and planning before they acquired money you may as
well know right here that you can never have riches in great quantity unless you
can work yourself into a white heat of desire for money and actually believe
you will possess it if the thing you wish to do is right and you believe in
it go ahead and do it put your dream across and never mind what they say if
you meet with temporary defeat for they perhaps do not know that every failure
brings with it the seed of an equivalent success Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp
that could be operated by electricity began where he stood to put his dream
into action and despite more than 10,000 failures he stood by that dream until he
had made it a physical reality practical dreamers do not quit imagine a man first
is standing by through 10,000 different failures as mr. Edison
before giving up his a personal initiative it was so definite that he
told me that if he hadn’t found the secret of the incandescent electric lamp
that at that very moment he would be in the laboratory working on it instead of
being out there wasting his time talking with me and then in a more serious note
mr. Edison said you know I had to succeed because I finally ran out of
things that wouldn’t work and I thought of that so many times wondering why more
people don’t keep on keeping on until they run out of things that won’t work
for them they’re bound to find the thing that will work there was a difference
between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it no one is ready for
a thing until he believes he can acquire it the state of mind must be belief not
mere hope or wish open-mindedness is essential for belief closed minds do not
inspire faith courage and belief remember no more effort is required to
aim high in life to demand abundance and prosperity than is required to accept
misery and poverty I believe in the power of desire backed by faith because
I have seen this power lift men from lowly beginnings to places of power and
wealth I have seen it rob the grave of its victims I have seen it serve as the
medium by which men staged to come back after having been defeated in a hundred
different ways I have seen it provide my own son with a normal happy successful
life despite nature’s having sent him into the world without ears well my
second son Blair was born he was born without ears and the doctors told me
that he would be a deaf mute all of his life I told him he would not be a deaf
mute and that he would live to have 100% of his hearing just like other children
and one of these doctors came over and put his arm on my shoulder and he said
now look here in the ponen there are some things in this world that neither
you nor I nor anyone else can do anything about and now you face one of
those situations I said doctor there is nothing in this world that I can’t do
something about if it’s nothing more than adjust myself to an unpleasant
situation so it does not destroy my spirit I went to work on that child
through prayer before I ever saw him I worked on him continuously almost four
hours a day for the first four years of life and at
the age of about 18 months we recognized that he was beginning to hear we didn’t
know just how much but by the time he had reached fourth year he had developed
65% of his normal hearing and in his third year in college in the university
of west virginia the acoustic and company manufacturer of hearing aids
heard about this unusual case the only one of its kind in the world where a
child born without ears ever learned to hear came down to the University of West
Virginia and made him a special hearing aid that gave him the other 35% of
hearing and Blair today has 100 percent of his hearing just exactly like I said
he would yeah almost one of the modern miracles of medical science that this
thing happened and the doctors today don’t know exactly how it did happen I’m
not sure that I did but I know what I was doing to help bring it about faith
is the head chemist of the mind when faith is blended with thought the
subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration translates it into its
spiritual equivalent and transmits it to infinite intelligence as in the case of
Prayer the emotions of faith love and sex are the most powerful of all the
major positive emotions when the three are blended they have the effect of
coloring thought in such a way that it instantly reaches the subconscious mind
where it is changed into its spiritual equivalent the only form that induces a
response from infinite intelligence how to develop faith there comes now a
statement which will give a better understanding of the importance the
principle of Auto suggestion assumes in the transmutation of desire into its
physical or monetary equivalent family faith is a state of mind which may be
induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the
subconscious mind through the principle of auto suggestion repetition of
affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known
method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith
no one is doomed – bad luck there are millions of people
who believe themselves doomed to poverty and failure because of some strange
force over which they believe they have no control they are the creators of
their own misfortunes because of this negative belief which is picked up by
the subconscious mind and translated into its physical equivalent in language
which any normal human being can understand we will describe all that is
known about the principle through which faith may be developed where it does not
already exist have faith in yourself faith in the infinite before we begin
you should be reminded again that faith is the eternal elixir which gives life
power and action to the impulse of thought the foregoing sentence is worth
reading a second time and a third and a fourth it is worth reading aloud faith
is the starting point of all accumulation of riches faith is the
basis of all miracles and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of
science faith is the only known antidote for failure faith is the element the
chemical which when mixed with prayer gives one direct communication with
infinite intelligence faith is the element which transforms the ordinary
vibration of thought created by the finite mind of man into the spiritual
equivalent faith is the only agency through which the cosmic force of
infinite intelligence can be harnessed and used by man thoughts which are mixed
with any of the feelings of emotions constitute a magnetic force which
attracts other similar or related thoughts now let us go back to the
starting point and become informed as to how the original seed of an idea plan or
purpose may be planted in the mind the information is easily conveyed any idea
plan or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought this
is why you are asked to write out a statement of your major purpose or
definite chief aim committed to memory and
repeated inaudible words day after day until these vibrations of sound have
reached your subconscious mind resolve to throw off the influences of any
unfortunate environment and to build your own life to order taking inventory
of mental assets and liabilities you may discover that your greatest weakness is
lack of self-confidence this handicap can be surmounted and timidity
translated into courage through the aid of the principle of Otto’s suggestion
the application of this principle may be made through a simple arrangement of
positive thought impulses stated in writing memorized and repeated until
they become a part of the working equipment of the subconscious faculty of
your mind self confidence formula first I know that I have the ability to
achieve the object of my definite purpose in life
therefore I demand of myself persistent continuous action toward its attainment
and I here and now promise to render such action second I realize the
dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in
outward physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical
reality therefore I will concentrate my thoughts for 30 minutes daily upon the
task of thinking of the person I intend to become thereby creating in my mind a
clear mental picture third I know through the principle of auto suggestion
any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression
through some practical means of attaining the object back of it
therefore I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the
development of self-confidence fourth I have clearly written down a description
of my definite sheath aim in life and I will never stop trying until I shall
have developed sufficient self confidence for its attainment fifth I
fully realized that no wealth or position can long endure
unless built upon truth and justice therefore I will
engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it effects I will
succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use and the cooperation
of other people I will induce others to serve me because of my willingness to
serve others I will eliminate hatred envy jealousy selfishness and cynicism
by developing love for all humanity because I know that a negative attitude
toward others can never bring me success I will cause others to believe in me
because I will believe in them and in myself I will sign my name to this
formula commit it to memory and repeat it allowed once a day with full faith
that it will gradually influence my thoughts and actions so that I will
become a self-reliant and successful person the disaster of negative thinking
the subconscious mind makes no distinction between constructive and
destructive thought impulses it works with the material we feed it through our
thought impulses the subconscious mind will translate into reality a thought
driven by fear just as readily as it will translate into reality a thought
driven by courage or faith like the wind which carries one ship east and another
west the law of auto suggestion will lift you up or pull you down according
to the way you set your sails of thought Auto suggestion the medium for
influencing the subconscious mind the third step toward riches Auto suggestion
is the term which applies to all suggestions and all self administered
stimuli which reach one’s mind through the five senses stated in another way
Auto suggestion is self suggestion it is the agency of communication between that
part of the mind where conscious thought takes place and that which serves as the
seat of action for the subconscious mind see and feel money in your hands you
were instructed in the last of the six steps described in the chapter on desire
to read aloud twice daily the written statement of your desire for money and
to see and feel yourself in possession of the money by following these
instructions you communicate the object of your desire directly to your
subconscious mind in a spirit of absolute faith through repetition of
this procedure you voluntarily create thought habits which are favorable to
your efforts to transmute desire into its monetary equivalent remember
therefore when reading aloud the statement of your desire through which
you are endeavoring to develop a money consciousness that the mere reading of
the words is of no consequence unless you mix emotion or feeling with your
words your subconscious mind recognizes and acts only upon thoughts which have
been well mixed with emotion or feeling plain unemotional words do not influence
the subconscious mind you will get no appreciable results until you learn to
reach your subconscious mind with thoughts or spoken words which have been
well emotionalized with belief do not become discouraged if you cannot control
and direct your emotions the first time you try to do so remember there is no
such possibility as something for nothing you cannot cheat even if you
desire to do so the price of ability to influence your subconscious mind is
everlasting persistence and applying the principles described here you cannot
develop the desired ability lower-price you and you alone must
decide whether or not the reward for which you are striving the money
consciousness is worth the price you must pay for it in effort your ability
to use the principle of auto suggestion will depend very largely upon your
capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that desire becomes a
burning obsession please fast forward to the end and turn the tape over for
proper queuing of side to you six steps to stimulate your subconscious
mind the instructions given in connection with the six steps in the
second chapter will now be summarized and blended with the principles covered
by this chapter as follows first go into some quiet spot preferably in bed at
night where you will not be disturbed or interrupted close your eyes and repeat
aloud so you may hear your own words the written statement of the amount of money
you intend to accumulate the time limit for its accumulation and a description
of the service or merchandise you intend to give in return for the money as you
carry out these instructions see yourself already in possession of the
money for example suppose that you intend to accumulate fifty thousand
dollars by the first of January five years hence that you intend to give
personal services in return for the money in the capacity of a Salesman your
written statement of your purpose should be similar to the following by the first
day of January 19 so and so I will have in my possession fifty thousand dollars
which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim in
return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am
capable rendering the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality
of service in the capacity of salesmen of and here described the service or
merchandise you intend to sell I believe that I will have this money in my
possession my faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes I
can touch it with my hands it is now awaiting transfer to me at the time and
in the proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for
it I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this money and I will follow
that plan when it is received second repeat this program night and morning
until you can see in your imagination the money you intend to accumulate third
place a written copy of your statement where you can see it night and morning
and read it just before retiring and upon arising until it has been memorized
remember as you carry out these instructions that you are applying the
principle of auto suggestion for the purpose of giving orders to your
subconscious mind remember also that your subconscious mind will act only
upon instructions which are emotionalized and handed over to it with
feeling faith is the strongest and most productive of the emotions follow the
instructions given in a chapter on faith these instructions may at first seem
abstract do not let this disturb you follow the instructions no matter how
abstract or impractical they may at first appear to be the time will soon
come if you do as you’ve been instructed in spirit as well as enact when a whole
new universe of power will unfold to you specialized knowledge personal
experiences or observations the fourth step toward riches there are two kinds
of knowledge one is general the other is specialized general knowledge no matter
how great in quantity or variety it may be is a but little use in the
accumulation of money the faculties of the great universities possess in the
aggregate practically every form of general knowledge known to civilization
most of the professor’s have but little money they specialized on teaching
knowledge but they do not specialize on the organization or the use of knowledge
knowledge will not attract money unless it is organized and intelligently
directed through practical plans of action to the definite end of
accumulation of money lack of understanding of this fact has been the
source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that
knowledge is power it is nothing of the sort
knowledge is only potential power it becomes power only when and if it is
organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end this
missing link in all systems of education may be found in the failure of
educational institutions to each their students how to organize and
use knowledge after they acquire it many people make the mistake of assuming that
because Henry Ford had but little schooling he was not a man of education
those who make this mistake do not understand the real meaning of the word
educate that word is derived from the Latin word a do Co meaning to adduce to
draw out to develop from within an educated man is not necessarily one
which has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge an educated man is
one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything
he wants or its equivalent without violating the rights of others
you must remember that mr. Edison only had three months of schooling in his
entire life although he chose he worked at call for the application of many of
the sciences he knew nothing about any of them now you may wish to ask how in
the world he to get along with only three months of schooling in the
business of inventing dealing with the sciences and yet knowing nothing about
any other I’ve been asked that question many times well the answer is very
simple he got along by surrounding himself with men who did understand the
sciences technical men educated men and he used their brains just as
successfully as if he had had the knowledge himself as a matter of fact
every successful man in the upper brackets of achievement makes use of
other people’s knowledge and their influence and their education under the
mastermind principle then there would be a mr. Andrew Carnegie my sponsor he came
over to this country in the steerage didn’t have enough money to pay
first-class fare on the boat and he rose to a higher position in the world by
surrounding herself with men who knew more than he did who could do the things
that he wanted done and I could name a hundred others who started at in low
positions and rose to high positions in life by associating themselves with
other people under the mastermind principle the accumulation of great
fortunes calls for power and power is acquired through highly organized and
intelligently directed specialized knowledge but that knowledge does not
necess they have to be in the possession of the
man who accumulates the fortune the preceding paragraph should give hope and
encouragement to the man with ambition to accumulate a fortune who has not
possessed himself of the necessary education to supply such specialized
knowledge as he may require men sometimes go through life suffering from
inferiority complexes because they are not men of education the man who can
organize and direct a mastermind group of men who possess knowledge useful in
the accumulation of money is just as much a man of education as any man in
the group back of all ideas is specialized knowledge unfortunately for
those who do not find riches and abundance specialized knowledge is more
abundant and more easily acquired than ideas because of this very truth there
is a universal demand and an ever increasing opportunity for the person
capable of helping men and women to sell their personal services advantageous lis
capability means imagination the one quality needed to combine specialized
knowledge with ideas in the form of organized plans designed to yield riches
if you have imagination this chapter may present you with an idea sufficient to
serve as the beginning of the riches you desire remember the idea is the main
thing specialized knowledge may be found just around the corner any corner the imagination the workshop of the mind
the fifth step toward riches the imagination is literally the workshop
we’re in our fashioned all plans created by man the impulse the desire is given
shape form and action through the aid of the imaginative Faculty of the mind two
forms of imagination the imaginative faculty functions in two forms one is
known as synthetic imagination and the other as creative imagination synthetic
imagination through this faculty one may arrange all concepts ideas or plans into
new combinations this faculty creates nothing it merely works with the
material of experience education and observation with which it is fed it is
the Faculty used most by the inventor with the exception of the genius who
draws upon the creative imagination when he cannot solve his problem through
synthetic imagination creative imagination through the Faculty of
creative imagination the finite mind of man has direct communication with
infinite intelligence it is the Faculty through which hunches and inspirations
are received it is by this faculty that all basic or new ideas are handed over
to man it is through this faculty that one individual may tune in or
communicate with the subconscious minds of other man Center your attention for
the time being on the development of the synthetic imagination because this is
the Faculty which you will use more often in the process of converting
desire into money transformation of the intangible impulse of desire into the
tangible reality of money calls for the use of a plan or plans these plans must
be formed with the aid of the imagination and mainly with the
synthetic Faculty the laws that lead to fortune the earth on which you live you
yourself and every other material thing are the result of evolutionary change
through which microscopic bits of matter have been organized and arranged in an
orderly fashion moreover and this statement is of stupendous importance
this earth every one of the billions of individual cells of your body
and every atom of matter began as an intangible form of energy desire is
thought impulse thought impulses are forms of energy when you begin with a
thought impulse desire to accumulate money you are drafting into your service
the same stuff that nature used in creating this earth and every material
form in the universe including the body and brain in which the thought impulses
function if you are one of those who believe that hardwork and honesty alone
will bring riches perish the thought it is not true riches when they come in
huge quantities are never the result of hard work alone riches come if they come
at all in response to definite demands based upon the application of definite
principles and not by chance or luck generally speaking an idea is an impulse
of thought that impels action by an appeal to the imagination all master
salesmen know that ideas can be sold where merchandise cannot ordinary
salesmen do not know this that is why they are ordinary there is a Clarence
Saunders one of my outstanding students of Memphis Tennessee
Clarence worked in a grocery store delivering groceries more or less and he
had a great amount of enthusiasm and also a keen imagination and he was
constantly trying to interest his employer and new and improved methods of
merchandising and finally the employer became so peeved at Clarence for wasting
his time or what he called foolish suggestions that he told him that if he
came in with another one he’s going to fire him shortly thereafter a cafeteria
was opened in Memphis Tennessee the first cafeteria that came there and when
Clarence went out to his lunch that day he saw a great line of people I was
extending out onto the sidewalk waiting to be served in the cafeteria
out of curiosity he got on the end of the line and when he picked up his tray
and filled it up the time he got down to the cashier or the checker his
imagination began to turn and he said what a wonderful thing this would be in
our grocery business to have a self-help grocery store so
women could come in with a basket on their arm pick up what they wanted and
pay for it at one place as they went out there save a lot of time and it save a
lot of embarrassment well Clarence could hardly wait until he got back to the
store and he rushed in and he said Oh boss I have a multi-million dollar idea
which I and the boss said now Clarence you’re fired
transid oh no I’m not I resigned before I started to talk later on I had talked
to the man who was Clarence his boss and he said there’s nearer as he could
figure every word that he used in trying to fire Clarence had cost him a million
dollars because plans took his idea of selphie up grocery stores to a firm who
financed it under the name of Piggly Wiggly stores and he made four million
dollars during the first four years an astounding illustration afar a man can
do with an idea backed by the proper amount of enthusiasm organized planning
the crystallization of desire into action the sixth step toward riches you
have learned that everything man creates or acquires begins in the form of desire
that desire is taken on the first lap of its journey from the abstract to the
concrete into the workshop of the imagination where plans for its
transition are created and organized you will now be instructed how to build
plans which will be practical namely hey allow yourself with a group of as many
people as you may need for the creation and carrying out of your plan or plans
for the accumulation of money making use of the mastermind principle described in
a later chapter compliance with this instruction is absolutely essential do
not neglect it be before forming your mastermind alliance decide what
advantages and benefits you may offer the individual members of your group in
return for their cooperation no one will work indefinitely without
some form of compensation no intelligent person will either request or expect
another to work without adequate sation although this may not always be
in the form of money see arrange to meet with the members of your mastermind
group at least twice a week and more often if possible until you have jointly
perfected the necessary plan or plans for the accumulation of money d maintain
perfect harmony between yourself and every member of your mastermind group if
you fail to carry out this instruction to the letter you may expect to meet
with failure the mastermind principle cannot obtain where perfect harmony does
not prevail keep in mind these facts first you are engaged in an undertaking
of major importance to you to be sure of success you must have plans which are
faultless second you must have the advantage of the experience education
native ability and imagination of other minds this is in harmony with the
methods followed by every person who has accumulated a great fortune the most
intelligent man living cannot succeed in accumulating money nor than any other
undertaking without plans which are practical and workable just keep this
fact in mind and remember when your plans fail that temporary defeat is not
permanent failure it may only mean that your plans have not been sound filled
other plans start all over again no father of this philosophy can
reasonably expect to accumulate a fortune without experiencing temporary
defeat when defeat comes accepted as a signal that your plans are not sound
rebuild those plans and set sail once more toward your coveted gold if you
give up before your goal has been reached you are a quitter a quitter
never wins and a winner never quits lift this sentence out write it on a piece of
paper in letters an inch high and place it where you will see it every night
before you go to sleep and every morning before you go to work take my son Blair
for instance who was born without any sign of years as a result of that
adversity he was trained to leave that it was not an adversity that
was a blessing because it would cause people to recognize his condition and
they go out of their way to be kind to him and that’s exactly the way it turned
out I have often said that my son Blair has made it possible to get through life
with less resistance than these rather two brothers who have all other
faculties adversity I think I can tell you had it not been for the many
adversities which I experienced in the early part of my work with Andrew
Carnegie I never would have completed the science of personal achievement I
had adversity after adversity but I learned to transmute those adversities
into something constructive and to come up with something that would take the
place of an adversity every time I failed I said well this is just another
opportunity that I have to prove that my philosophy can take care of the
situation of failure I learned to transmute all offenders
into successors I also learned the difference between
temporary defeat and failure most people accept defeat as permanent pleasure the
defeat is never failure no circumstances ever failure until it is accepted by the
individual as such that’s one of the greatest things that I learned about
this principle of profiting by adversity when you begin to select members for
your mastermind group endeavor to select those who do not take defeat seriously
some people foolishly believe that only money can make money this is not true
desire transmuted into its monetary equivalent through the principles laid
down here is the agency through which money is made money of itself is nothing
but inert matter it cannot move think or talk but it can hear what a man who
desires it calls it to come planning the sale of personal services intelligent
planning is essential for success in any undertaking design to accumulate riches
here will be found detailed instructions to those who must begin the accumulation
of riches by selling personal services it should be encouraging to know that
practically all the great fortunes began in the form of compensation for per
no services or from the sale of ideas what else except ideas and personal
services would one not possess the property have to give in return for
riches the major attributes of leadership the following are important
factors of leadership one unwavering courage based upon knowledge of self and
of one’s occupation no follower wishes to be dominated by a leader who lacked
self-confidence and courage no intelligent follower will be dominated
by such a leader very long to self-control
the man who cannot control himself can never control others self-control sets a
mighty example for one’s followers which the more intelligent will emulate 3 a
keen sense of justice without a sense of fairness and justice no leader can
command and retain the respect of his followers for definiteness of decision
the man who wavers in his decisions shows that he is not sure of himself
cannot lead others successfully 5 definiteness of plans a successful
leader must plan his work and work his plan a leader who moves by guesswork
without practical definite plans is comparable to a ship without a rudder
sooner or later he will land on the rocks 6 the habit of doing more than
paid for one of the penalties of leadership is the necessity of
willingness upon the part of the leader to do more than he requires of his
followers 7 a pleasing personality no slovenly careless person can become a
successful leader leadership calls for respect followers will not respect a
leader who does not grade high on all of the factors of a pleasing personality 8
sympathy and understanding the successful leader must be in sympathy
with his followers moreover he must understand them and their problems 9
mastery of detail successful leadership calls for mastery of the details of the
leaders position ten willingness to assume full
responsibility the successful leader must be willing to
assume responsibility for the mistakes and the shortcomings of his followers if
he tries to shift this responsibility he will not remain the leader if one of
his followers makes a mistake and shows himself incompetent the leader must
consider that it is he who failed 11 cooperation the successful leader must
understand and apply the principles of cooperative effort and be able to induce
his followers to do the same leadership calls for power and power calls for
cooperation how to get the exact position you desire everyone enjoys
doing the kind of work for which he is best suited an artist loves to work with
paints a craftsman with his hands a writer loves to write those with less
definite talents have their preferences for certain fields of business and
industry if America does anything well it offers a full range of occupations
tilling the soil manufacturing marketing and the professions first decide exactly
what kind of job you want if the job doesn’t already exist perhaps you can
create it second choose the company or individual for whom you wish to work
third study your prospective employer as to policies personnel
chances of advancement fourth by analysis of yourself and your talents
and capabilities figure what you can offer and plan ways and means of giving
advantages services developments ideas that you believe you can successfully
deliver fifth forget about a job forget whether or not there is an
opening forget the usual routine of have you got a job for me concentrate on what
you can give sixth once you have your plan in mind arrange with an experienced
writer to put it on paper in neat form and in full detail seventh presented to
the proper person with authority and he will do the rest every company is
looking for men who can give something of value whether it be ideas service
or connections every company has room for the man who has a definite plan of
action which is to the advantage of that company this line of procedure may take
a few days or weeks of extra time but the difference in income in advancement
and in gaining recognition will save years of hard work at small pay it has
many advantages the main one being that it will often save from 1 to 5 years of
time in reaching a chosen goal every person who starts or gets in half way up
the ladder does so by deliberate and careful planning for instance back in
the early days when I wanted to get a job from a certain firm while I was
going to high school here’s the way I went about it I wrote an application
stating my qualifications and my desire for the job the answer came back No
– sorry no position open next I said a telegram answer was still known and next
I said special delivery letter every day for a week answer was still no next I
say the special delivery every hour for two days and they firm telegraphed me to
come and go to work every person must be his own salesman of personal services
the quality and the quantity of service rendered and the spirit in which it is
rendered determined to a large extent the price and the duration of employment
to market personal services effectively which means a permanent market at a
satisfactory price under Pleasant conditions one must adopt and follow the
QQ s formula which means that quality plus quantity plus the proper spirit of
cooperation equals perfect salesmanship of service remember the QQ s formula but
do more apply it as a habit let us analyze the formula to make sure
we understand exactly what it means 1 quality of service shall be construed to
mean the performance of every detail in connection with your position in the
most efficient manner possible with the object of greater efficiency always in
mind 2 quantity of service shall be understood to me
the habit of rendering all the service of which you are capable at all times
with the purpose of increasing the amount of service rendered as greater
skill is developed through practice and experience emphasis is again placed on
the word habit three spirit of service shall be construed to mean the habit of
agreeable harmonious conduct which will induce cooperation from associates and
fellow employees well let me relate it my experience with Franklin D Roosevelt
in the White House in 1933 and will give you find the indication of how the
students of this philosophy may profit by this important principle first of all
that needs to define the principle of going the extra mile it means rendering
more service and better service than you were paid to rendered and doing it all
the time and doing it in a pleasing positive mental attitude when I went to
work for the president in 1933 nothing was said at the beginning about how much
I was to receive or who was to pay it and I had been there about three months
when one day Franklin D Roosevelt asked me who’s paying my salary and how much I
was getting and I said well mr. president that’s something I would like
to know myself I haven’t heard anything about it
and we talked on for a little while and I said well now mr. president you know I
have been serving you ever since you were assistant secretary of the Navy and
particularly while you were our governor of New York and you will recall of
course that up to this time I have never entered you a bill or ask you to pay me
a dollar for my services I’m not going to start now but if you insist upon
suppose you put me on the payroll at $1 a year and that’s exactly what he did
well I took my typewriter down to the White House and when I wasn’t actually
serving the President or some member of his staff or cabinet I started writing
books I wrote six books that first year among them Think and Grow Rich the book
that has made me popular all over the world you might say I had no intention
of publishing that book when I was writing it I was writing it to myself to
keep my mind positive in those days of chaos well some three years after I left
the service of the president I got out these manuscripts and read them and I
made up my mind that the only one worth publishing was thinking direct and when
I took it to my publisher said well what is in this book that
leads you to believe it would sell I said you will have to read it to find
out he took it home with him and read it he had his whole staff read it paragraph
by paragraph and then they took a vote on it and they voted unanimously that it
was the best manuscript that ever came to that publishing house they printed it
put it to work and it’s been selling as a best-seller all over the world up to
this time it has grossed over 18 millions of dollars and popular will
grouse have many more millions of dollars while I’m still alive it’s been
translated into many languages it was endorsed by Mahatma Gandhi and
distributed widely throughout India it went from there to Brazil where it was
translated into the Portuguese language and is widely distributed throughout
Latin America and I think if you will stop and consider the wages that I asked
for the wages that I received a $1 a year and the service that I gave for
that you’ll recognize what can be accomplished by going the extra mile now
let me give you some of the benefits that comes from going the extra mile
well it places the law of increasing returns squarely back of alarms it
brings one to the favorable attention of those who can and do provide
opportunities for self promotion it tends to permit one to become
indispensable in many different human relationships and therefore enables one
to command more than average compensation it leads there to a mental
growth and physical perfection in various forms of service thereby
developing greater ability and skill in one’s chosen vocation it protects one
against the loss of employment and pastries one in a position to choose his
own job and working conditions it enables one to profit by the law of
contrast because the majority of people do not practice habit of going the extra
mile as a matter of fact the majority people don’t even go the first mile and
it leads to the development of a positive pleasing personal attitude
which is among the more important traits of a pleasing personality and it tends
to develop a keen alert imagination as it is a habit which keeps one
continuously seeking new and more efficient ways of rendering service it
definitely serves to developed self-reliance it serves also
to build the confidence of others in one’s integrity and it is the only
logical reason to justify one and asking for a promotion or for more wages
because if a man is not doing any more of these paid for then obviously he has
no right to ask for more pay you do you know your own worth the oldest of
admonitions is man know thyself if you market merchandise successfully you must
know the merchandise the same is true in marketing personal services you should
know all of your weaknesses in order that you may either bridge them or
eliminate them entirely you should know your strengths in order that you may
call attention to it when selling your services you can know yourself
only through accurate analysis take inventory of yourself annual self
analysis is an essential in the effective marketing of personal services
as is annual inventory in merchandising moreover the yearly analysis should
disclose a decrease in false and an increase in virtues one goes ahead
standstill or goes backward in life ones object should be of course to go ahead
annual self analysis will disclose whether advancement has been made and if
so how much it will also disclose any backward steps
one may have made the effective marketing of personal services requires
one to move forward even if the progress is slow decision the mastery of
procrastination the seventh step toward riches analysis of over twenty five
thousand men and women who had experienced failure is closed the fact
that lack of decision was near the head of the list of the thirty-one major
causes of failure procrastination the opposite of decision is a common enemy
which practically every man must conquer analysis of several hundred people who
had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark disclosed the fact
that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly and of
changing these decisions slowly if and when they were changed people who fail
to accumulate money without exception have the habit of reaching decisions if
at all very slowly and of changing these decisions quickly and often tips on
making your own decisions the majority of people who fail to
money sufficient for their needs are generally easily influenced by the
opinions of others they permit the newspapers and the gossiping neighbors
to do their thinking for them opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth
everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept
them close friends and relatives while not meaning to do so often handicap one
through opinions and sometimes through ridicule which is meant to be humorous
thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them all
through life because some well-meaning but ignorant person destroyed their
confidence through opinions or ridicule you have a brain and a mind of your own
use it and reach your own decisions if you need facts or information from other
people to enable you to reach decisions as you probably will in many instances
acquire these facts or secure the information you need quietly without
disclosing your purpose 56 who risk the gallows the greatest decision of all
time as far as any American citizen is concerned was reached in Philadelphia
July 4th 1776 when 56 men signed their names to a document which they well knew
would bring freedom to all Americans or leave every one of the 56 hanging from a
gallows you have heard of this famous document but you may not have drawn from
it the great lesson in personal achievement it’s so plainly taught we
all remember the date of this momentous decision but few of us realized what
courage that decision required we remember our history as it was taught
we remember dates and the names of the men who fought we remember Valley Forge
and Yorktown we remember George Washington and Lord Cornwallis but we
know little of the real forces back of these names dates and places we know
still less of that intangible power which ensured us freedom long before
Washington’s armies reached Yorktown it is nothing short of tragedy that the
writers of history have missed entirely even the slightest reference to the
power which gave birth and freedom to the nation destined to set up new
standards of Independence for all the peoples of the earth I say it as a
tragedy because it is the self-same power which must be used by every
individual who surmounts the difficulties of life and forced his life
to pay the price asked analyze the events which led to the Declaration of
Independence and be convinced that this nation which now holds the position of
commanding respect and power among all nations of the world was born of a
decision created by a mastermind consisting of 56 men note well the fact
that it was their decision which ensured the success of Washington’s armies
because the spirit of that decision was in the heart of every soldier who fought
with him and served as a spiritual power which recognizes no such thing as
failure note also with great personal benefit that the power which gave this
nation its freedom is the self-same power that must be used by every
individual who becomes self determining this power is made up of the principles
described in this book it will not be difficult to detect in the story of the
Declaration of Independence at least six of these principles desire decision
faith persistence the mastermind and organized planning know what you want
and you’ll generally get it throughout this philosophy will be found a
suggestion that thought backed by strong desire has a tendency to transmute
itself into its physical equivalent in your search for the secret of the method
do not look for a miracle because you will not find it you will find only the
eternal laws of nature these laws are available to every person who has the
faith and the courage to use them they may be used to bring freedom to a nation
or to accumulate riches definiteness of decision always requires courage
sometimes very great courage the 56 men who signed the Declaration of
Independence staked their lives on the decision to a fix their signatures to
that document the person who reaches a definite
decision to procure the particular job and make life pay the price he asks does
not stake his life on that decision he stakes his economic freedom financial
independence riches desirable business and professional positions are not
within reach of the person who neglects or refuses to expect plan and demand
these things the person who desires riches in the same spirit that Samuel
Adams desired freedom for the colonies is sure to accumulate wealth persistence
the sustained effort necessary to induce faith the eighth step toward riches
persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into
its monetary equivalent the basis of persistence is the power of will
willpower and desire when properly combined make an irresistible pair the
starting point of all achievement is desire keep this constantly in mind weak
desires bring weak results just as a small amount of fire makes a small
amount of heat if you find yourself lacking in persistence this weakness may
be remedied by building a stronger fire under your desires and if you find that
you are indifferent you may be sure that you have not yet acquired the money
consciousness which you must possess before you can be sure of accumulating a
fortune those who can take it are bountifully rewarded for their
persistence they receive as their compensation whatever goal they are
pursuing that is not all they receive something infinitely more important than
material compensation the knowledge that every failure brings with it the seed of
an equivalent advantage you can train yourself to be persistent persistence is
a state of mind therefore it can be cultivated like all states of mind
persistence is based upon definite causes among them these a
definite of purpose knowing what one wants is the first and perhaps the most
important step toward the development of persistence a strong motive forces one
to surmount many difficulties be desire it is comparatively easy to acquire and
to maintain persistence in pursuing the object of intense desire see
self-reliance belief in one’s ability to carry out a plan encourages one to
follow the plan through with persistence self-reliance can be developed through
the principle described in the chapter on Auto suggestion d definiteness of
plans organized plans even though they may be weak and entirely impractical and
courage persistence e accurate knowledge knowing that one’s plans are sound based
upon experience or observation encourages persistence guessing instead
of knowing destroys persistence f cooperation sympathy understanding and
harmonious cooperation with others can to develop persistence G will power the
habit of concentrating one’s thoughts upon the building of plans for the
attainment of a definite purpose leads to persistence H habit persistence is
the direct result of habit the mind absorbs and becomes a part of the daily
experiences upon which it feeds fear the worst of all enemies can be effectively
cured by forced repetition of acts of courage everyone who has seen active
service in war knows this take your own persistence inventory before leaving the
subject of persistence take inventory of yourself and determine in what
particular if any you are lacking in this essential quality measure yourself
courageously point-by-point and see how many of the eight factors of persistence
you lack the analysis may lead to discoveries that will give you a new
grip on yourself if you fear criticism let us examine some of the symptoms of
the fear of criticism the majority of people permit relatives
and the public at large – so influence them
but they cannot live their own lives because they fear criticism huge numbers
of people make mistakes in marriage stand by the bargain and go through life
miserable and unhappy because they fear criticism which may follow if they
correct the mistake anyone who has submitted to this form of fear knows the
irreparable damage it does by destroying ones ambition and the desire to achieve
millions of people neglect to acquire belated education after having left
school because they fear criticism countless numbers of men and women both
young and old permit relatives to wreck their lives in the name of duty because
they fear criticism duty does not require any person to submit to the
destruction of his personal ambitions and the right to live his own life in
his own way people refuse to take chances in business because they –there
the criticism which may follow if they fail the fear of criticism in such cases
is stronger than the desire for success how to develop persistence there are
four simple steps which lead to the habit of persistence they call for no
great amount of intelligence no particular amount of education and but
little time or effort the necessary steps are at one a definite purpose
backed by burning desire for its fulfillment to a definite plan expressed
in continuous action 3 a mind closed tightly against all negative and
discouraging influences including negative suggestions of relatives
friends and acquaintances for a friendly alliance with one or more persons who
will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose these 4 steps
are essential for success in all walks of life the entire purpose of the 13
principles of this philosophy is to enable one to take these 4 steps as a
matter of habit these are the steps by which one may control one’s economic
destiny they are the steps that lead to freedom and independence of thought they
are the steps that lead to riches in small or great quantities they lead
the way to power Fame and worldly recognition they are the four steps
which guarantee favorable breaks they are the steps that convert dreams into
physical realities they lead also to the mastery of fear discouragement and
indifference there is a magnificent reward for all who learn to take these
four steps it is the privilege of writing one’s own ticket and of making
life yield whatever price is asked how to master difficulties what mystical
power gives to men of persistence the capacity to master difficulties does the
quality of persistence set up in one’s mind some form of spiritual mental or
chemical activity which gives one access to supernatural forces does infinite
intelligence throw itself on the side of the person who still fights on after the
battle has been lost with a whole world on the opposing side do you may be
interested in knowing that I had the help of some 500 of the most successful
men in America to help me create the science of personal achievement among
the more such men as Thomas a Edison Henry Ford John Wanamaker let me tell
you about one man perhaps my most outstanding student who has made a
tremendous success of his life by applying definiteness of purpose his
name is W Clement stone president of the combined insurance company of America
right after thinking law which was published in 1937 someone gave mr. stone
a copy of this book and he was so impressed by it that he laid out a
20-year plan for himself at that time he was selling insurance
I suppose making two or three maybe four hundred dollars a week at the most
now his plan called for him to own a company of his own within 20 years and
for him to be president of it and his personal fortune to be not less than ten
millions of dollars well long before they twenty years were up he was the
president and majority owner of four large insurance companies his personal
fortune was over thirty five millions of dollars and
it’s estimated that his fortune is over 100 million dollars and he attributes
his success entirely to the application of the famous Andrew Carnegie philosophy
and particularly to the application of definiteness of purpose
his 2,000 salesmen are known to be the most successful men in the insurance
field and every one of those 2,000 men has been taught to use the science of
personal achievement and to emphasize the principle of definiteness of purpose power of the mastermind the driving
force the ninth step toward riches power is essential for success in the
accumulation of money plans are inert and useless without sufficient power to
translate them into action this chapter will describe the method by
which an individual may attain and apply power power may be defined as organized
and intelligently directed knowledge power as the term is here used refers to
organized effort sufficient to enable an individual to transmute desire into its
monetary equivalent organized effort is produced through the coordination of
effort of two or more people who work toward a definite end in a spirit of
harmony power is required for the accumulation of money power is necessary
for the retention of money after it has been accumulated
let us ascertain how power may be acquired if power is organized knowledge
let us examine the sources of knowledge a infinite intelligence this source of
knowledge may be contacted through the procedure described in another chapter
with the aid of a creative imagination be accumulated experience the
accumulated experience of man or that portion of it which has been organized
and recorded may be found in any well-equipped public library an
important part of this accumulated experience is taught in public schools
and colleges where it has been classified and organized see experiment
and research in the field of science and in
practically every other walk of life men are gathering classifying and organizing
new facts daily this is the source to which one must turn when knowledge is
not available through accumulated experience here to the creative
imagination must often be used knowledge may be required from any of the
foregoing sources it may be converted into power by organizing it into
definite plans and by expressing those plans in terms of action gaining power
through the mastermind the mastermind may be defined as coordination of
knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for
the attainment of a definite purpose no individual may have great power without
availing himself of the mastermind in a preceding chapter instructions were
given for the creation of plans for the purpose of translating desire into its
monetary equivalent if you carry out these instructions with persistence and
intelligence and use discrimination in the selection of your mastermind group
your objective will have been halfway reached even before you begin to
recognize it so you may better understand the intangible potentialities
of power available to you through a properly chosen mastermind group we will
hear explain the two characteristics of the mastermind principle one of which is
economic in nature and the other psychic the economic feature is obvious economic
advantages may be created by any person who surrounds himself with the advice
counsel and personal cooperation of a group of men who are willing to lend him
wholehearted aid in a spirit of perfect harmony this form of cooperative
alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune your understanding
of this great truth may definitely determine your financial status the
psychic phase of the mastermind principle is much more difficult to
comprehend you may catch a significant suggestion from this statement no two
minds ever come together without thereby creating a third
invisible intangible force which may be likened to a third mind how to multiply
your brainpower man’s brain may be compared to an electric battery it is a
well-known fact that a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than
a single battery it is also a well-known fact that an individual battery will
provide energy in proportion to the number and capacity of the cells it
contains the brain functions in a similar fashion this accounts for the
fact that some brains are more efficient than others and leads to this
significant statement a group of brains coordinated or connected in a spirit of
harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain just as a group of
electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery through
this metaphor it becomes immediately obvious that the mastermind principle
holds the secret of the power wielded by men who surround themselves with other
men of brains there follows now another statement which will lead still nearer
to an understanding of the psychic phase of the mastermind principle when a group
of individual brains are coordinated in function and harmony the increased
energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual
brain in the group it is a well-known fact that Henry Ford began his business
career under the handicap of poverty illiteracy and ignorance it is an
equally well-known fact that within the inconceivably short period of ten years
mr. Ford mastered these three handicaps and that within 25 years he made himself
one of the richest men in America connect with this fact the additional
knowledge that mr. Ford’s most rapid strides became noticeable from the time
he became a personal friend of Thomas a Edison and you will begin to understand
what the influence of one mind upon another can accomplish go a step farther
and consider the fact that mr. Ford’s most outstanding achievements began from
the time that he formed the acquaintance of Harvey Firestone
burro’s and Luther Burbank each a man of great brain capacity and you will have
further evidence that power may be produced through friendly alliance of
minds let me tell you about my experience in helping Franklin D
Roosevelt to create a mastermind which broke the back of the depression in 1933
shortly after the president entered the White House he sent for me to come and
go to work for him we created one of the most outstanding masterminds that this
nation has ever known perhaps it consisted of both houses of Congress
working in harmony with the president something that had never had been done
before and never has been done since probably to the extent that we
accomplished it by in 1933 the majority of the newspaper publishers of America
regardless of their political leanings practically every one of them got behind
the president as a result of this mastermind operation which we set up at
the White House and the radio station operators without any reference
whatsoever to their political leanings they got behind the president then they
used the material which I prepared to send out over the air
in other words material that we use to sell the good features of the United
States instead of dwelling upon the bad ones and then the churches of all
denominations I have never seen such a job as they did the priest and the
clergyman of all denominations went into their pulpits they did a wonderful job
of selling the United States of America to the people then the leaders of both
the major political parties they crossed party lines there were no Democrats and
the Republicans no anything else in Congress they were nothing but Americans
helping the president of the United States to bring this country out of
chaos and then most of all there was a majority of the American people of all
political and religious leanings I have never seen the people of the United
States get behind the president so slowly as they did behind FDR in those
perilous days of 1933 now here was a mastermind alliance that served a great
purpose at a time of need and I hope to see the time come when I may contribute
my services in building a mastermind alliance that will permanently serve the
President of the United States as it did in
19:33 the mystery of sex transmutation the tenth step toward riches the meaning
of the word transmute is in simple language the changing or transferring of
one element or form of energy into another the ten stimuli of the mind the
human mind responds to stimuli through which it may be keyed up to high rates
of vibration known as enthusiasm creative imagination intense desire and
so on the stimuli to which the mind responds most freely are one the desire
for sex expression to love three a burning desire for fame power or
financial gain money for music five friendship between either those of the
same sex or those of the opposite sex six a mastermind alliance based upon the
harmony of two or more people who will lie themselves for spiritual or temporal
advancement seven mutual suffering such as that experienced by people who are
persecuted eight Auto suggestion 9 fear 10 narcotics and alcohol the desire for
sex expression comes at the head of the list of stimuli which most effectively
step up the mind and start the wheels of physical action eight of these stimuli
are natural and constructive two are destructive when brain action has been
stimulated through one or more of the ten mind stimulants it has the effect of
lifting the individual far above the horizon of ordinary thought and permits
him to envision distance scope and quality of thoughts not available on the
lower plane such as that occupied while one is engaged in the solution of the
problems of business and professional routine the world is ruled and the
destiny of civilization is established by the human emotions people are
influenced in their actions not by reason so much as by feelings the
creative Faculty of the mind is set into action entirely by emotions
and not by cold reason the most powerful of all human emotions is that of sex
there are other mind stimulants some of which have been listed but no one of
them nor all of them combined can equal the driving power of sex our mind
stimulant is any influence which will either temporarily or permanently
increase the intensity of thought the 10 major stimulants described are those
most commonly resorted to through these sources one may commune with infinite
intelligence or enter at will the storehouse of the subconscious mind
either one’s own or that of another person a procedure which is all there is
of genius the emotion of sex is an irresistible force against which there
can be no such opposition as an immovable body when driven by this
emotion then become gifted with the super power for action understand this
truth and you will catch the significance of the statement that sex
transmutation contains the secret of creative ability the transmutation of
sex energy calls for the exercise of willpower to be sure but the reward is
worth the effort the desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural the
desire cannot and should not be submerged or eliminated but it should be
given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body mind
and spirit of man sex alone is a mighty urge to action but its forces are like a
cyclone they are often uncontrollable when the emotion of love begins to mix
itself with the emotion of sex the result is calmness of purpose poise
accuracy of judgment and balance love is without question life’s greatest
experience it brings one into communion with infinite intelligence when mixed
with the emotions of romance and sex it may lead one far up the ladder of the
creative effort the emotions of love sex and romance are sides of the eternal
triangle of achievement building genius love is an emotion with many sides
shades and colors but the most intense and burn
of all kinds of love is that experienced in the blending of the emotions of love
and sex when the emotion of romance is added to those of love and sex the
obstructions between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence are
removed then a genius has been born the subconscious mind the connecting link
the 11th step toward riches the subconscious mind consists of a field of
consciousness in which every impulse of thought that reaches the conscious mind
through any of the five senses is classified and recorded and from which
thoughts may be recalled or withdrawn as letters may be taken from a filing
cabinet it receives and files sense impressions or thoughts regardless of
their nature you may voluntarily plant in your subconscious mind any plan
thought or purpose which you desire to translate into its physical or monetary
equivalent the subconscious acts first on the dominating desires which have
been mixed with emotional feelings such as faith you cannot entirely control
your subconscious mind but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan
desire or purpose which you wish transformed into concrete form after you
have accepted as a reality the existence of the subconscious mind and understand
its possibilities as a medium for transmuting your desires into their
physical or monetary equivalent you will comprehend the full significance of the
instructions given in the chapter on desire you will also understand why you
have been repeatedly admonished to make your desires clear and to reduce them to
writing you will also understand the necessity of persistence in carrying out
instructions the 13 principles are the stimuli with which you acquire the
ability to reach and to influence your subconscious mind do not become
discouraged if you cannot do this upon the first attempt remember that the
subconscious mind may be voluntarily directed only through habit under the
directions given in the chapter on faith you have not yet had time to master
faith be patient be persistent please fast forward to the end and turn the
tape over for proper queuing of side form you all thought impulses intended for
transmutation into their physical equivalent voluntarily planted in the
subconscious mind must pass through the imagination and be mixed with faith the
mixing of faith with a plan or purpose intended for submission to the
subconscious mind may be done only through the imagination from these
statements you will readily observe that voluntary youth of the subconscious mind
calls for coordination and application of all the principles you are preparing
yourself to influence and control the inner audience of your subconscious mind
in order to hand over to it the desire for money which you wish transmuted into
its monetary equivalent it is essential therefore that you understand the method
of approach to this inner audience you must speak its language or it will
not heed your call it understands best the language of emotion or feeling let
us therefore describe here the seven major positive emotions and the seven
major negative emotions so that you may draw upon the positives and avoid the
negatives when giving instructions to your subconscious mind the seven major
positive emotions the emotion of desire the emotion of faith the emotion of love
the emotion of sex the emotion of enthusiasm the emotion of romance the
emotion of hope there are other positive emotions but these are the seven most
powerful and the ones most commonly used in creative effort master these seven
emotions they can be mastered only by use and the other positive emotions will
be at your command when you need them remember in this connection that you are
studying a book which is intended to help you develop a money consciousness
by filling your mind with positive emotions the seven major negative
emotions to be avoided the emotion of fear the emotion of jealousy the emotion
of hatred the emotion of revenge the emotion of greed the emotion of
superstition the emotion of anger positive and negative emotions cannot
occupy the mind at the same time one or the other must dominate it is your
responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the
dominating influence of your mind here the law of habit will come to your aid
form the habit of applying and using the positive emotions eventually they will
dominate your mind so completely that the negatives cannot enter it only by
following these instructions literally and continuously can you gain control
over your subconscious mind the presence of a single negative in your conscious
mind is sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your
subconscious mind the brain a broadcasting and receiving station for
Thought the 12th step toward riches more than 40 years ago the author working in
conjunction with the late dr. Alexander Graham Bell and dr. Elmer our gates
observed that every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for
the vibration of thought the subconscious mind is the sending station
of the brain through which vibrations of thought are broadcast the creative
imagination is the receiving set through which the energies of thought are picked
up along with the important factors of the subconscious mind and the Faculty of
the creative imagination which constitute the sending and receiving
sets of your mental broadcasting machinery consider now the principle of
Auto suggestion which is the medium by which you may put into operation your
broadcasting station through the instructions described in the chapter on
Auto suggestion you were definitely informed of the method by which desire
may be transmuted into its monetary equivalent operation of your mental
broadcasting station is a comparatively simple procedure you have got three
principles to bear in mind and to apply when you wish to use your broadcasting
station the subconscious mind creative imagination and Auto suggestion
the stimuli through which you put these three principles into action have been
described and the procedure begins with desire the greatest forces are
intangible through the ages which have passed man has depended too much upon
his physical senses and has limited his knowledge to physical things which he
could see touch weigh and measure we are now entering the most marvellous of all
ages an age which will teach us something of the intangible forces of
the world about us perhaps we shall learn as we pass through this age that
the other self is more powerful than the physical self we see when we look into a
mirror sometimes men speak lightly of the intangibles the things which they
cannot perceive through any of their five senses and when we hear them it
should remind us that all of us are controlled by forces which are unseen
and intangible the whole of mankind has not the power to cope with nor to
control the intangible force wrapped up in the rolling waves of the ocean man is
not the capacity to understand the intangible force of gravity which keeps
this little earth suspended in space and keeps man from falling from it much less
the power to control that force man is entirely subservient to the intangible
force which comes with a thunderstorm and he is just as helpless in the
presence of the intangible force of electricity nor is this by any means the
end of man’s ignorant sin connection with things unseen and intangible he
does not understand the intangible force and intelligence wrapped up in the soil
of the earth the force which provides him with every morsel of food he eats
every article of clothing he wears every dollar he carries in his pockets the
power of thought is the only thing over which you have complete unchallenged and
unchallengeable controlled controlled by power of will in given human beings
control over but one thing the Creator must have children the most important of
all things this is a stupendous fact that makes
your most profound consideration if you give it this sort of consideration you
will discover for yourself the rich promises available to those who become
masters of their own mind power through self-discipline the sixth sense the door to the temple
of wisdom the thirteenth step toward riches the thirteenth principle is known
as the sixth sense through which infinite intelligence may and will
communicate voluntarily without any effort from or demands by the individual
this principle is the apex of the philosophy it can be assimilated
understood and applied only by first mastering the other twelve principles
the sixth sense is that portion of the subconscious mind which has been
referred to as the creative imagination it has also been referred to as the
receiving set through which ideas plans and thoughts flash into the mind the
flashes are sometimes called hunches or inspiration the sixth sense defies
description it cannot be described to a person who has not mastered the other
principles of this philosophy because such a person has no knowledge and no
experience with which the sixth sense may be compared it miracles of the sixth
sense the author is not a believer in nor the advocate of miracles for the
reason that he is enough knowledge of nature to understand that nature never
deviates from her established laws some of her laws are so incomprehensible that
they produce what appear to be miracles the sixth sense comes as near to being a
miracle as anything I have ever experienced this much the author does
know that there is a power or a first cause or an intelligence which permeates
every atom of matter and embraces every unit of energy perceptible to man that
this infinite intelligence converts a currents into oak trees causes water to
flow downhill in response to the law of gravity follows night with day and
winter with summer each maintaining its proper place and relationship to the
other this intelligence may through the
principles of this philosophy be induced to aid and transmuting desires into
concrete or material form the author has this knowledge because he has
experimented with it and has experienced it step by step through the preceding
chapters you have been led to this the last principle if you have mastered each
of the preceding principles you are now prepared to accept without being
skeptical these stupendous claims made here if you have not mastered the other
principles you must do so before you may determine definitely whether or not the
claims made in this chapter are fact or fiction long before I had ever written a
line for publication or endeavored to deliver a speech in public I followed
the habit of reshaping my own character by trying to imitate the nine men whose
lives and works have been most impressive to me these nine men were
Emerson Paine Edison Darwin Lincoln Burbank Napoleon
Ford and Carnegie every night over a long period of years I held an imaginary
council meeting with this group whom I called my invisible counselors I had a
very definite purpose in indulging my imagination through these nightly
meetings my purpose was to rebuild my own character so it would represent a
composite of the characters of my imaginary counselors realizing as I did
early in life that I had to overcome the handicap of birth in an environment of
ignorance and superstition I deliberately assigned myself to task a
voluntary rebirth through the method I have described above building character
through auto suggestion I knew of course that all men have become what they are
because of their dominating thoughts and desires I knew that every deeply seeded
desire has the effect of causing one to seek outward expression through which
that desire may be transmuted into reality I knew that self suggestion is a
powerful factor in building character that it is in fact the sole principle
through which character is built with this knowledge of the principles of mind
operation I was fairly well armed with the equipment needed in rebuilding
my character in these imaginary council meetings I called on my cabinet members
for the knowledge I wished each to contribute my method of addressing the
members of the imaginary cabinet would vary according to the traits of
character in which I was for the moment most interested in acquiring I studied
the records of their lives with painstaking care after some months of
this nightly procedure I was astounded by the discovery that these imaginary
figures became apparently real each of these nine men developed individual
characteristics which surprised me for example Lincoln developed a habit of
always being late than walking around in solemn parade he always wore an
expression of seriousness upon his face rarely did I see him smile that was not
true of the others Burbank and Payne often in dolls in witty repartee which
seemed at times to shock the other members of the cabinet these meetings
became so realistic that I became fearful of their consequences and
discontinued them for several months the experiences were so uncanny I was afraid
if I continued them I would lose sight of the fact that the meetings were
purely experiences of my imagination this is the first time that I have had
the courage to mention this heretofore I have remained quiet on the subject
because I knew from my own attitude and connection with such matters that I
would be misunderstood if I described my unusual experience I have been
emboldened now to reduce my experience to the printed page because I am now
less concerned about what they say than I was in the years that have passed lest
I be misunderstood I wish here to state most emphatically that I still regard my
cabinet meetings as being purely imaginary but I feel entitled to suggest
that while the members of my cabinet may be purely fictional and the meetings
existent only in my own imagination they have led me into glorious pads of
adventure rekindled an appreciation of true greatness and courage creative
endeavor and emboldened the expression of honest thought tapping the source of
inspiration somewhere in the cell structure of the
brain is located an organ which receives vibrations of thought ordinarily called
hunches so far science is not discovered where this organ of the sixth sense is
located but this is not important the fact remains that human beings do
receive accurate knowledge through sources other than the physical senses
such knowledge generally is received when the mind is under the influence of
extraordinary stimulation any emergency which arouses the emotions and causes
the heart to beat more rapidly than normal may and generally does bring the
sixth sense into action anyone who has experienced an ear accident while
driving knows that on such occasions the sixth sense often comes to one’s rescue
and aids by split seconds in avoiding the accident my original purpose in
conducting council meetings with imaginary beings was solely that of
impressing my own subconscious mind through the principle of auto suggestion
with certain characteristics which I desire to acquire in more recent years
my experimentation has taken on an entirely different trend I now go to my
imaginary counselors with every difficult problem which confronts me and
my clients the results are often astonishing although I do not depend
entirely on this form of council the starting point of all achievement is
desire the finishing point is that brand of knowledge which leads to
understanding understanding of self understanding of others understanding of
the laws of nature recognition and understanding of happiness this sort of
understanding comes in its fullness only through familiarity with and use of
the principle of the sixth sense before you can put any portion of this
philosophy into successful use your mind must be prepared to receive it the
preparation is not difficult it begins with study analysis and
understanding of three enemies which you shall have to clear out indecision doubt
and fear the sixth sense will never function while these three negatives or
any one of them remain in your mind the members of this unholy trio are closely
related where one is found the other two are
close at hand the six basic fears there are six basic fears with some
combination of which every human suffers at one time or another most people are
fortunate if they do not suffer from the entire six named in the order of their
most common appearance they are the fear of poverty the fear of criticism the
fear of ill health that’s at the bottom of most of one’s worries the fear of
loss of love of someone the fear of old age the fear of death all other fears
are of minor importance they can be grouped under these six headings fears
are nothing more than states of mind one state of mind is subject to control and
Direction man can create nothing which he does not first conceived in the form
of an impulse of thought following this statement comes another of still greater
importance namely man’s thought impulses begin immediately to translate
themselves into their physical equivalent whether those thoughts are
voluntary or involuntary thought impulses which are picked up by mere
chance thoughts which have been released by other Minds may determine one’s
financial business professional or social destiny just as surely as do the
thought impulses which one creates by intent and design we are here laying the
foundation for the presentation of a fact of great importance to the person
who does not understand why some people appear to be lucky while others of equal
or greater ability training experience and brain capacity seem destined to ride
with misfortune this fact may be explained by the statement that every
human being has the ability to completely control his own mind and with
this control obviously every person may open his mind to the Tramp thought
impulses which are being released by other brains or closed the doors tightly
and admit only thought impulses of his own choice Nature has endowed man with
absolute control over but one thing and that is thought
this fact coupled with the additional fact that everything which man creates
begins in the form of the thought leads one very near to the principle by which
fear may be mastered if it is true that all thought has a tendency to clothe
itself in its physical equivalent and this is true beyond any reasonable room
for doubt it is equally true that thought impulses of fear and poverty
cannot be translated into terms of courage and financial gain the six basic
fears become translated into a state of worry through indecision relieve
yourself forever of the fear of death by reaching a decision to accept death as
an inescapable event with the fear of poverty by reaching a decision to get
along with whatever wealth you can accumulate without worry
put your foot upon the neck of fear of criticism by reaching a decision not to
worry about what other people think do or say eliminate the fear of old age by
reaching a decision to accept it not as a handicap but as a great blessing which
carries with it wisdom self-control and understanding not known to you acquit
yourself of a fear of ill health by the decision to forget symptoms master the
fear of loss of love by reaching a decision to get along without love if
that is necessary kill the habit of worry in all its forms by reaching a
general blanket decision that nothing which life has to offer is worth the
price of worry with this decision will come poised peace of mind and calmness
of thought which will bring happiness a man whose mind is filled with fear not
only destroys his own chances of intelligent action but he transmits
these destructive vibrations to the minds of all who come into contact with
him and also destroys their chances the devil’s workshop in addition to the six
basic fears there is another evil by which people suffer it constitutes a
rich soil in which the seeds of failure grow abundantly it is so subtle that its
presence often is not detected this affliction cannot properly be classed as
a fear it is more deeply seeded and more often fatal than all of the six fears
for one of a better name let us call this evil susceptibility to
negative influences men who accumulate great riches always protect themselves
against this evil the poverty-stricken never do those who succeed in any
calling must prepare their minds to resist the evil if you are reading this
philosophy for the purpose of accumulating riches you should examine
yourself very carefully to determine whether you are susceptible to negative
influences if you neglect this self analysis you will forfeit your right to
attain the object of your desires how to protect yourself against negative
influences to protect yourself against negative influences whether of your own
making or the result of the activities of negative people around you recognize
that you have a will power and put it into constant use until it builds a wall
and immunity against negative influences in your own mind recognize the fact that
you and every other human being are by nature lazy indifferent and susceptible
to all suggestions which harmonize with your weaknesses recognize that you are
by nature susceptible to all the six basic fears and setup habits for the
purpose of counteracting all those fears recognize that negative influences often
work on you through your subconscious mind therefore they are difficult to
detect and keep your mind closed against all people who depress or discourage you
in any way clean out your medicine chest throw away
all pill bottles and stop pandering to colds aches pains and imaginary illness
deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act for
yourself do not expect troubles as they have a tendency not to disappoint
without doubt the most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of
leaving their minds open to the negative influence of other people this weakness
is all the more damaging because most people do not recognize that they are
cursed by it and many who acknowledge it neglect or refuse to correct the evil
until it becomes an uncontrollable part of their daily habits
in parting I would remind you that life is a checkerboard and the player
opposite you is time if you hesitate before moving or neglect to move
promptly your men will be wiped off the board by time you are playing against a
partner who will not tolerate indecision previously you may have had a logical
excuse for not having forced life to come through with whatever you asked but
that alibi is now obsolete because you are in possession of the master key that
unlocks the door to life’s bountiful riches the master key is intangible but
it is powerful it is the privilege of creating in your own mind a burning
desire for a definite form of riches there is no penalty for the use of the
key but there is a price you must pay if you do not use it the price is failure
there is a reward of stupendous proportions if you put the key to use it
is the satisfaction that comes to all who conquer self and force life to pay
whatever is asked it has been said I have made more successful men than any
man living today I don’t know whether that’s true or not because there’s no
way of getting accurate statistics but ladies and gentlemen when I when I take
inventory of the people that I do know who started a good stretch and have
become millionaires or some of them not quite that much money would become
profoundly successful I recognize that I have created a philosophy here through
the good work of mr. Carnegie that’s been a benefactor of the world not only
to those who are living now but to those who are not yet born when mr. Carnegie
saw me on organizing this philosophy he said I am going to give away my money
before I die as fast as I can find ways means of giving it away without doing
damage and if you of course know he did just that he gave it away for
educational purposes libraries foundations for the maintenance of peace
and in every way that he could conceive but he said by far the greatest part of
my routine I am entrusting to you take to the
people of the world in the farm of the know-how through which I gain my money
and he said if you carry through the trust and perfect your job and I
sincerely believe you will you’ll live to see the time when you’re far and away
richer than I am and when you will evade many more successful men than I have
ever made and ladies and gentlemen when mr. Carnegie made that statement it
was just too much for me to swallow I thought well mr. Carnegie has never
flattered me before he’s never said anything that didn’t turn off me right
but that’s just one of those things that never could happen I have already made
thousands of times more successful men than mr. Carnegie ever had
thousands of times and I’m still in the process of making you know ladies and
gentlemen during those 20 years of research that I put into the building of
this philosophy I ran into some very profound facts and truth and one of them
consists in this fact that once a great crisis comes over the world there always
comes out some unknown with the formula for dissolving that crisis like Abraham
Lincoln for instance in the time of need when this country was about to be split
asunder by internal strife by George Washington preceding weakened by
Franklin D Roosevelt at the time when the people were stampeded with fear and
they were standing in great minds and draw their money over banner and I
sometimes wonder if his hand of Destiny which has such a long arm behind it
doesn’t reach over in places like the one where I would bar and lift our
people out of humble and lowly stations and give them great jobs to do in life
as an inspiration and an object lesson to other people to show what can be done
when one recognizes god-given power of thought and puts it
through proper use because if you really until it’s Union on the male honor my
source of faith and my source of the enthusiasm becoming documented to
dislodge me no matter what it is that you’re doing in life what it is you want
to do you find the way always open and I thank you very much

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