This Is For All Of You Fighting Battles Alone (Walk Alone Speech)

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  1. God will make you reach to him so you don't have to come back in born and die then you can stay with him forever the pains of born and die will be end for you and you will be at rest forever 🙏

  2. If you serve Jesus Christ you only need him for survival and strength. With Jesus you have wisdom and understanding and you are never alone. That is the only socializing that matters, were you able to talk to your God and get along with him? We all need friends but most people are a very bad influence and many could be hateful or jealous of you for no reason but malice. That is why it is very important for us to know that we have a true friend in Jesus and you will never walk alone aslong as you walk with Jesus.
    Psalm 68:5
    A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.

  3. Thanks it's just a small word! For your motivation video. It's really need. those who suffer IAM single no one help me. Those thoughts have its really for them. Great work

  4. i wasted my twenties because of bad influences, i even went to jail because of friends and my stupidity. but today i realise that its was good for me to meet those friends in my life. i learned alot by all my mistakes(today im alone but not lonely) Feeling stronger than before

  5. Sorry to disappoint you but you are truly never alone never God Almighty is near you all the time and you were born to walk beside him talk with him listen to him let him love you and you love him you want something that is truly unbelievable call upon his name his name is Jesus and you will see things you couldn't even comprehend take it from a man that everybody walked away from nobody wanted to deal with them but Jesus did try

  6. If you walk alone and fall in the pit. Who is thete to pull you out? Where 2 or more walk together and one falls in the pit. His brother or brothers are thrir to pull him up.
    Forsake not the assembly of yourselves together.

  7. i spent most of the time alone till my secondary but when i made friendship my life become worst and family admitted me in a psychiatrist and i become a loser even i am graduated in science good job is only a dream.

  8. I felt this and it brought my eyes to water. I have lived a life alone. No family support, I’m not the one who needs attention at work…. it’s a struggle with life . I don’t need extra drama…. a lot of times I wish I would have family to support me, but this is the life that has been handed to me and I have faith the God has his angels surrounding me.

  9. This is a very hard walk to do BUT it's a loner Destiny!A must do,keeping moving is the only way!Real hope starts in your heart?

  10. This sounds good and all, but we are highly developed social animals.

    ”he who travels fastest travels alone but he who travels furthest travels with others”

    We need both the time to think for ourselvs but also the insight from people around us.

  11. 2 years alone once, felt like something felt inside me and tore out everything that had been good and just left emptyness, got through it alone and afterwards I felt strong and proud because I got through it with my personal beliefs and principles in tact. never take the softer option just because it lwould be easier at the time, you will prevail. peace to you all.

  12. Im always loner….i m tired and was crying before watching this…..thx for the speech …..i ll practise harder to get recognize to get friend…

  13. When you believe in you – No mountain is too tall
    When you believe in you – no problem is too big
    When you believe in you – There is no obstacle you can't overcome
    When you believe in you – The CAN'T is replaced with CAN
    When you believe in you – There is nothing you can't achieve
    When you believe in you – You are only limited by the vision you dare to dream.

  14. Thank you to made it now I feel A NEW ENEGY because also I have no one to believe and support but as long as I am keep going I don't need them!

  15. ~”WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU, ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER.” And in going it alone you certainly have more opportunity to get closer to death. Closer to real LONLINESS., you court the temptation of becoming weak.
    The weight is definitely heavier carrying it yourself. You get more tired, but you keep going. There is never any good reason to stop.
    Because Whatever comes up, you are You and You are doing this for a reason. And You Will Accomplish it. That is why You are doing it. You never had the slightest doubt that you would not succeed. If you did, why would you start? Silly question. You started because you knew that you would accomplish your mission. That is why You have this Mission. Because you are the one who will accomplish it. WE ARE THE WARRIORS. WE ARE THE SYSTEMS BUSTERS.

  16. It doesn’t have to be all alone or only with bad company. I was forced to spend 27 years of my life in almost complete isolation. All my children were taken. I was beaten up, tortured, shot at. Went to university, fulfilled my purpose… and now I am old. I get what this guy is saying… but after 27 years of being hated for no reason, after having risked my own life so that others can live…

    I find that the majority of humanity has become so cruel that I no longer am able to enjoy my own culture and society. I don’t enjoy seeing America crumbling into the dustbin of fallen nations rotted within by corruption.

    I’m lonely. I wanted a family.

    I have given all my life while others took, loved somebody else and went away. After almost three decades, there is nothing left for me in America. It is a hard, unfeeling land with brutal people who care only about themselves.

    When I leave, I’m not coming back. It won’t matter, nobody in America will even miss me, after the 27 years of isolation they forced me to as I worked without pay.

    I have a feeling though, that once I leave, they will take all the hate they dumped on me, and with nobody to hate, they will just rot some more, continue their sins, corrupting themselves, until they eat themselves or collapse from their anarchy.

    Sometimes, a person must leave in order to have anything at all. I’ve done the alone thing for almost three decades now. My observations of today’s American culture is that most “families” are loosely connected people who habitate together but who feel little for one another. Most “families” are blended, which is code word for “confused” and broken messes abandoned by the male father figure when he got bored or wanted something else. “Friendships” are also loose associations of people who spend time with one another but who would never really be there for one another if adversity strikes. Only soldiers seem to have that camaraderie any more, and then, only right during and after the battle.

    It’s different in the Eastern nations. People still have emotions, care about one another, show kindness naturally from within their being.
    Aloneness is only great for a while. If people were meant to live like that for decades, God would only have made one person and then stopped.

    I have gone years alone by choice, and that was great while it was that season for alone being. But there is a need to love and be loved, to have a friend, a companion, people who would care if one passes away or to celebrate a birthday with. Too much alone time can make a person emotionally hurt.

  17. I was always different…it's like I am ahead of my age. I'm only 12 and I love science, animals and theories. I am not one of those kids who will watch Logan Paul for 10 hours a day and listen to gang music. I have one friend who is eventually close to me, and I am okay with that. Here is an example of how you should not care. The other kids from my class made a Viber group for everyone. Every each kid from my class and all other classes is in, the only person who is not there is me. Even that one friend is there but not me. I simply don't care. At school I barely talk to anyone except that one friend. They never supported me, they never liked me. They even make fun of me. And I simply don't care, because I am not downgrading for so much levels to be accepted. Be like that. My parents are people of culture who were popular in school, but always like me, different. The kids at my school think I am weak and that I am a loser-simply because they don't know me. They don't know anything about me, I had a fight 2 times and both of the times I didn't actually fight, because I know martial arts and could get expelled. I am an A student and always was, while they are like:WHAT??? THIS GUY STUDIES??LOLOL!!!! And I always keep quiet when they make fun of me, because I know that starting an argument with a fool will make me a bigger fool than him. I don't let anyone control me, work hard and have my own path. That is, my friends, the secret of life. Peace.

  18. I am alone; but never alone, as I have always my God with me Jesus is all we need, for Advice, company, wisdom and strength, even fun and laughter. He supplies my every need, He will never falter, lie, cheat, deceive, or abandon you! I will walk the path, his path, and when I fall and fail, he will whisper to me, I AM HERE FOR YOU AND WITH YOU! Follow me and you will never become lost! He will lift me up and carry me until I have rested, and then I will continue with him on my journey at my side, praise his name! At the end of my journey, he will raise me to perfection and completeness and I WILL live in joy for eternity.

  19. I used to listen this in my struggle time. It gave me strength to fight for myself. Thanks to show the proper way to do. Now this time I'm winner for my battle and I have shown everyone that I'm not looser

  20. all the big three religions of the world ,Christianity , muslims, and Hebrews all use the word "Amen" is the word derived from the egyptian deity Amun ra ? if so then it would make it pagan , i personally stopped using the word in my prayers because in doing so you are null and voiding the prayer by ending in that world , its like praying " i love you jesus have a good day " hail satan! , it kind of voids the prayer .

  21. this message feels wrong…
    Is it really the point to gain power through loneliness?
    Is it really to BS oneself on thinking that this is all blessed state of loneliness?
    This kind of person will find nothing but darkness at the end and loneliness…
    We need others, not some Charismatic speaker who raises his tone in accompany of music, if this was true there wouldn't be any need of such talks, cause everyone would just know this by instinct, but in this case this is only some last sining of the swan, that is lonely and broken, and driven by resentment, blinded, desiring that one that he/she could never had.

  22. You are your greatest asset.. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset..

  23. Friendship comes and goes thats no matter.

    The point is how many real Soul's you meet in your live, because these Moment's make you

    stronger and belive in your self for the future.

    Stay true by your self,because you share your whole live with you

    all the others will come and go.

  24. Kids dad played with my head I lossed my home had to move to my mum's with 4 kids no help from there dad I had to get my kids ready for his wedding I fell I broke my back I shattered my discs I had spinal operation rod screws over fracture to my spine my daughter fell pregnant at 14 I lossed my dad sudden to blood clot he died in my mum's sitting room my best friend left mine we was try to sort cars for my dad's funeral she got rushed into hospital brain hemmarage she had a nother 2 died sudden my very best friend I grew up with from age 8 died she chocked on her sick she had diabetes then my other friend Wayne was found dead then my cousin she was my age had heart attack they say was heart default I had to help bring up my grandson as my daughter had to go back to school I made a show of myself falling in love with a friend I had bad chest infection after infection then got bit by snake ended up at hospital went threw dark Knight of the soul I'm stop drinking I'm try to walk everyday I'm chanting I'm meditating I'm healing I'm proud of me if I can get up from all that by myself so can anyone I hope this helps anyone who was where I was cry to god to take me he saved me he swooped in a dream helped me from my nightmares I was sleeping with hammer thort I was being followed now I walk alone don't look over my shoulder anyone please if you ready to give up don't if I can get back up from all that anyone can big hugs I'm proud of anyone try to better themselfs it's not easy but it's been so worth it xx

  25. I've been alone for a long time. Most days are great, but some days are crushing. One person understands me, but I see them rarely. I know why I'm doing what I'm doing, but days like today HURT SO FUCKING BADLY.. I have two options. Keep going, or die. This is why I'm the greatest fighter on the planet. I am unmatched, unbreakable, unstoppable, and will leave this planet when my work is done. I am the champion, I am the greatest of all time, and nothing will stop me. If any of my opponents are reading this, I am sorry for you, but I will mercilessly destroy your soul with violence that is only heard of on war-torn battlefields. This is my destiny, I have died multiple times in the life already. I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

  26. I dont understand what if you have wrong perspectives and the other have the better opinion ,are you still not listen and keep walking to you own path

    Im willing to listen

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