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Welcome to Lifeline TV Let me give some tips on how to improve health. To improve our health, first we
have to care about the food we eat. Eat your food only after a good planning on it. We must know 3 things about our food. The molecular part of the food
will be excreted the next day. The bio macromolecules of food will be converted into energy, muscles, and part of cells. The nutrients in the food, which is the vital force, becomes the life of living beings. Fruits contain lot of vital forces. It is the chemicals and fertilisers that come
first in our mind when we say about fruits. It is correct, and we have to eat healthy fruits. But most of the chemicals in fruits are water soluble. So if we are eating them after rinsing
for some time, it will not affect us. And a great part of toxic
will be processed by the liver. In case of vegetables, prefer organic
to avoid chemicals. If we are increasing the amount
of fruits and vegetables in food.. Within 2 months, there will be a decrease in our diseases. Cancer camps are conducting
frequently in Malaysia and America. Huge number of people is attending it each time. They are seven day camps. So most people there are cancer patients. In the camps, a mental state to face the
cancer bravely is created in the patients. The food provided in the camps… They given fresh water taken directly
from the mountain streams. organic fruits and food are provided. There is a need of change in their food habit. If you are attending it, you will understand that, the patients leaving the camp
is having a relief in their condition. Unlike before, many cancer patients
are coming back to life. Most of the cancers are curable today. Death due to cancer occurs when
treatment is not given at the right time. Change in food habit prove this. Eating fruits and vegetables
give you vital force. There are authentic sites in internet suggesting the
diet to be followed to cure particular diseases. We can increase the food which can cure a disease. There are nutrients in meat and fish. But vital forces are not much in them. For that we need fruits and vegetables. If you consult a doctor for any disease,
he will not ask you to eat meat and fish, but fruits. Fruits can easily heal the ills. Also eat food containing high quantity of fibres. Drink high quality water. Water also contains vital forces. People having diseases must
drink high quality water. Tender coconut water contains a very
high quantity of vital forces. In case of energy, eating water melon
can provide high energy. We have many options for good quality food. Papaya And Jackfruit are some seasonal fruits in our area. In the coming years, these will be the inevitable food. Go for a walk, if you are ill. Do any kind of exercises. The world saw the importance of Yoga when NASA
teach their astronauts ‘sooryanamaskaram’ It is world renowned today. Now a days, we can see that the kings of Middle East
countries are appointing a yoga trainer for their wives. Maintaining an ideal weight is very good for health. It will be very good if we are sleeping from 5 to 6 hours. If we are not getting enough sleep,
chances for diseases are very high. Meditation can cure our diseases
and brings us peace. If we are ill, try to keep it a secret and avoid
the visitors maximum. There lived a man near my house, who
was repairing refrigerators. He was hospitalised after a surgery. His neighbour, who had a viral fever visited him
when got a relief. They talked each other,
and the man got that viral fever. Since he was affected the fever before
the healing of surgery, he died. So it must be a secret, if we are admitted to hospital. Don’t give any kind of publicity to that. Health insurance is very essential today,
for a better medical care. Since it cost 5 and 10 Lakhs for each surgery,
always have a health insurance. Alleviating fear can lessen the disease. Avoid situations, where people give negative
comments on our medicines and doctor. Since love can heal ills, be with people we love
if we have cancer, attack or any other diseases. It can be seen that love and care of
a husband can easily cure his wife’s disease. It will be good to follow. Gratitude has a role in curing diseases. Feeling gratitude to God for curing diseases,
and when one disease prevented others. Always stay happy and joyful.
happiness can redeem the illness. Avoid quarrels inside and outside home, because
it has the power to make the disease more badly. Have long term wishes. Like, dream the marriage
of a 4 year old girl, suffering from cancer. Continuously do exercises, with a happy mind. Sorrowful mind
will not allow you to continue the working out. Psycho neuro immunology is a part of psychosomatic
diseases deal with… the power of mind, which can cure
diseases with optimism. Psycho neuro immunology can be discussed later. Let me wish you all a healthy life.
Thank You.

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  1. My health tip is to avoid drinking packaged drinking water or can water regularly because our body regularly needs many minerals along with the water we drink, In our past water, drank from wells had all these minerals, but packaged drinking water don't have any mineral contents in it. Occasionally it is OK but kindly avoid drinking it regularly, Thank You

  2. Last year, when I realized the interrelation of food and physical-mental well-being, I became aware of my food habits.
    Steps taken:

    Increased my water intake, especially alkaline water, included more healthy, veggie dishes, reduced the quantity of food, stopped drinking water right before and just after having food; we take dinner within 6:30-7 pm.
    Evolving into a better person may be painful, but I am addicted to it.

    I have been an avid follower of motivational videos especially by western you tubers. But Dr Vijayan ‘s videos are very authentic and unique. No hype or show off- he strikes direct to the point, straight to the core- “seedhi baath, no bakwas “. I admire his simplicity and explanations in a calming tone.That’s what draws me towards this channel.

  3. A great man with a lot of charisma… He even trained me and inspired me so as to make my own youtube channel and spread the news of positivity. Feel free to check it out here:

  4. Sir meditation related videos idamo. Njan meditation cheyarundu . But ella divasavum ore pole effective akunnilla. Enthanu athinte reasons and solutions

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