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hello everyone I’m MJ from MJhealing. I’m happy and a little nervous because this is my first English yoga video. I live in
Seoul Korea. I’m an Asian woman and 17 years careered yoga teacher. And I help people with yoga and other oriental alternative methods. And I’ll continue to upload the English speaking videos regularly. Today I want to share with you
the toe exercise. Enjoy this video please thumbs up and subscribe my channel. Toe exercise is very simple. Just flex and extend your toes. You can break up this
toe exercise into 3steps First pull the toes. Second straighten
the toes. Third clench the toes, bend the toe joints. If you wear hard shoes most of your time, I suggest you this exercise. And you feel pain in your sole or toes and I also suggest you this exercise This toe exercise has three effects. First make your soul relaxed and strengthen the sole arch. Second relieve pain in your sole
and toes. Third activate your peripheral nerves. Weak toes make weak legs. Toe exercise makes your peripheral nerves activated. Diabetes makes your peripheral
nerves weak. So do this exercise twice a day Let’s try this toe exercise with me. Sit down on your chair and stretch a leg. Sit on your chair and stretch leg. Pull your toes toward the knees and stretch your toes to the ceiling. And clench your toes like a rock. Pull, stretch, and clench The other leg pull your toes. Stretch
your toes, and bend your toe joints. Pull, stretch, clench. Pull, stretch, clench. Pull your toes Stretch your toes And clench your
toes. Pull your toes, stretch your toes, and clench your toes Pull, stretch, clench It’s very simple
just pull stretch and clench like a rock. Enjoy this to exercise every day
it will make your feet healthier And it’s very good to your blood circulation also. Did you enjoy this toe exercise? Thank you for your watching this video.
And our meet you another feet exercise next week.Bye bye

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