Together for You – LewisGale & Virginia Women’s Health

My name is Carrie Champine. I am an
obstetrician and gynecologist and I am located at Virginia Woman’s Health which
has two offices. One here in Blacksburg and then we have one in Radford and we
are affiliated with LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. In 2016 we became part of HCA as an
employed physician group. We were very impressed with HCA and their business
model and how they put patient care first. We were very impressed with the
resources they had to offer us and that it would allow us to provide the best
care for our patients and so we felt that it was time to join the hospital.
I mean, join forces with them, so that we could continue to provide the highest
quality care that we could for our patients. We do our deliveries and our
surgeries over at LewisGale Montgomery Hospital. We spend a lot of time on labor
and delivery with the nurses there. And it’s truly a family, that’s our
family the nurses and the physicians together. So we have a very close
relationship with them. They are our eyes and ears. When we’re over at our office
we collaborate very well and it’s a great center. It’s a small hospital but
has every resource you could possibly need either for obstetrics or gynecology.
You get really top-notch individual care from the nurses and I
would say overall our patients are thrilled with the care that they receive
at the hospital with our birthing center nurses. My personal philosophy on patient care
is that it shouldn’t be that the doctor is telling the patient what to do. Many
times patients will come in and they’ll say what do you want me to do or what do
you think I should do and I really encourage patients that they need to be
part of it. We need to make sure that the patient understands what’s going on and
that this is a decision we make together. And I think the most important thing in
my philosophy of patient care is making sure my patients are educated and they
understand why we’re making the decision we’re making. I feel that the hospital
philosophy and my philosophy mesh very well together. The nurses and the staff
take their time to sit down and explain to patients why are we doing this test,
why are you taking this medication, what are the side-effects and making sure we
all are on the same team. We also will do group huddles where we talk, the nurses
and the providers, the nurse leader sees patients every day and again we’re
always trying to make sure that our patients understand and that they’re
happy with the decision and the care that they’re receiving. LewisGale Hospital has been really
receptive to getting us the latest equipment so that we can continue to
provide cutting-edge care in both gynecology and obstetrics. We recently
got a DaVinci robot which gives us the ability to do robotic surgeries that we
were previously unable to do. We have the latest equipment for things like uterine
ablations, the latest Novasure equipment, they’re always willing to get us the
most advanced equipment to perform these surgeries to give our patients the best
outcomes. My personal goals for the practice are
to continue to provide great care to the New River Valley and to continue to
expand our offices especially areas that we don’t have a lot of obstetrics and
gynecology coverage. We’ve recently opened an office in Radford and I feel
it’s been a great decision. We’ve been able to provide care to especially the
college students there that may not have transportation to go to a further
location and so it’s been great and I hope that personally we can continue to
expand to these places that need ob/gyn services. Why am i passionate about being an
ob/gyn? I enjoy being able to allow women to understand their bodies and
themselves. I think it’s just really exciting and empowering to be able to be
with women and help them through these various stages of lives. I think what
gives me the greatest satisfaction is being in that delivery room, handing
those parents that baby, and just seeing the smiles and the tears, you know, and
just knowing that I was able to be part of such an important event in their life.
It really truly never gets old.

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