#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health – Dr. Victoria Handa

[MUSIC] Childbirth is usually
a happy occasion for a woman. But delivery can also leave her more
vulnerable to developing a pelvic floor disorder. One-third of adult women will
develop one of these conditions, such as a prolapsed uterus or
a bladder control problem. And almost 20% will require
reconstructive surgery to correct the issue. Surprisingly, we have only recently
begun to understand the link between childbirth and
pelvic floor disorders. My name is doctor Victoria Handa. And my team is working to
recognize how childbirth leads to long-term physical and functional
changes in a woman’s body. For example, what aspects of childbirth are most
likely to cause harm decades later? Our goal is to find ways
that doctors can detect and reverse damage after childbirth, and to keep each mother healthy
long after the baby is born. [MUSIC]

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