Too much exercise lowers your vitamin D levels

Hey it’s Dr. Joe Feuerstein with the MD
Minute. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday. Today I
want to talk about vitamin D which we’ve spoken about before. I’ve always
extolled the virtues of vitamin D. It really has an enormous amount of health
benefits; including, and this is relevant to the study I’m about to tell you about,
the fact that vitamin D improves exercise tolerance and your better
exercise capacity if you have a good level of vitamin D. What’s interesting is
a study that was just published in PLoS online coming out of Greek researchers and looking at Greek soccer players. This is obviously all the rage at the moment
given the World Cup. What they did was they measured their vitamin D levels,
during the soccer season and then off season. What they found was that
during the season, which is actually part of the time they were exercising a lot
obviously, and they were in the sun playing, they actually had lower vitamin
D levels despite the fact that they were in the sun all the time
compared to when they were off season. What they’ve shown is that the same
thing is true in military recruits that actually exercise, an exercise that
causes stress to the body, actually reduces the vitamin D levels. My take
on this is that this does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise. This means that
you should exercise, but again if your vitamin D levels are going to be a
little low from exercise, then you should be supplementing and asking your doctor
to check to make sure your levels are in a good normal range 40+. Dr. Joe
Feuerstein with the MD Minute. Happy Sunday. Thanks so much.

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