Top 12 Biggest Turn-Ons For Women

– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston, I’m
a celebrity mentor/stylist. So today, I wanna talk
about the top 12 turn-ons for a woman. Now, before I begin, I wanna just point out that on this list, you are not gonna find attractiveness, because yes, obviously
it’s something women like and would want, but it’s definitely not a requirement. When I was talking with all of my girlfriends and my sisters, we all agreed on this point, that there are other
things that can make up for a lack of attractiveness. All right, so let’s get
into the top 12 turn-ons for a woman. So these are in no particular order, but first up is, we love
a man who is decisive. So a man that is just gonna make a choice. If we’re going out to dinner, he knows exactly where he wants to go. It’s not like, uh, what do you want, what are you in the mood for? No, we want a man that takes
control and is decisive. The second turn-on is when
you are prompt and punctual. Now, this just shows a woman that you care and that you’re respectful towards her. That’s always gonna be
something that turns us on. Now, it may not be a turn-on
that we necessarily notice, but we’re definitely going to
notice if you’re always late, because that is a huge
instant turn-off for us. The third turn-on is a
well-mannered gentleman. So that is someone that holds
the door open for a woman, and knows not to eat before
she’s served as well, and you know, just someone
that’s polite to others. Now, you’d be really
surprised how uncommon it is to find a well-mannered gentleman. The fourth turn-on is
when you smile a lot. Because that just shows
you’re really friendly, and you’re lighthearted. Nobody wants someone that’s
super serious all the time. Smile more! Number five, this is a given. A great sense of humor is
gonna be an instant turn-on. Now, this is for a woman, as well as just for
your friends in general, and people around you. Everyone likes someone that
has a great sense of humor. Now, does that mean you have
to be the life of the party? No, but a nice well-placed
joke here and there goes a long way, and it’s something that we all enjoy, and we wanna be around. The sixth turn-on is when you can maintain a fun
and easy-going conversation. This is what attracts people to someone, when they are able to just have a really fun, lighthearted conversation, rather than someone that
just kinda stands there, and is serious. The seventh turn-on, which
is related to the last point, is something that was on every single one of my girlfriends’ lists, and that is someone that is
a good, attentive listener. This was a big deal, guys. So just please give us the
respect of listening to us, because it’s a huge turn-on, and something we definitely notice. The next turn-on is when a man
has indicators of stability. So what I mean by that is when a man has great relationships with his friends and family,
and he has a great career, or at least is on the right
path towards a great career. The reason why all of
these things are important is because it just shows that you potentially will
be a great partner in life. The ninth turn-on, and I think
this should go without saying but I’m gonna say it, is a man who is confident. Not only in himself, but
in the things that he does. The tenth turn-on is when a
man constantly wants to learn and expand his horizons. This is always gonna be a
very sexy feature of a man. Always just having that thirst, that thirst for more
knowledge is a huge turn-on. And the next turn-on for a woman is a man who takes care of himself. Now, I’m not talking about,
you know, late at night, when you’re taking care of yourself. I’m talking about when someone has really great grooming habits. When you lead a healthy lifestyle. And if you’re watching this channel, you know I’ve stressed this before, when you are well-dressed. The twelfth and final turn-on for women is a man who’s ambitious and
passionate about his career. A woman is always going to love a man who loves what he does,
and is excited by it. So those are the top
12 turn-ons for women. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I left a question in the
comments section below, I’d love to hear your answers about that. And remember, if you like this video, give it a thumbs-up, and
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100 Replies to “Top 12 Biggest Turn-Ons For Women”

  1. I would like to believe this, but i noticed female interest declining strongly, the more weight i gained. I did become a lot a nicer though…

  2. Guys, this is the BEST advice. Follow these 12 simple rules and watch how women immediately respond in a positive way

  3. After hearing 2 and 3, gotta give a dislike. Those are highly inaccurate. Take it from a guy who is naturally punctual and often polite… It doesn't work.

    Lately, I have been finding that women crave an experience. Something to feel and remember. And often times, being polite and punctual is too boring.

  4. Career? What career. What if we don't have any idea as to what career to pursue or any interest in any career ever listed ever? Then what?

    A famous man once said "druish women are often attracted to money and power and I have both!"

  5. Why are people so spicy in that kind of videos? She didn t say she wanted a man with all these qualities, but these are just things that turns her on. Like wtf calm down. If you want to hear she likes non-confident men that are lazy, and disrespectful, you are dellusional. No woman in her right mind wants that.

  6. Men the biggest turn on for a woman is a man that bullshits them with confidence.

  7. Forget all those rules,

    Be your self do what you want,
    Don't try to do anything to impress her and she will fall in love with you anyway
    women themselves don't know what the hell they want
    Just be a Man and don't let anything control you except, You

  8. I'm not at all surprised. I must smile more, but am self-conscious about my teeth not being as white as I'd like, but working on it. All other suggestions are and have been on point since I was a teenager. Of coarse, it's great when you're with someone who cares. Unfortunately, I was married to someone for 29.6 years who didn't appreciate those qualities at one time; whew! That's why I would never recommend marrying young. Seriously. All is not lost though; soon to start life again with a woman who does.

  9. Lots of defensive men . .I will try another style… Thank You for reminding me of a few things that I could work on or maybe slacked off in my single time.. I've been single for years(not all by choice) and interaction seems short and meaningless.. Just gotta find a woman who might care about these qualities from me!! Thanks cool short video!🌠

  10. There was a time that women were satisfied with a man just being himself. But alphamales have raised the bar so high, that real men can't reach that level anymore.

  11. I recall a few years ago a man dumped a Supermodel… was in the papers…..he simply said…."I'm too much man for one woman'.

  12. I love what I do for a living. Driving trucks Long haul the last 19 years. Only problem is you're never around long enough for a lady to notice anyway lol.

  13. I totally agree with the smiling a lot point but I just wanted to add like when I meet a nice guy who doesn’t smile a lot and I manage to make him smile or even genuinely laugh it makes me feel really good and makes me like him a lot for some reason. Making someone who laughs a lot smile/laugh is great and I love that but idk I just love it when I make a serious man laugh so for the serious men out there don’t worry 🙂

  14. How about you, ??
    As long as I was watching, your clips, am really, turned on… but, I don't like, women, if I feel they know many things, I feel bad, and turning down…but, as soon as, I feel, she is cute, and didn't know many things, that's what turns me wild

  15. After 40 something years of never being able to find the first girlfriend or a first kiss. I gave up this idea of self development crap and this looking good crap. Because that's all it is. It's does not matter how much self development or how well You look. In less You have what a female wants for get it. All women want are the really good looking rich pretty boys. They guys women say they want are the exact guys that fail with women. I am Dunn with the BS.

  16. Be a confident beast and don't give 2 fuks. Figure out yourself before searching for her. Get your shit straight and they will come to you! Then you shrug them off cuz your life is more important. Women are only distractions gents. And they can come along for the ride if they want to. You first, then them.

  17. b.s.

    woman can see each and every one of these things in a man and still say " i like him as a friend" lol
    women are full of sh*t

    conversely a guy who is a complete dog with no money and no social skills will be her weakness

  18. Omg in videos of guys describing what they like about girls, the comments are always positive messages from girls. On the other hand when a girl describes her turn ons from guys, all the men get triggered
    Women:we want a man with a good, stable job who can support himself

    “All yOu woMEn waNT iS A MAn WiTh a biG WALlet”

    No kidding we want a man that knows how to financially support himself, we don’t really wanna date a complete loser. But we aren’t expecting you to be bill gates golly

  19. #12 Ambitious & Passionate should be number #1 as the first question is : So what do you do ? And dependant on the answer she will know if she's ready to depend on your financial bankroll 🤣Major turn on 💵💸💵Otherwise its rejection bin if it doesn't meet her Criteria.

  20. the question is were are these women at. All you see is women in pjs and some look nappy dont even brush there hair . Way out of shape need go to gym. You see a nice one but wont give you the time of day. You look nice dressed smell good . Some women dont like that there into that ghetto looking guys that lost his belt. Think there hard or gangster. But when its gangster time there the ones running tries to . Lol

  21. All of this is bullshit the main turn on for women is a crazy good looking guy and us average nigga's stay single and i hate number 6 i don't like talking to people it pisses me off when people try and talk to me

  22. I could listen to you all day long and learn something new love the way how professional you are as if you do this for a living

  23. All these things are good for a man to have about himself but,more than likely,if a woman is dealing with a man of such qualities,that man will soon and very sooooon find himself paying for everything,shelling out money for her bills and very slowly inching his way toward the "Mr.Nice Guy friend" zone.

  24. -Decisive,
    -Prompt and punctual,
    -Well mannored,
    -Smile a lot,
    -Great sense of humour,
    -Maintain a fun and easygoing conversation,
    -Good listener,
    -Stable relationships career etc,
    -Constant learner,
    -takes care of himself grooming skincare etc,
    -passionate about career

  25. The perfect man actually exists, but he's married to another man…
    Just kidding, guys!! Take it easy and be a nice bad boy. Haha

  26. Once you are tired enough of having no succes with women, put in mind that you need to struggle for awhile yet nomatter what, and put more effort into getting good with life AND women than you think you can, if you have been stuck for years, rather lazy and not going out much, been a loner, you need to realise that getting back on track takes time, especially if your problems have been mentally, you can try in the process and score women, but don´t expect anything before you are ready, i am in that phase now, and i have in mind that it takes time, maybe half a year from now, or a year. Patience and fighting spirit are needet if you want to get good with life AND women again after being stuck, maybe for years.

  27. I love that , there was a survey were both men and women where sked what turn either on about the oppsoite sex, 47 requsts where what the women demanded as a turn on and menhad only 6
    the most important was " her to just show up" that is all second was a woman who really go about her life and mind her own busness .. ,PRICELESS .Enough Turkey talk

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