Top 3 Exercises For Herniated Discs

A great exercise for disc herniation especially
if the person has symptoms down the leg is a prone prop. A prone prop is laying on
your stomach propped up on the elbows. We hold this position in the clinic for 2 minutes.
Pretty simple. If this is too difficult and it is too much extension, too much bending backward,
here is what we can do. Same idea here. We are propping up on a pillow. We are
not neutral. We are slightly beyond that. Same idea. What we are doing is we are compressing
the disc moving it forward away from the nerve relieving the symptoms down
the leg. Normally what will happen is if the person has symptoms into their lower leg and
it moves forward in this direction, that is called centralization. That is exactly what
we are looking for. The next exercise is the prone press up. It
is a press up from the stomach position. You are going to start right here. Keep your
waist and legs flat on the table. You are going to press up here, Becca. Hold that for
a second or two and them back down. In our clinic, we hold it at the top for 5 seconds
and go up to 20 repetitions. We do it 20 times. The modification for somebody who can’t
go back that far. Start right here and press up halfway then back down. You can do
it like that or you can put your hands forward and press up. Same idea just limiting
the range of motion. But as you are doing this, if it is the right exercise for
you and you have symptoms in your leg, you should feel it moving towards your back. When
you don’t have symptoms in your leg and they are only your back, you are doing
the right thing. For people who work all day long and they
have a disc herniation, this is a great exercise that they can do throughout the day.
What you are going to do is you are going to stand like this with your hands on
the low back, bend back and back up. The modification is you can put your hands on
the wall and do the same exact thing. Your hands would be on the wall like this, doing
the same exact thing. Take your belly button towards the wall.

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  1. I have neck pain, herniated disc and plantar fasciitis I think i have a big problem with my bones !!! please add more videos about these things …. thank you

  2. I was doing a deadlift, and the day after that, my lower (left) back hurted a lot. I has been a week, I've been resting and my lumbar zone it's almost good, but I have a slight numbness (or tingle) with slight and tolerable pain in some parts of my spine. I can be in any position without problem, the numbness it's always there, no matter the position. The very slight pain will depend in my position though. Is this signal I have broken some vertebral dics? or it's sign of an hernia? I have NO pain nor numbness in arms or legs. What should I do?

  3. Dam I can't do this, I have 2 bulging discs and one herniated disc. I tried doing this but ever time I try lifting my self up like this i get a very sharp pain down my right leg and my knee goes numb for a few minutes.

  4. Hi Dr. Madden, I have two herniation discs L5-S1 at left and L4-L5 right. i want to know if the Mackenzie exercices are goood for me? and if you have an advise or exercices to do . and tahnk you

  5. omg omg you helped saved my life! i couldnt even roll over! the pain! this and the other vid and tylenol elped me to roll over and get up with minimal pain. THANK YOU!!!

  6. I took my nephew to a trampoline park and we jumped on those things for like 2 hours… the next day my back was destroyed. I'm pretty active, I run at least 3 times a week and walk a lot through my commute to work, i could barely do any of these things. I used heating pads and ibuprofen, and while they provided temporary relief, nothing seemed to be helping. I couldn't even cough or sneeze the pain was so bad. Did some research and found these stretches. started doing them every night and after about 4 days I'm 80% better. Its incredible. i can't recommend trying these enough. Thank you!

  7. i have herniate disc from 2009 nd now i'm 22years – i can't do a lot of activities and every time i decide to start exercices i don't continue'em but from now on i won't stop

  8. What about scalpula movement? Will that affect it at all? Say you want to adduct your scalcula in order to get some additional mobility in your spine, trying to bend it back even further or abducting it because you don't want to go back as far?

  9. Ill tell you my secret exercise that blows all these away. Go to Walmart, the kids section and buy one of those cheap plastic balls. Get the biggest one they have, or one slightly bigger than a basketball. Lay it on the floor or bed and lay your lower back on it as if your going to sleep like that and roll back in forth about a foot. I receives pain and it strengthens the lower back and area. do it at least twice a day. What it does it causes gravity to fix your back and push everything back in place.
    Important. don't wait do these thing within the first month and if you walk a lot, stop at first and let it heal. Never stop this exercise even when your better because you want it super strong so that it doesn't happen again.
    Oh,a please, immediately, in the first month, buy a herniated disk belt which is just a Velcro belt that you where tightly around your lower back anytime you go somewhere or when it starts to act back up. This forces it to stay in place.

  10. Did the first "exercise". Pain in leg was completely gone after that. But it came back in the morning a little. I'll just have to keep this up until it heals completely.

  11. So I can regain functionality by eliminating nerve pressure, but can I restrengthen the anulus connective tissue so it doesn't bulge again? I'd like to compete in powerlifting again but every few years I get an even worse disc bulge–the most recent almost paralyzed me. I do not want to train until I am confident the disc tissue and tissue holding it in place are stronger than ever. My form was checked by a few coaches who had only minor adjustments, but nothing major was off to put me at risk more than the next guy so what gives!

  12. These exercises are effective and best exercises to strengthen back muscles… As a physical therapist at healthclues Hyderabad, i want to mention that Lumbar disc herniations are a fairly common condition and are often seen in the physiotherapy clinic. In most cases, the condition resolves well with physiotherapy treatment. Awareness and use of proper posture and good lifting techniques, along with a maintenance program of exercises help to ensure effective control of this condition following physiotherapy.

  13. methylcobalamin injections (just vitamin b12) will give u gud results in sciatica or disc herniations with no side effects as it is only vitamin b12..

  14. Can't thank you enough Madden PT–these three exercises very rapidly resolved a low back lifting injury that was not healing on its own!

  15. thanks doc.. my husband have same problem, he can not walk too much. at night he can not sleep becasue of pain.. he is taking massage and medicine too but not effected

  16. Mines so low on the back its like in my hips almost i havent been to chiropractor yet but it hurts like hell all day. Im only 22.
    MRI found it

  17. I watched an old video of Dr. Oz on Youtube. He recommended an herbal supplement called "Devil's Claw". I haven't tried it yet, though.

  18. Just want to say thank you, I have used these stretches for a number of years because of this video it’s given me a lot of pain relief and also made me more comfortable

  19. ARTCURE®, with its high rates of clinical achievement in very short time and low rates of adverse effects, is the most effective treatment support to the existing protocols. As a result, Artcure® is a non-invasive method that can be tried before surgical operations . Clinically confirmed Cervical, Lumbar and Thoracic disc herniations with median and/or paramedian location.

  20. These exercises are good for this type of herniation unless you've got other back problems on top of the herniated disc.



  22. I want to help those people who are suffering from serius back issues and especially slip disc… This comment is for them who dont want to undergo a surgery as it always involves risks… I just want to tell 2 to 3 things…
    First… Slip disc can be completely cured without surgery. Two of most powerful ways are through ayurveda and accupunture… Ayurveda can cure even cases of ruptured or dessicated disc causes extreme sciatic pains.. But the problem is that ayurvedic medicines. Are unique to every person… Its not like giving a pcm in fever… Believe me.. One such practioner is dr madan gopal vajpayee practising in ayushgram chitrakoot in uttar pradesh.. India…. His website is present even on net.. And if u want to try accupuncture.. One amazing doctor is dr anoop which runs an accu clinic in new delhi naming chakra accupunture.. His videos are available on youtube…. Another very good and popular center is in jaipur. Naming sukhayu ayurveda. Which is curing hundreds of crippled patients of spine in india….. I am not a salesman or representative of any of them…. I just want to help the people because i know how it feels to have a slipped disc…. Good luck

  23. Hi doctor thanks for the video I have disc prolapse since 3_ 4 years and this year i graduated from medical college so i'm worried about my back what i can do to relieve my pain when i work in the hospital

  24. If you have herniated disc please be very careful of the stomach lift up exercise (second one using the elbows and lifting). While this exercise was recommended to by my physio, during my recovery my pain became worse suddenly and I was following this exercise in my normal routine but it suddenly made my condition extremely bad. I then stopped all exercises and had to go through extra physio therapy sessions to control the pain and only then I could start exercises again. I still avoid lifting up by straightening elbows as this exercise is too extensive for people with severe condition and slow recovery. If you have herniated discs, DO NOT attempt any exercise that is not prescribed to you by your physio and do it under their care until you feel confident enough to do it yourself.

  25. This position has legit put my back out before.. Im young too. At 28. I can not do this for sure…be careful with this people..

  26. Do you have backbone pain problem? Want to solve that by doing fascia stretching? Yes, but don’t know how to do it. Just go here [Check Details Here==> ]. In this unique technique, we are targeting the tissue that muscles are surrounded in and working on loosening and lengthening the fascia. Few people understand the negative effect this tissue can have on your body.

  27. Can same exercises be done with bended knees if I dont have much space around me? I have L5-S1 disc bulge with pains in my left leg.

  28. I'm confused with all the hermiated disc's exercises I've found I've got two lowest Left side disc's and horrific sciatica down the left leg.50/50 on these exercises some people like myself can do them whilst on 30/500 co codamol and muscle relaxants but it rags the shit out of me and I'm already off work now 14 week's in please can anyone give advice as I'm not sure now every man and his dog is saying these help but it seems like it makes it worse.anyone living in the UK with these awful heatwaves we are having and struggling to sleep with the condition,try lying flat with a good quality pillow or two under your knees it seriously helps with the pain and heat .

  29. My back really feels stiff and very painful. I had been seeking several alternatives as well as attempted all of them but did not find any positive results. However, this back pain guidebook named “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) have been an exception. I attained much convenience because of it. I highly recommend this guidebook…

  30. in Sankt-Petersburg the folk healer – Alibek Hoshbach Safarjan for three days removed my pain and for weeks all was cured my hernia of the cervical spine ( in contact)

  31. I've watched a lot of Madden videos and want to create a home exercise routine, but almost none of the videos say how many times a day to do any particular exercise. Where can I find this information?

  32. Thanks for the freebies for those of us whose insurance is seldom to never accepted by state of the art practioners.😊

  33. Thanks for the freebies for those of us whose insurance is seldom to never accepted by state of the art practioners.😊

  34. Really helpful Information – thank you!
    Definitely, I follow your steps for better results.
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  35. I've had a herniated disc for over 2 years, been to phyisio in uk which was pointless, really fed up with it, only time i cannot cope with it is bed time, tried a simba mattress and another both dont help, spend alot of time sleeping on the floor, is there any hope for me

  36. I used to do the arching exercise and it would help, but the pain would come back moments after I got up. So I started sleeping in this position by putting pillows under my top half. After doing that for a week, my pain was gone and didn't come back again until 3 months later when I had to carry some heavy stuff. Now I'm sleeping in this position again and hope I'll get the same result I did last time.

  37. An inversion table is safe and actually WORKS on herniated discs. I'd check out the book Getting the Most Out of Your Inversion Table – it will show you exactly how to get rid of the herniated disc pain for good.

  38. I did try these exercises than night time had sex with my partner julie…not steve or dave so I found it very helpful. Thanks

  39. believe i have disc herniation after lifting many boxes the previous week…hurt to bend and getting out of bed was a got better over the week and then i must have done some wrong movement today and now it hurts again. going to try these exercises and hope this gets better over the coming weeks

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