Top 3 Secret Tips To Increase Strength | Fitness Tips By Ali Haider

Today my topic is about Strength & Power. Lots of my friends asked me how can they increase there strength at gym? And they can’t workout due to low amount of strength So, Today I’ll discuss That how and easily through following some rules You can increase your strength at Gym…. So, let we know how we can…. Rule number 1# Speed Lifts So guys, what I was talking about Speed Lifting Speed lift (e.g. Box Squats, Speed Deads & Speed bench) are very essential to increasing strength, acceleration & Power. to increase out strength We must do speed lifting And weight should be accommodating Rule no 2# Lift Heavy And this one is very very important Without heavy lifting you can’t grow your muscles doing lift heavy, we can gain our muscle & strength but… If you want to get strong you have to lift heavy, Using light weights for high rep sets may give you some tone but… doing so will never make you strong. When we lift heavy All our muscle fibers will work directly. Through heavy lifting our growth hormone (Testosterone) get increase. And final one that’s mean last rule no# 3 Progressive Overload This means systematically increasing your work load. If we do same thing over and over that will not be additional benefit 🙁 what we should do then? we should increase our working load day by day And, when we’ll try this method It will be a additional benefit for us. And our strength level will be high And Then, we can modify & verify us That how our strength level working That’s it. Guess you got everything…??? And those 3 tips/rules I have been talked for you I find this is helpful But, you many don’t find helpful If you try this following rules (Specially for Beginners) for them, this will be really helpful If you are in Moderate or Advance level, they are already strong. If you have any kind of question/inquiry about fitness Please comment below I’ll try to answering your questions. Take care & Allah Hafez Leave a like, comment & SUBSCRIBE

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