Top 5 Superfoods For Women | Best Superfoods For Women’s Health

Top 5 superfoods for women women lead
busy lives taking care of the family raising the kids doing the shopping
cleaning the house cooking meals and for many working at a job outside the home
here are the top five superfoods for women number one
Greek yogurt compared to regular yogurt Greek yogurt is lower in fat and higher
in calcium and protein which are required for healthy teeth strong
muscles and resilient bones number two red beans red beans are high in fiber
protein and flavonoids as well as low in fat eating beans regularly helps burn
fat control blood sugar and protect against heart disease and breast cancer
number 3 tomatoes tomatoes are a must for women being a good source of
lycopene the powerful antioxidant that may help protect against cervical and
breast cancers number four spinach spinach or any other dark green leafy
vegetable is a must for women of all age groups spinach is loaded with important
nutrients including iron calcium folate and k c e and B vitamins number five
strawberries being rich in vitamin C and potassium strawberries are good for
immunity the powerful antioxidants found in strawberries protect the heart
prevent varicose veins fight wrinkles improve eyesight reduce inflammation and
lower the risk of urinary tract infections in women if you liked the
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