TOP 7 Exercises to STOP the Pain of Lumbar Stenosis (Back & Leg)

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  1. Do you have any advice for someone with both spinal stenosis and sciatica? (Sciatica from a disc bulge) The exercises shown for lumbar stenosis makes my sciatica worse and vice versa. Doing McKenzie extensions to treat sciatica makes my spinal stenosis worse. Please help!

  2. TryTylenol for a broken heart! Acetaminophen reduces social pain: behavioral and neural evidence.
    Dewall CN, et al. Psychol Sci. 2010.

  3. TryTylenol for a broken heart! Acetaminophen reduces social pain: behavioral and neural evidence.
    Dewall CN, et al. Psychol Sci. 2010.

  4. It's 3.40am and I'm in agony. Thanks god for you guys, because I can do the first 2 or 3 without disturbing my husband and if it doesn't ease, 2 morphine tablets it is then! 😂 😂 seriously, you guys have helped me so much and I really appreciate all the hard work and research you both do 💙💙

  5. That was so useful! I can put a name to the pain now. It's amazing both a physio and a chiro never mentioned "lumbar stenosis" when it's so obvious to me after watching you. It was an expensive experience and guess what?…. I still have the pain plus a very cricked neck…don't chiro people love doing that! Will follow your exercises. Could you tell me if it's better to hold a stretch for longer or do more individual ones? Thank you so much for your lovely videos.

  6. I love your videos…they've helped with some stubborn situations I've had going on for well over 10 years but,I do wish I could hear your videos better…thanks

  7. I have two herniated discs as well lumbar spinal stenosis. My PT recommended single leg hip thrust as part of core strengthening routine. Would you also recommend this type of exercise or it might do even more damage and make stenosis worse ?

  8. Hello from The Netherlands,but,lived in Wisconsin for awhile.
    Question; Why does Sciatica pain travel through the body?I could be sitting down and all of a sudden I feel pain in my back,then it will travel throughout my rear end,then maybe it will go to my hamstrings,back up to my back etc..?

  9. Who could get irritated with you two?
    The mobility I lost after a back injury I suffered two years ago is largely back to normal, thanks to your advice and equipment recommendations. And I hope you realize how encouraging your upbeat, humorous, yet sincere style is when it's so easy to get discouraged!. Your PT videos are the only ones my hubby will watch and he actually will do your exercises, because they are fast, simple, they work, and you make it look fun!! Besides,
    you explain WHY they help.

  10. GREAT video, I have stenosis/sciatica and I do these exercises every day now… making a difference, but you have to stick at it to get the benefits.. you guys are great, I like the part at 7:00 where Brad asks for a pillow, and Bob then uses it to kneel on ! was that a misunderstanding you guys ? best wishes !

  11. Thank you so much , Bob & Brad. By just trying these set of exercises today,I felt a lot of relief already! You are wonderful!

  12. Sir please help me, my Father's have L4-5 spinal canal stenosis (AP diameter is 6 mm) and L4-5 diffuse annular bulge, posterior paracentral he admit on hospital.
    C/o- Rt site pain its radiating to the toe n cnt sit & stand due to pain n tinling sensation since 7 days. Please sir tell me exercise protocol. Thank you.

  13. Great exercises but increases pain in groin ( first exercise) have premature severe hip arthritis ( Cong dysplasia both femurs)
    Dr Sonia K

  14. I have spinal canal stenosis associated with L5-S1 disc bulge. If I do exercises that you mentioned for disc bulge in other videos it increases pain, what do I do? Pls help

  15. Thank you for always showing modifications, I'm disables and can't get up off the floor and have foot drop after a stroke so modify has become my middle name,luckily mý daughter bought me a massage table so I can exercise without getting into the floor,but just wanted to Thank you for thinking of us older ,handicapped people.

  16. Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal Workouts website. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  17. Thank you for making this video, I have sever spinal stenosis, I am to these stretches and see if it help me, I walk bent over and use a cane and a Walker!

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