Top Treatments for a Pulled Groin – Groin Strain Exercises

In an acute groin strain, it is recommended
to place ice on the injured area. When you can stretch pain free, try the butterfly
stretch. You can intensify the stretch by pushing down
the knees.  Hold for 20-30 seconds and perform 3-4 sets.  Be careful not to over stretch. Place a pillow between the knees and begin
to squeeze.  Hold for 5 seconds and work up to 30 repetitions.  Make sure you are
not pushing through sharp pains. You can stretch the groin in a more advanced
way by placing a strap around your foot: Now pull your leg out to the side until you
feel a stretch.   Hold for 20-30 seconds and perform 3-4 sets.  Like before, be careful
not to over stretch. With the strap around your foot, also stretch
the Hamstrings.  Pull your leg straight up in front until you feel a stretch.  It is
important to try and keep your leg as straight as possible. Now try the 4 way hip exercise.  To begin,
lay on the affected side.  Now raise the leg up off the table and control it back down. 
Now lay on your stomach.  In this position, lift the affected leg off the table trying
your best to maintain a straight leg.  Rotate onto your unaffected side.  Bend the bottom
leg for stability.  Now raise your top leg upwards. 
The final position is laying on your back. Maintaining a straight leg, raise your leg
to the height of your other knee.  For each position, work up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions. 
If this becomes easy, add an ankle weight for additional resistance. An advanced way to do this exercise is standing
with a stretch band.  It is recommended to do this exercise on both legs.  Place the
bottom of the loop in the door and loop it around the injured leg’s ankle.  Begin by
moving your leg out to the side while maintaining control.  Now stand facing away from the
door and move your leg away from the door. It is important to maintain a straight leg. 
Now turn and with control allow the leg to move away from you.  Now bring it back to
your other leg.  The final position is facing the door, move your leg behind you while maintaining
a straight leg.  You can switch legs easily by performing this technique.  Perform the
same steps outlined before. Do not compensate by leaning forward, it can
cause you to lose balance and is wrong! This is the correct way If you need to hold onto something, a chair
works well for stability.  Be sure to place the chair in the positions shown for safety
purposes.  Never use a chair with wheels for this! So we can continue to make these free educational
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