Trace Minerals Research’s Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak

Hi I’m Dr. Darrin Starkey with Trace Minerals Research. Today I like to talk about electrolytes. The first thing I’d like to do is define death in America. It’s not when our heart stops beating, but when all the electrical impulses in our brains stop. Then they pronounce us dead. Yet at the same time that’s what these electrolytes do. Is that they conduct electrical impulse in the body. So whether we’re a world-class athlete or a professional couch potato, we still need these electrolytes. We actually lose between two and a half to three cups of body fluid a day just by breathing. So if you’re not working out you’re still needing these electrolytes. That’s what I love so much about the Electrolyte Stamina Power Paks. They’re easy to use, easy to fix. It’s a high-energy performance drink we can give to a child or our professional athletes. Yet at the same time there’s always that question, “What makes our products so different?” First it’s a non-GMO, product there’s less sugar, there’s 200 more milligrams of vitamin C; as to the leading brand, there’s no caffeine, no artificial flavors, no stimulants and yet it has all the electrolytes in conjunction with the other 72 electrolytes coming from the liquid ConcenTrace. And I think that that in and of itself separates this product from any other competitor. And also has all your vitamin Bs. So what a wonderful choice to help replenish and replace your body in time of heat or in time of a good immune booster. So today click on that button. Add it to your cart with Energetic Nutrition and try one of the 12 of our flavors that we offer. Work harder and endure longer and refresh with a Power Pack.

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  1. This product has saved me! I'm an internal medicine resident and have been "running on empty" for the last two years between 90 hour work weeks and working night call frequently. This is perfect for me since I don't care for fruit much and don't have any other sources of electrolytes

  2. This product really does work!!! I am plant based and went hiking at the Grand Canyon and UT state and national parks on a 13-day family vacation. Day three when we got to Moab UT, I was beginning to feel the high elevations, knew exactly what I needed. First thing I did was check into our KOA camp spot and googled for a health food store. To my amazement, it was 10 minutes down the road. Walked in and said, "Do you have the vegan version of emergencee?" The store clerk said, smart lady follow me, you know exactly what you need! He was right, he then explained to me the number of tourist that come through and don't know what they are missing when they are in the sun hiking at high elevations. There bodies aren't use to the high elevations. I put this in our camel backs and limited the Gatorade the kids had three bottles for 13 days. When they ran out, they all got trace minerals in this product. Yesterday, I purchased five boxes had to get my fav pom and blue berry in two boxes. The heat really does bother me now when I go out into the sun. This is my saving grace!!! So I have a doz packs in my backpack and a box in the car. I don't leave home without them now that it's almost summer! Three weeks ago, I almost did not make it home safely; I begin earnestly praying to drive, because my body indicators and stats were so low. I had to immediately get a pack as soon as I got home. Happy Sabbath yall!!!

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