Trailer // In My Mind – A Women’s Mental Health Series

Can women have it all? Can they really have it all? Can they be a good mother and a good wife and can they (baby cries) work at a job and do well? Like is it possible? Why on earth are we prepared
to sacrifice our own health in the pursuit of doing all these other things? Of doing these
things being everything to everyone, of meeting everybody else’s needs? (baby cries) I’m worried that we’re striving for something we can never be, we can never
be perfect life can never be perfect. Everyone online manufactures themselves. (voices talk over each other)
Obsessed, perfect, life, it’s toxic… It’s more okay to hate yourself than it is to love yourself. (voices talk over each other)
My legs are too big, unattractive, I’m fat,
you’re not good enough… We just go in further and further
into depression, anxiety not good mental health state
because we don’t feel we’re enough.

6 Replies to “Trailer // In My Mind – A Women’s Mental Health Series”

  1. I'm so excited for this series. I live in the US but I love watching your documentaries; you portray people from all walks of life with such dignity and honesty and allow them to share their experiences in their own words and I think that's such a valuable thing. I've shared this channel with multiple friends and I honestly feel like I've learned so much from watching your videos. Thank you Attitude!

  2. I really hope this series addresses the fact that you're no less of a woman if you choose not to have children 😗

  3. Hi – Desperate to find a way to watch this please? I saw it on SBS a couple of months ago and shared it widely with those I care about. It's no longer on SBS on demand and can not find a view-able link (Australia here) anywhere. If you can help many others will appreciate it.

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