Transgender People Share Stories About Healthcare

10 Replies to “Transgender People Share Stories About Healthcare”

  1. Thanks for watching our video! Hope you liked it – please share it far and wide, in particular with people or groups within the health care system!

  2. Thank you so much for everything everyone involved does for this channel ! It really helps me feel less alone & to see they’re others like me 💓 💓

  3. honestly sick of medical professionals being like hurr what is a trans what is trans health care, really think this will help

  4. I wish all the doctors could ask all these questions while they're still in medical school. (( also this video is great and full of absolutely beautiful and handsome people <3 ))

  5. it's so saddening and frustrating to hear these stories. GPs learn compex info about the most obscure medical issues and yet have next to no knowledge about trans or intersex people. hopefully this will change and future GPs will be trained properly from the start.

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