Triceps Tendonitis Treatment Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody its Doctor Jo and Remy the
lion, we’re gonna show you some stretches and exercises for triceps tendonitis.
We’re going to start off with some stretches, then we’ll get into some
exercises, and we’ll end it with a little bit harder exercises just in case you’re
a little bit of higher-level. So let’s get started! For the first stretch, take your hands,
clasp them above your head, then turn them over pushing your palms up towards the
ceiling. So you want to hold this for about 30 seconds if you can. Now you
might not be able to get this straight up in the air if you have that
tendonitis in those triceps, so even if you’re here or even a little
bit lower, getting that stretch that’s fine, but try and hold that stretch for
about 30 seconds. Once you get that 30 seconds, give yourself like a 10 second
relaxing of those muscles and then do that a total of three times. So reversing
those hands pushing the palms up towards the ceiling and really stretching and
you should feel it right through there, 3 times, 30 seconds. So the next one you’re
going to use a towel or a belt but something solid, so not like those
resistive bands, but something that you can get a nice pull with. What you can do
is the side you want to stretch, so if it’s your right side, it’s going to be up
top. Take the belt and put it behind you, grab the belt with the other hand, and
then pull downwards. So that upper arm is being pulled down and back and so again
that’s going to be a stretch, so you want to hold that stretch for about 30
seconds, and do three of those. So once you relax, give it about 10 seconds and
then go again. So I’m going to do it from the front so you can see what my elbow
does, it’s kind of going up and backwards with that belt so just getting that nice
stretch and again you should feel it all through in here. Most the time you’ll
feel it more through there, so 30 seconds three times, just holding that stretch. If
you don’t have a belt or a towel handy, you can just do that
stretch with your hands, so again kind of take this hand up and over. Now again if
it’s really sore, you might have to start right here, you might not be able to get
it up that far, but then just take your other hand, grab that elbow, and then just
push up and back, so that’s getting that nice tricep stretch. You’re getting an
inferior capsular stretch as well so you might feel it in there, that whole
shoulder joint is tight, but this is the main spot you’ll probably
feel it in, so the more you push backwards the more of a stretch you’ll
get. So again holding that for thirty seconds, take a little break in between,
shake it out, and do that a total of three times. So now what we’re going to
do is some exercises, so this time you’re going to do that going back behind you,
but you are going to use a resistive band. Now with the resistive bands,
depending on what brand they are, there are different colors for how strong they
are, if you have a thera-band brand yellows the lightest, Red’s the next one,
and then it goes up from there. So you probably want to start off with a yellow. I
just have a red because it’s a good solid color, so again you’re going to
take it and come back behind you, hold it with the other side, but this
time you’re going to pull upwards and then come back down nice and slowly. So
really control that band, don’t let the band control you, so
don’t snap it back because that’s going to irritate something even more. Just
start off nice little pull up, nice slow pull down, let me show you from the front
again, and so elbow up as high as you can comfortably
get it, and then pull up straightening out that elbow, and then nice and slow
coming back down, and if you have that tendinitis in there, that might be
slightly painful, so start off with something really light. Start off with
just ten repetitions, take a little break if it’s feeling good you can do some
more, but don’t overdo it because with that tendinitis, if you do too much it’s
just going to flare it up even more, so if you’re really really flared up,
don’t do it with a band at all, just take your hand and go up straightening that
elbow and then come back down. So the next one you can use just a weight of
some sort, this is a vegetable soup can, and it’s about a pound so making sure
that you can use something at home, you don’t have to use weights, but you want to
start off really light, just one or two pounds, even if you’ve got lots of muscles,
this is for rehab this isn’t for bulking up, so you really want something like
just to help get those muscles doing what they’re supposed to again. So you
can do this standing up, sitting down, you can do it on all fours which is what I’m
going to show you, but you really just want to get kind of in a bent-over
position. So I’m just going to kind of turn it over on all fours, or quadruped,
this way, and you’re going to start with your elbow pretty level to your side
right here. Holding on to the weight, you’re just going to push back
straightening out that elbow, and again coming down really slowly, so really
control that there’s no need to go fast with this because the slower you go, the
more the muscles work. If I just let it drop down, that’s gravity dropping it
back down, and I’m missing out on that exercise, so again just starting off with
ten of these. If you have a very light weight, you can do two or three sets, but
again I wouldn’t start off with a whole lot in the beginning because it might
not be sore while you’re doing it, but you might be really sore afterwards, so I
think it’s easier to progress up then have to be really sore, and then start
back down again. The next one is going to be a little bit harder, so this is after
you’ve done some of the other ones, you’re getting a little bit stronger,
it’s not quite painful in there, but you’re really trying to get that tricep
to do what it’s supposed to do again, and that is the best way to do it, get those
muscles working in the proper way again, not necessarily working them hard, but
working them correctly. So a modified push-up is a great way to do that. You
can do your modified push-up a couple different ways. Some people like just to
do again on all fours, but you want to make sure your elbow is going
straight back. So it’s this way and coming up,
not this way and coming up, so really bringing that elbow back behind you and
pushing up, so just using a little bit of my bodyweight. Some people like to
actually come down into that push-up position modified because I’m on my
knees, we’re still coming down and pushing up, that’s going to be a little
bit harder then with your hips bend. So whichever way I’d start off with this one
first, and then you can try the other way, and then you can go into a full push-up
if you feel really really good, but again since they’re harder I would just start
off with five to ten, see how you feel the next day, if you feel good then you
can start bumping it up from there. And then the last exercise which I would say
is probably the hardest, again depending on how you do it, is a dip or a triceps
dip. So you can do it just flat on the floor, you can do it with a chair, or a
table, or even a desk top if you’re working at your desk, but again it’s
important the way your elbows go. You want your elbows to bend all the way
back. You don’t want them going out to the side, so for example the higher up
your butt is the further down you have to go, so if I’m up here I have to go
down further and then come back up, so it’s not quite as much pressure when I’m
kind of in this four-way position versus putting my legs all the way out, but I
don’t have to go quite as far. So again if you get up to a chair, you
can dip down lower and if you’re at a desk you can go even more so that’s the
way to progress yourself that way. So again just starting off with five or ten
and then working your way up from there. Alright so there you have it, those are
your stretches and exercises for triceps tendonitis. If you have any questions,
leave them in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking here and
if you’d like to help donate go to Patreon by clicking up here. Remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

80 Replies to “Triceps Tendonitis Treatment Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. mam tommorow i was going to delhi aims which doctor i go for a neuro or a ortho because it was very expensive hospital

  2. Hi Dr Jo! I have chronic pain and hip and knee replacements due to lupus. I have found almost all of your videos helpful. I have decided I'm going to do at least one every day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Mine is triceps brachii medial head, elbow area just above it, got it by pushing dumbbell above my head then it just heard pop and little bit of pain, will these exercises help?

  4. When I do this stretch i get a sharp pain in the stretched portion. Also if I keep my arm by my side and bend my elbow to a 90° and externally rotate I feel pain in the tricep region. I haven't been able to do any push movements. While doing those pushing movements the pain originates from the tricep area and travels through my elbow the last 2 fingers. Could you please just give me an idea about what this could be ?

  5. I had triceps tendinitis since October and it’s just now finally starting to get better. I am hoping these work outs will help with the recovery!

  6. Wow……love the lion "dog"🦁
    I suspect my triceps problem came eventually from sitting hours behind the pc………which probably also caused fluid problems in the legs. Being 66 the legs won't get better , although I'm trying to sooth them with these new popular vibration plates, and wearing support stockings…….The triceps problem for more than a month now , I'm trying to combat with some stretch excercises. And a better posture behind the PC, which began to cause me short moments of neck pain that goes down to the triceps…The neck pain goes away but the triceps region keeps giving problems….

  7. Hi Doctor Jo,

    I have a lot of trouble with getting the full range of motion from the triceps kickback at 5:30, even with no weights. I had a fractured arm 4-5 years ago that was never properly rehabbed. Any suggestions to work towards getting that motion down? This particular exercise is almost impossible for my left arm. There is no pain and I am able to straighten my arm out normally, just not backward.

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Iv'e been weight training for 30 years and now have tthis problem .How long should I rest from this? I do not want to tear it I already went through a tear in a pec 20 years ago.

  9. Thanks for the video. I helped my right arm tremendously with your rotator cuff exercises now with the left shoulder I have pain when lifting my arm straight up and out to the side with palm down.. its from pressing down on a water pump going up and down which was fairly high. it feels compressed under armpit. Are there other exercises I can look at to open up that area..I'm travelling and in an area where it's difficult to find physios. Thanks so much for your videos and clear explanations. much appreciated.

  10. I also suffer little Triceps Tendonitis. When I perform push or Chest press, It seems safe for my elbow if my wrist and elbow are in line. My elbow never pain in this situation when exercising.

    If my wrist and elbow are not in line, my elbow will pain every rep. I know I should stop if my elbow pain.

    if my wrist and elbow are in line, my elbow will not pain during exercise. However, my elbow will be little pain for about 4 seconds after about 1 hour. And this little pain is only for one day. This little pain is about 3 times this day. I think if I keep my wrist and elbow are in line, I should keep doing these exercises. It is because my elbow not pain when exercising. Can you give me some suggestions?

  11. I want to use cable pushdown to strength my tricep at the lowest weight from 90 angle. As I said before, sometimes my elbow pain from 90 angle. But from 100 angle, no any pain.
    If I use cable pushdown from 100 angle and use the lowest weight, I think I can do.
    Sorry, too many question

  12. This has been going on for about 8 months for me. I thought it was tennis elbow for the longest time until I realized it only hurt after I do chest or shoulder workouts. I don't have insurance so Dr is out of the question. I worked out Sunday and the pain is pretty bad but it's slowing down (still can't bend arm fully yet). Can I still stretch right now?

  13. Hi Jo, I have been having this problem for tricep Tendonitis for about a year. I consulted with a physical therapist. He recommended tricep exercises and gradually increase it as long as it doesn't pain. But it's getting difficult with my job when I have to use both my habds and sit before the computer for the whole day
    Would you recommend something for that? Also my therapist says the tricep tendon calms down whenever I do bicep curls. That sometimes helps me but not always.

  14. For some reason, I feel none of these stretches in my triceps… I only feel them in my shoulders/back… can't seem to find a working triceps-stretch for me…

  15. Doc great video! I’m having some slight pain at the point of elbow, no swelling though. Hurts only when I do pushing exercises like push ups. Assuming this is a mild case. What would you say the average time to feel better with rest and the exercises you prescribe? I’m starting them tomorrow, thx!!

  16. Just got the diagnosis from the doctor this morning. Left arm is still in a lot of pain. How long should I rest before trying these stretches?

  17. The push ups and dips hurt when I do them. Should I rest it more and try again or do them even thought there’s slight sharp pain in the elbows

  18. Hey, i have not been to the doc yet as its not severe(yet atleast). and im not sure if its tendonitis i have..
    I have no pain when doing exercises unless i do skullcrushers with heavy weights, which i stopped doing,
    but after arm or chest workout my lower left triceps is hurting, like an aching sensation, especially when i bend it, just where its connecting to the elbow,
    and when im relaxing my arms on the couch, the inner part on the elbow is very tender, and does look a bit swollen when arm is bent.
    Im thinking it might be a minor tear, but im not sure.
    What is your thoughts ?

  19. hi,20 yrs ago I was doing weights and heard a tear in my lateral head tri cep,had 3 weeks rest and I was ok but since then iv aggravated it a few times,but this is the longest iv been in pain,,3 months ago I hurt it while golfing and its not getting better,im trying to rest it but my work makes resting it hard,will it eventually heal like its done in the past? thanks

  20. i have a terrible triceps pain for 2 weeks, not only triceps, my biceps(wrist side of biceps) is also aching same time i dont know what to do. This pain also appears when i sprint(fast shoulder flexion-extansion) and throw a football. sometimes when i extend my elbow fully and load on to my arm with my body weight( for example push up starting possision) it hurts in same way. Pain is like a shock. What can i do

  21. I get bicep tendonitis. I will recover soon. I can stretch what you do at 2:33 on your video.
    At 2:33 on your video, you are stretching right arm and your right hand seem touching Trapezius. Is it safe if right hand touch left side of Rear Delts when perform this stretching?

  22. My left elbow flared up out of the blue. The only thing I can think may have triggered it is I have been playing a lot of pool, which extends my left arm over and over. I never experienced any pain at all while playing. Then I woke up one day and the pain was pretty bad. A week later I am now in a LOT of pain. Not sleeping well and i can barely move my arm. Nowhere near full extension and i can come about 6 inches away from touching my face. Ice, heat or anti-inflammatory drugs/supplements do not seem to be helping. I need my arm back! So, my question is, with this much pain/inflammation, should I start these stretches and exercises?

  23. I thought I had a torn rotator cuff for years now. I don't like going to the doctor. After some triceps exercises I am so much better already. Amazing.

  24. Hi Dr. Jo, I was recently diagnosed with tricep tendonitis due to a severe impact from a fall, and have had range limitation, stiffness, and inflammation. I've been doing many of the stretches you demonstrated in your video along with ice and heat therapy. X-rays showed no bone damage. I have been injured since 11/10/2018. Do you think it could be something more severe? Thank you!

  25. Hello Doc. I'm a gym lover since coiple of years, never had any problems with my elbows/triceps…
    Yesterday in the afternoon I was arm wrestling for fun just a dozen of minutes with my brother and yesterday night/today I feel a little pain in the center of the elbow (more like a pressure then pain) I give a look on YT and here I'm 🤣
    I think the right spot is the last part of the tricep on the external part of the bone, these stretch tecniques can help me?

  26. Have this 4 years now when I rest it gets worse tried doing light excercises but did not fix can't afford a mri any suggestions

  27. I think I injured my triceps doing a campus board hang do you think it's a good idea to keep doing this during recovery

  28. Hi Dr. Jo! Finally a video I can watch from start to finish ..Great Job! How often do i need to do these exercises – once a day every other day? ..thank you Rob

  29. hey doc . i hurt my left tricep tend about 2 weeks ago , due to bad form . there is a little pain only if i do cable pulldown exercices or skullcrushers . kickbacks and overhead tricep is good 0 pain . my question is should i keep resting for 1 more week ? (i trqined chest/tric 6 days ago 1 week after the first hurt . it was fine except pulldown ex couldnt make it), or can i train other parts like back/bic ? i plan doing abs/legs only

  30. thanks for some nice exercises, hope they help with my soreness in tricep which gets worse at night when i try to go to bed.
    + you are really nice and upbeat, be that way 🙂

  31. Hey my Elbow hurts when doing pushing movements and when I have my Arm out to the side, bend it and then rotate back/up

  32. My MRI was done and I was diagnosed with a triceps tendonitis and a partial triceps tendon tear, 3 months ago, after I fell down and over exerted my triceps which resulted in this injury. The pain was around 7-8 on the scale of 0-10 at the starting. But I have been doing these exercises from past 25 days and the pain has been reduced to 3-4. I would like to thank you for this. Secondly, when will I be able to return to 100% strength ? how much more time can it take to heal completely? Thank you again!

  33. Had this for 2 months going on three did mri an x-rays came back negative. I've iced an taken anti inflammatorys didn't help so I stopped. I was a weightlifter an gotten to the point where I could bench press 320 pounds then suddenly it started happening in my right tricep tendon. I hope this helps because I've tried everything but therapy. it's depressing seeing all my strength an progress go down the drain.

  34. Hi Dr.Jo
    Is it ok to do the overhead exercise with light dumbbells rather than a resistance band. Thank you

  35. hello.. when is the best time to do this excercises ? while applying an icepack on my triceps along to my elbow ?, before / after 5-10mins of icepack ?

  36. hi, i guess got that injury over 1 year. If i do nothing with my triceps there is no pain so I do nothing heavy with my triceps for recovery but after 1 year still feeling the pain when tried 🙁 . Is that normal ??
    And first exercise in the video i feel something, not pain. Should i do those exercises ??
    thanks for the video.

  37. Can you tell me how to tell the difference between medial epicondylosis and triceps tendinosis? Is there a test or something to look for?

  38. Hello Dr Jo,

    I've been doing these exercises for a few months now and have been to 27 sessions of physical therapy but my tendinitis in both elbows hasn't gone away still
    I feel like the problem could be coming from the shoulders or the neck, as they are tight pretty much all the time.
    What would you advise me to do with my problem?

    Thank you !

  39. Omg Dr Jo you are really great. I had a massive tricep pain for 2 days and came across your youtube. I did the exercises yesterday and this morning all the pain has gone. You are an agel. Many thanks

  40. Thank you for the video. Suffered a work injury. Job doesn't want to pay for physical therapy. Told me about that "can of soup" thing. Glad I seen it in this video. Yeah… our health care sucks.

  41. @ 5:38 my hand don't go straight.. most of excersise my elow stuck and dont go straight and shoulder pain start like i am hitting shoulder muscele plz plz suggest me something

  42. i have 6mn calcification tendonitis in my triceps since 2years, shockwave therapy, PRP and others stuff dont break the calcification. What should i do in this case? stretching everyday can break the calcification? surgery maybe? thanx

  43. Hello , i saw your website , and i would like to know wath injury i have in my right Triceps , i was doing tricep pushdowns with resistance bands (no weight) and i contracted my tricep hard and i felt like a burning/cramping/exploding sensation , so i had to stop the exercise , and the sensation has gone , looks like i over contracted or extended my arm hard , and since that moment , i cant do dips on bench or in paralels because my right triceps have that sensation ,my left tricep is normal , yhe good thing is that i dont have hematoma or pain trough the day , yes i feel sometimes a minimum of little discomfort but nothing painful , until i want to do dips that sensation comesback

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  45. You have great videos which are very helpful. I am a newbie at calisthenics and have unfortunately hurt my elbow while trying to do pull-ups.
    I have a question pertaining specifically to 2 of your videos a) 7 Best Tennis Elbow Pain Relief Treatments (Lateral Epicondylitis) and this video.

    With the Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis; inflammation on the outside of the elbow. The advice (#5) was to perform an ECCENTRIC armbar exercise.
    With the Triceps tendonitis, aka tricep tendonitis. The advice was to use resistive bands. That specific exercise was a CONCENTRIC tricep exercise . ( I'm an exercise newbie; if I have assumed incorrectly that this exercise is concentric please excuse me).

    My question therefore is – in both cases should it be following the same ie both eccentric or both concentric ?

    Thank you for your time; I hope this question is not confusing.

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