100 Replies to “Trump: Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be president”

  1. Trump is so right. Hillary Clinton does not have the stamina nor the brains. Look at the policies she advocated for. She forgot mentioning Benghazi and the thousands of dead people in the Middle East her policies have produced.

  2. Hillary destroyed the orangutan. She has always been a good debater. I still would have liked to see Joe Biden debate so that he can fact check on the spot, laugh in face, and completely humiliate this clown just like he did to Paul Ryan.

  3. That's a fake smile hillary is putting on. Just look at her eyes, the eyes will tell you if a smile is real or not. There is no joy in those dead eyes of her's.

  4. Trump you did a good job showing out your true colors again. You had the people fooled for a second there. Fuck you, you arrogant, selfish, piece of trash human.. if you can be called human at all. You only excel at talking money, and I agree by taking advantages of the laws but not the way you do, by NOT PAYING. I hate stupid fucks like you, I'm a freelance on the commercial film industry and I bet you're the type of executive one would have to chase for months to get a fucking check. FUCK YOU, you ain't about the working class, elitist. How do you guarantee that by cutting the taxes to big corps they'll use that money to CREATE MORE JOBS? Cause if you ask me that's more petty cash for them to drink it and snore it.

  5. Hillary doesn't have stamina! Hillary doesn't have the integrity or the honesty! I can't stand that smug snotty look on her face. She has caused many deaths.
    Hillary Clinton is an evil Globalist working with George Soros the biggest evil Globalist in the world.

  6. Hillary Clinton is clearly sick and most likely has Parkinson's disease and will not be fit to do her job as president. Dr Drew was fired for questioning her health. She doesn't have the stamina to do the job she's weak and frail. It boggles my mind why people can't see this ? She collapses has funny eye movements looks like complete shit on the campaign trail has to hold press with softball questions on her plane.

  7. What the hell did she negotiate ? The Iran deal ? All she's ever done is sell political favors and talk. How difficult is it to travel around pampered by people shake few hands and come back first class. All that stuff was in the past she's not even healthy to do that now. Look at how many rallies trump does who's a machine compared to this weak frail old women.

  8. Wait what? He criticises the Dems defending Saudi Arabia while having secret meetings with Netanyahu and promising to align with Isreal even stronger than the obama administration has….wow hypocrite much? It doesn't matter whether it's clinton or trump, it's all down hill from here America.

  9. TBH the questioner only questioned Trump about certain issues involving him and him only. He never questioned Hillary about her emails, fraud, and complete disregard for the security of the nation smh. The next debate better be on FOX because CNN is a bunch of libtards.

  10. Stamina=look?! Nobody should dignify this sort of disrespect and distortion of language with a response! For someone who is running for an elected office, your ineptitude on vocabulary is just unheard of! Go on and keep using words like magnificent, tremendous, beautiful thing because they perfectly represent your style (most importantly, "BIGLY"!)

  11. You can dislike trump all you want, but he's right to say that she doesn't have stamina. She does have a lot of medical issues no doubt. Trump's right.

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  13. Just the fact that Hillary has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on attacking Trump with wall st. and other countries' money while Trump has used only about 10% of that on his campaign with his own money shows how real he is

  14. ONE OF THESE TWO GUYS proved without a shadow of a doubt to be a pathological liar, sexist, racist, self-absorbed, devious, crooked, unstable, unprepared, too-full-of self, and without stamina to face the truth. May the best person win!

  15. he's lost Hillary killed him with her calm attitude with every response she buried him deeper into that hole he made for himself. #riptrump and I don't mean peace #hillaryforpresident

  16. I didn't see Clinton being disrespectful and gulping down water lol this idiot showed America just how ignorant he really is!!

  17. Why did Lester say she's standing here right now? That's weird and in the middle of what he asked and what Trump answered. This is so fucked up.

  18. Love how the video ends there lmao. She takes 15 seconds to burn him. Then Trump takes 30 seconds repeating the words experience and bad experience trying to stop the clapping lol

  19. Hillary is like: "Uh oh running out of breath but I, oh I, I got stamina
    Uh oh running now I close my eyes well oh I got stamina
    and Uh oh I see another mountain to climb but I , I got stamina" she goes sia ♥ lol

  20. …and today this fat old fucker had to ride in a golf cart while the rest of the G7 walked.
    Trump has no stamina. None.

  21. Who the hell believe in this lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be really retarded if you believe in these lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✅✔👌💯

  22. Hillary should practice her blowjob skills on bill and stop her wrinkled old ass on trying to be president.Fuckin dyke and lier she is

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