46 Replies to “Trump hits Bush on women’s health funding blunder”

  1. Trump is better than bush. If you do elect bush be prepared to get your ass fucked.. Not that any of them are good candidates.

  2. Bush is flipping the script, he is applying the democrats strategy. What a huge bag of hot wind… and a loosers game.

  3. I just wanna say thank you to CNN. Im glad you were able to vindicate Trump whom is obviously being attacked in the most childish manner. I was about put CNN in the same group as FOX. So thank you.
    Go Trump Go!!!!!

  4. it would have made no sense if don would have said that megyn had blood coming out of her cunt.  you really have to stretch credulity and reason to come to that conclusion…  her nostrils were flared – and he stopped himself to remain p.c. for all you stupid fucks that made rosie and cher famous !

  5. One would have to be delusional not to understand what is going on in this campaign. Trump is threatening the status quo and the political elite will have no part of it. Thursday's attack by Fox News was a well scripted attempt to derail his campaign. This is just another example of the Main Street media trying to manipulate the public. Fox News has lost all credibility and their journalists have absolutely no integrity. Roger Ailes Fox News chief should resign for getting into bed with the RNC.

  6. Let's not get bamboozled into Jeb's lies and deceptiveness, as he goes on his mission of his self serving corporatist agenda. The Bush's are vindictive cheaters who are only in this for themselves and their donors. The old saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

  7. Jeb, your two minutes in front of the camera over the span of your life, you can shove your voters up your ass.

    Trump – 2016 !!!!!

  8. Jeb, your two minutes in front of the camera over the span of your life, you can shove your voters up your ass.

    Jeb will suck your "D" for your vote.

    Trump – 2016 !!!!!

  9. give him a break.. he has already clarified his position. he doesn't hate Megyn Kelly, or women, veterans caught in battle. or mexican immigrant. he hates every single living thing that breathes that isn't him!!.

  10. Hiel Trump! Hiel Trump ! Divide and conquer like we did the indians lets rape murder steal our country back Hiel Trump i love Arizona!,,

  11. If people care about his loose canon, he wouldn't be high on the polls. Trump can say whatever oops he wants and the media won't be able to pin him on it.

  12. Trump, no matter his other policies, takes on the main issue holding back the US. These charlatan politicians and media hacks. They are getting too powerful like nazis in Germany before WW2. Putin is rich and didn't need them and got rid of them, put them in jail, and Russia is back as a superpower. The founders of the US were rich and did it themselves. Didn't even have any political parties. Was Washington a democrat or republican? They didn't hire these crazy charlatan morons. Political correctness gives theses crooks power. Trump acts and talks just like a typical American. The rest are like the prick who keeps trying to sell you something or a drug addict trying to hit you up for money and cigarettes instead of solving their obvious own personal problem. Trying to tell you you have the problem and they'll sell you a solution. They used to tell all the rich people the USSR was coming to take all their money when Russia had no such plan. They are in Vietnam, soon they'll be in your bank account. Now the US has all offense and no defense. Just the Jade Helm joke and missile shields that were useless because Russia could take them out with…. a missile!!!!

  13. Has anyone ever noticed how not only Trump's mouth looks like an asshole, but his entire face looks like and 90 year old's butt!

  14. He just keep digging. Trump vs Fox's Megan Kelly. Who's going to win. He called her a bloody bimbo with no class. She's gonna make him have some cramps. Before she's done with him.

  15. Jeb Bush is a loser.  The Bush family almost ruined America and on that basis alone Jeb should drop out of the race.

  16. Trump is leading the polls because Americans are sick and tired of politicians who are in the pocket of the 1%.  Trump is beholden to nobody.  I hope he continues to speak out on the issues.  America needs a strong leader with big balls and Trump has them.

  17. so cause he insulted one woman he some how insulted them all what are women the borg or something if that how women look at it there the sexest it no differnt then if A bunch of white people jump A black guy or something cause he insulted one white guy where all individual simple as that collectivist politic suck an need to end.

  18. Cr: Anonymous

    In the movie "Patton", George C. Scott gives a speech, on stage, at the start of the movie. If you want to know why Trump does so well, consider this single sentence.
    "Americans love a winner."
    Trump is fearless.

  19. I think Mr. Trump due to his more than comfortable upbringing and always high financial status does not know how to talk properly with others (in general) without being misinterpreted (constantly). Therefore I think Mister Trump needs to always read by script to others whatever he and his advisers have mustered up. Everyone in public office has to speak to everyone with A DEGREE of political correctness as it is not proper to be insulting a lot of people forever and a day. With that being said and with myself being a Trump fan I can not say I fully authorize (as Joe Blow citizen form another democracy) that Mr. Trump should be the next president of the United States. However I do believe he should be listened to seriously by all Americans as to the running of any and all affairs……………………..somehow/someway.

  20. Telfon Don. Seems like the republican party will get over what ever he says. I really doubt the man who said he does not believe Obama is an american and John Mccain is not a hero is going to be hurt by statements he makes about Megyn Kelly


  21. Women issues and minority turn my stomach inside and outside because these issues shouldn't be relevant in a presidential election. The United States has a Federal debt of 19 trillion dollars.  None of the candidates have tried to solve the national debt issue except Trump. Women rights groups have manipulated the public into believing women are disadvantaged  in the United States. Feminist hate men. A few quick facts about women 
         1. There are more homeless men on streets compared to woman.
          2. Women are three times as likely to use physical punishment on children
          3. Women often assault men because women feel there are no consequences for their actions.
       4. The average women hits her child over 300 times a year while the man is at work.

  22. He's going to do for women what no other candidate can do.  Trump's arrogance knows no bounds..  Buy stock in Viagra.

  23. Jeb Bush…. as if 2 Bush's weren't enough…

    Hilary Clinton… She can't keep up with her Emails , surely she can lead a country….

    Bernie Sanders….. no matter what he says, I hear "It's still finger licking good"

    Trump 2016
    The "Bitches get stitches" campaign

  24. Indignation, deflection and bluster, hardly a Presidental quality performance. It is a good job that Trump informed me that he really does like women for if you judged his liking in terms of the chivalry he displays towards women, he does not like intelligent women at all.

  25. So these are the percentages?! 53% ! '' Business ''? Is not concerned about morality,about our sisters, wives, daughters? Percentages is important??

  26. Really?  Donald Trump thinks he can do more for women than any other candidate?  Including Hillary Clinton, a woman?

  27. Trump is an abortion loving liberal and Jeb is democrat light I could never vote for neither of these clowns. Rand Paul 2016!

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