Trump Suddenly Remembers Healthcare Is A Thing

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  1. Healthcare? "You should've thought of that before you became PEASANTS!"

    (On that note I truly think yzma and kronk from the emperors new groove are trump's real parents.)

  2. "Deathy, the friendly tombstone" is a better version of Stephen's Rudy Giuliani impression than actual Stephen's Rudy Giuliani impression

  3. The only sad thing i see about this is the fact all these late night shows only talk about Trump to stay relevant. You guys cant be this stupid to follow people who are alt left are you? We know obamacare failed to make health care affordable. Trump is indiffently going to make his own health care.

  4. IVANKA TRUMP is now going to come out and say "I've traveled around this country and the one thing people tell me over and over is that they don't think living longer should be just given to them… "

  5. In 2009, before President Obama passed the ACA prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage for pre existing conditions, I was denied health insurance coverage because I had once had a broken foot. If you've ever been to the ER for ANYTHING, health insurance companies can deny your coverage for a pre existing illness.
    Fuck Trump. Vote Bernie 2020!!!

  6. USAmericans have a huge ecological foot print. By decreasing the live span of them, Trump finally does something for the environment.

  7. I honestly think he wants to go back to his super cushy real estate CEO life.
    He wants to be voted out.

    (Donald, it would be so much classier if you stepped down due to a ‘health’ issue.. am sure you can pay off another doctor to make up a heart condition)

  8. Trump has stated that republican party will be known as the party that took care of HEALTH CARE by getting RID of it – spoken by a genius who attended prestigious schools of higher learning by entering through the front door and exiting through the back door in a matter of a few minutes financed by his father Freddy

  9. Trump should be protecting pre-existing conditions treatments as he him self is suffering from a serious one. Granted, the condition is Spineless Greedy Igorant prat, with the side effects of high levels of Self Importance. And there is no treatment for that, but we live in hope. There may be one day.

    Maybe this condition could be named "the Donald." It can't be called "Trump," because that already means Fart!

  10. My god, I hate trump's soft-and-reasonable voice. "It's just the way life is, folks." He's a sack of [crap].

  11. Trump: lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, "What?! How dare you not believe me when I deny collusion!" Lie, lie, lie, lie…

  12. Past lie: "Preexisting conditions will be covered." Future lie: "We have a plan to combat Climate Change."

  13. Imagine this cow Melania Trump. She is there the whole time. 325 million living souls must count for so little in her mind.

  14. I’m old and sick living off of a little over a thousand dollars a month which we all know is luxurious and extensive. My health care just went from a zero deductible to over seven hundred dollars. They could have been kind enough to offer assisted suicide along with that. Maybe I could just jump off of Trump Tower. Oh yeah, they won’t let me in.

  15. It's crazy how many Americans just seem to believe what you say instead of what you do. Trump giving them "the most beautiful, free facial massage" while actually punching them in the face.

  16. And this is why every Trumpster from the dumpster needs to be rounded up and deported to a 3rd world shithole and permently remove thier citizenship.

  17. You have to remember that the rich can't have their class and whittle away the middle class by taking away health care and other things. People need to be aware of the slowly taking away of rights of the middle class!!! People need to wake up to the purpose of the republicans and their agenda,,!!!!!

  18. Oh don't worry Stephen. You'll absolutely LOVE the prep work for that camera. It's SO DELICIOUS to drink. xD And the after-effect of drinking that prep is such fun. You'll be sitting down in joy on the throne for hours.

  19. The individual mandate, preexisting condition protections and no lifetime maximums should remain the law.

    What has to be done is regulate pricing and lower prescription drug cost and make health insurance non profit by introducing medicare for all.

  20. What a terrible country the US of A is , not even good healthcare for citizans to be had , in the land of the brave , one has to be brave to live there.

  21. He and his siblings took away medical coverage for his own nephew's seriously ill son, so why is anyone surprised?

  22. Obama care is so important, people's lives are litterally in the balance,
    so many people will die sometimes needlessly because they dont have insurance. You do a good jobe of making this issues funny but it is serious, what he is doing is declaring war on American lives but he clames to care and people need to know that. Finally Republicans have a point but if they cant solve the problems of the country with out causing death and suffering they may not be the best qualified people, Democrats are failing as well i feel like they help him more than people think.

  23. Hey, Stephen ..trump is real terrorists. hes liar, rich got tax breaks, taking away healthcare…incites hatred, and rascisms!!.
    hes a pigman who tertizes us everyday . his vulgar mouth . his threats . he is terrorizing us dait by never knowing what's gonna happen . he creates fear and calls for violence on people . what do we do to Terrorists?. yeah! let's do same !!. Americans are unsure of everything ..because of this this trump everyday
    his bullying, and bullshit hatred. hes real terrorists. And thug and illegal .

  24. Here's what Trump promised:

    For Americans without health insurance: "They're going to be taken care of." And he added, "The government's gonna pay for it."

    CBS interview Sept 27, 2015, Interviewer Scott Pelley

  25. Insurance lobbyist are the problem…they support too many politicians to vote against the electorate wishes…they add to the cost of healthcare significantly and the politicians that accept their donations.

  26. Trump Supporter Quote "I hate Obama Care ……………..I love ACA ………………………………They're the same thing!?!?! HEAD EXPLODES!!

  27. From looking at clips of Trump talking: are Trump's lookalike audiences always the same people, or just generic types recurring?

  28. That is the best Trump joke to date!!! Trump has to focus on his enemies: The Living! OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  29. I love Tom Hanks,Orgasms and Unicorns 🦄. Why not?

    Not so much together I thought, but sure. Colbert can make lots of things together sound like a good idea.

  30. Thing is, the ACA polls really high among Republicans, especially the large number of poor white rural conservatives that rely on it. Right wing media has made this evil idea of "Obamacare" and turned them against it. Most Republicans don't even seem to know that Obamacare and the ACA are actually the same thing. So they'll say in the same interview we should get rid of Obamacare but keep the ACA. It doesn't get much more ignorant and low information than that folks. That's what we're dealing with. The 20% of the country that are just stupid AF.

  31. Republicans can issue free death certificates to the 20 million with pre-existing conditions when they get rid of the ACA.oh me bad.dead people can.t vote.

  32. Hey, Republicans, mental health problems are considered pre-existent conditions. You really gonna take away our meds? You sure you wanna do that??

  33. To be honest why is a person broke to the point they can't afford
    Health care that's their fault because being broke is a choice
    So is their fault they can afford health care so get rich is my advice

  34. America is going to the dogs and the people of America are going to pay the biggest price as all the protections have been put in place to protect them from corporate rule are removed. Then you won't be able to fight for better wages, or better healthcare, you'll just have to suck it up and wish you'd never voted for any republican. It's a sad day for you America.

  35. Did you know that the Republicans what ended social security and Medicare and Medicaid because they want to keep people money they get richer

  36. He didn't bring up pee existing conditions on his own, he was told to. The sad thing is he was told to talk about it. I doubt he even understands the words. He's a mindless puppet for the GOP, and that's just the way it is folks.

  37. I don't get why this is still even up for debate? Like why are people lives are still being used for profit?😑


  39. The Border Crisis could have been solved already
    But Mr.Donkey hasn’t been very cooperative as of late
    Mr.Donkey doesn’t care about America or its people and will continue the witch hunts and temper tantrums for as long as possible.

  40. 1:56: "Sadly my doctor says I can no longer have one of those."
    I think he was talking about Tom Hanks. Moderate your indulgence in Tom Hanks, everyone.

  41. Republican logic, says that if you take away people's healthcare, they'll work harder to not be poor. Then the little sick ones die and the species will be stronger for it.

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