Trump’s Overseas Trip Shows He Lacks Strength & Stamina For The Job

So Digby, before we get into this week I just
wanted to tell people obviously the really big story this week and a horribly tragic
one, the terror attack, the ISIS claimed terror attack in England, killing nearly 22 kids
of varying ages and some adults I should say, and injuring dozens more. We talk to Gavi Mairone later in the program
about that, and about opportunities, perhaps, for tracking the financing of this type of
terror attacks to the extent that there is any. This is one of those things where we don’t
really know what’s going on for a couple weeks before the information really gets settled,
but let’s talk about what else was going on overseas this week was President Trump’s first
overseas trip representing this country. We didn’t have any major major crises, but
meanwhile, the Trump administration, I think they were happy to leave town, but it didn’t
particularly help with all this sort of the cascading stories around it. No, it sure didn’t and in fact the … As
they were leaving, as the plane was lifting off, there were four or five stories that
just kind of rushed out about the Russian investigation on Friday when they left. And, you know, Trump … He’s obviously not
used to traveling. He made a number of errors. I mean I guess they weren’t major errors,
he didn’t completely sell out the United States to the Philippines or something, but he did
use the wrong words in his big speech on Saturday when he was talking about Islamists versus
Islamic. Right. And the White House staff explained that by
saying that he was exhausted. He’d been there for 48 hours, he’d been traveling. And there was even some … He had to go back
to the hotel and Ivanka had to give a speech in his stead, so it seemed he was having a
little jet lag problem to the point where I think one might even suggest that he might
be lacking some strength and stamina for the job and could even be considered low energy. He seemed to be able to pick it up a little
bit as the week wore on. He did manage to completely screw the pooch
when he was talking to Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel when he basically confirmed the
fact that he had given Israeli secrets to the Russians. Very foolishly did that. And then he went on his way out of Israel
stopped at the Holocaust Memorial there. A very very very serious and sacred place,
and wrote in the guestbook there where people generally, world leaders leave some kind of
quasi-poetic or at the very least dignified message about the meaning and seriousness
of the place and he wrote, you know, really great to be here with all my friends. Awesome. Awesome. And put a exclamation point with a little
circle underneath it and just ending it with …
Awesome and never forget. Never forget. And will never forget. Totally. Which of course is like the trademark, as
if it was like a trademark phrase for the Holocaust. I mean, yeah, when you juxtapose that with
the thing that Barack Obama wrote, which was, you know, it was maybe a paragraph where he
talks about the memorial showing both humanities capacity for evil, and capacity to rebuild
in the wake of such horrors. Really, I don’t know if in and of itself it
would come across as eloquent, but relative to Donald Trump’s, it came across as a classic
novel on some level. These things ultimately, they add up to a
certain extent you get the sense, I mean, my sense in watching Barack Obama particularly
with BB Netanyahu, who I am not a fan of I should say, I have real issues with Netanyahu,
but there’s something particularly embarrassing about the whole thing when you’re looking
at, you’re seeing the reactions from people who do not live in this country to our President. That’s just sort of like a low grade visceral
reaction, but these … It does begin to accumulate and aggregate. This week we saw the release of transcripts
where Trump was talking to Duterte, a really just a brutal killer. He’s a psychopath, yeah. And he is congratulating him on the way that
he has handled his drug problem in his country, which has been to literally mow down people. Kill them. And brag about it. It’s just on the foreign policy front, those
things which I think, and we’re gonna talk more about this later, which, you know in
some ways help us as people who don’t want to see Donald Trump’s policies enacted. Paul Ryan’s policies enacted. Those things hurt all of us when it comes
to the foreign policy front. Oh, absolutely. This has always been one of my greatest fear
about Donald Trump, which is that, when on the morning of November ninth when we all
woke up or sobered up or whatever it was and realized that Donald Trump was going to be
the President of the United States, in my view the world changed immediately in a way
that it hadn’t in the world. The way we’ve been organized for 50 years
was suddenly upended. Because Donald Trump, he is making the world
afraid of the United States in a way that it never has been before. And that’s not to say that the world has not
feared us or that we haven’t made mistakes or been imperialists, etc, etc, etc. I don’t mean to downplay America’s history,
bad history in that regard, but there was never this sense that the world’s only superpower
was this incompetent, that was going to be led by someone who was completely unqualified
for the job in a way … And I don’t think even then we knew just how
bad it was going to be. There was probably still some hope that he
would hire people or the Republicans would tame him somehow, but I certainly never believed
that anyone could do that. It seemed obvious to me that this guy was
not going to listen to anyone and that he was such a narcissist that he was going to
insist upon being the guy in charge regardless of what anybody said. And that is what is frightening. For instance, aside from what he did with
the … Giving secrets to the Russians … Let’s take a break here. Digby, let’s take a break here. Let’s talk more about this on the other side
because I think there’s some, I think there’s one central point about foreign policy that
I don’t think I fully appreciated until Donald Trump became President. We’ll talk about that and more when we come
back. Sam’s Seder, Ring of Fire Radio, I’m talking
to the great Heather Parton.

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  2. Well you just lost all cred. That was a false bombing and now we can see that you are not someone to watch anymore. Bullshit.

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  5. Doggoneit! I really wanted to hear a bit about this, but the second I hear "Digby"… I'm out! She is nothing but a headline regurgitator. She provides ZERO information that I couldn't have gotten out of a brief look at the last week or so headlines.

  6. He's such an absolute ignoramus……he wrote something you would write in a yearbook. This schmuck is a farce and somebody needs to do something.

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