Tucker: Pelosi claims ‘diversity’ is Democrats’ strength

100 Replies to “Tucker: Pelosi claims ‘diversity’ is Democrats’ strength”

  1. You trumptards believe this BS? Go read some facts. Stop drinking the fox flavored Kool-Aid. This is an opinion show. No facts. Not news. Read a book. Fact check. Use your Google machine. If you like clean air water and earth, vote Blue. If you like dirty air, polluted water and toxic earth, vote Red. It's that simple. Just check the recent legislation passed by the Senate and the most corrupt POTUS in the history of our country. Look it up. Facts matter. Tucker doesn't.

  2. that woman was too good to be working around those races heathens number one number two identity politics is one hell of a price to pay to be stylish especially when decisions are made that affect people's lives simply by putting up a person with a shitstain complexion so they can identify with them does not mean results America is fed up with this crap that's why we vote for competency and results not mobs an obstruction and Division

  3. we have a group of mental cases that are begging to govern our country we are not their concern money to be made we go back to being slaves of the government I don't think so Donald Trump 20/20 Donald Trump Jr 2024 and so on and so on we will refuse to be fed to these animals the Democrats are the party of blood-sucking vampires

  4. freeze his image on the screen,cut a small little square piece of black paper and place it on the screen under his nose.

  5. Currently,White Men are the supposed cause of all the problems in the World.
    What every single White Liberal woman fails to see is THEY are next on the Leftist Hit List.

  6. It’s not wrong to want to have non white people participate in public life; honestly, racial prejudice does to some extent still exist, but it is such an easy problem to overcome. Focusing on race as if it’s a real thing is such bs. It doesn’t help black people to alientate white people who would otherwise be on the same side

  7. If the democrats have their way, soon we'll be voting by skin tone, and they'll check your pigment with a UPC price checker type machine.

  8. Diversity would mean they except all people. Well except someone who believes something different than them because then you are deplorable. Right

  9. Why is it only Western nations are being forced to diversify? No body is saying africa is to black, china is to Chinese, or india is to Indian , south Americais to latin!? Only majority white nations MUST DIVERSIFY! (WHICH ALSO HAPPEN TO BE THE MOST DIVERSE ALREADY) One would think they're trying to BREED US OUT!

  10. Please limit the amount of liberal hacks quotes and or coverage to an absolute minimum. Feeling nauseated is not a feeling I like.

  11. Diversity is the single move divisive force in any society, anywhere, and any time, which is why Japan doesn't have any immigration from anywhere and no path to Japanese citizenship to foreigners. Monoculturalism is a strength that is lost to the United States. The US is taking the same path to self-destruction that Rome took.

  12. This is terrifying. If you think another Holocaust won't happen, you're wrong. Every Holocaust throughout history has started because of the "Us vs. Them" mentality. Democrats have had their hands in everything dark throughout our history: Indian removal, slavery, lynching's, black codes, Jim Crowe, abortions on mostly black babies, affirmative action, identity politics, mob rule, euthanasia of living babies, and I can go on and on. The Democratic party is dangerous. Very dangerous!!

  13. And there is no such thing is multi-culturalism. Cultures don't blend! THEY CLASH!! Remember that. Look at Europe. Look what they invited in, in the name of diversity. Their country, their culture, their homeland, will never, ever be the same; and not in a good way either!

  14. We can only pray that Trump can " Alter the character of the nation", away from the lack of character that the past 4 presidents have degenerated us towards.

  15. Diversity means there are more differences among people and as a result, more conflict. So, they are trying to basically create conflict. What a great "strength".

  16. White democrats obsessed with diversity need to start moving to Africa and screaming theres too many black people and demand preferential treatment. Good luck

  17. Is diversity supposed to be an equal number of all races or a percentage representing global racial makeup? What is Mexicos plan for diversity? China? Africa? Middle East? Japan?

  18. Diversity = leftists scamming votes by convincing people their problems are created from America lacking diversity of race…..as their party implodes from lacking diversity of ideas

  19. Good policies that allows the individual to prosper, will create diversity. Diversity shouldn't be THE GOAL. But the result


  21. My dad is a lifelong Dem voter. He just shakes his head when we talk about what the Dem party has become in only 2 or 3 years. He says they're out of their minds.

  22. Dem o rats only for the rich they don’t care at all for Americans just their evil doing God bless President Trump and God bless America thank you Tucker.

  23. Sharpton is the biggest clown on TV besides Booker,Warren,Biden,Harris, & crap butt DemoRats! They're the racist group & full of lies. Vomit gag puke they make me SICK! GET THEM OUT…they belong in prison,they're traitors!


  25. These Latino Democ-rat politicians are OUT and OUT anti-white RACISTS, and should be called out for the racists that they are. The Democ-rat party has DEGENERATED to the level that their anti-white racism is becoming TOTALLY NAUSEATING. All right thinking Americans should REJECT this kind of RABID racism practised by the Democ-rat party. What I find particularly IRONIC is that because of the PERVERSE LEFTIST IDEOLOGY that they pursue, you have leftist whites hating THEIR OWN KIND, and to me, these are the worst kind of racists. These whites are nothing short of being white OIKOPHOBES. There are white leaders in other countries who exemplify this, of the likes of Jacinda Ardern ( New Zealand prime minister ), Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, the feminist leaders in Sweden, and Mark Rutt of Holland.

  26. Today's Marxist Democrats are clearly the world's greatest hypocrites as they taut the virtues of diversity while blatantly discriminating shows their true colors, for which they'll pay dearly in the elections of, 2020!

  27. Dims NOW stand for immorality, corruption, spoiled brat snowflakes, lying, murdering and condoning it. Drain the GOVERNMENT! That's where the pus infected wound is.

  28. Al sharpton ? I thought it was Al roeker. I was waiting for him to do the daily forecast in his stack of pennies neck of the woods.

  29. Diversity, to some, simply means non Chewish Americans of European descent must be made a minority on the land their forefather's, and ancestors conquered, and nation founded .

  30. Al Shrimpton isn't a reverend, far from it. He's a desiccated clump of weathered leather whom no one should pay one ounce of attention to. He clearly proves this every time he opens his clapper.

  31. Hahaha diversity gives dems strength? Hahaha. Gotta know when to fold . ..cause they are all outta aces……..Lead by a donkey….philosophy……..hahaha

  32. Hi from Canada, so now Dems are taking lines from Justin Trudeau? He's fuct us so hard . He's heckled everywhere he goes. He's not getting in again. PPC!! Max!! He's my guy.

  33. How can the democratic party serve the voters who are of color if the top people in the party are all white? Trumps cabinet mostly white. The democratic party wants diversity. That is why she stepped down. So I think the news on this is frivolous from Tucker. Find something else more important to talk about.

  34. Diversity……….The voluntary dilution of ones own ethnicity, until eventually realizing to late the monumental mistake in doing so.

  35. The race card is played so hard by Democrats while simultaneously condemning the use of such "cards" by any others.

    "That is our card"
    -The Left

  36. The Hispanic community deals with similar issues with color and also the language we choose to speak. It's a fact in the city of San Antonio that one can be fired just for speaking Spanish. This is a threat and unconstitutional. I can go on. All of this is unacceptable.

  37. You do know who is really playing the Race Card? Al Sharpton. He is also a Black Racist who is a Hate Baiter as well as a Race Baiter.

  38. UNITY, not diversity is our greatest strength.

    America’s original national motto: E PLURIBUS UNUM “from many, one.”

    Multiculturalism is Anti-Democracy hence dems self imposed implosion

  39. Good ole' Sharpton friend of Louis Farrakhan who laughed when Louis asked for 10,000
    of his people to start killing
    White people…

  40. Harris thinks that she will impress the voters, calling Sharpton "Rev", identifying him as a personal friend. Voters do know Kamala and Big Al are 2 of a kind, but that will only impress people whose names start with "La-". Joe Biden is talking to all American voters, while Ms Harris thinks she is addressing a Black Lives Matter convention. At least she is more up to date than poor old gasping, pop eyed Bernie, who is still ranting to a 1968 Black Panther rally.

    I feel sorry for sane, rational Democrats. They are like a man trying to make a nice fresh omelet, with all 12 eggs in the carton stinking to high heavens. Friend, forget the hopeless omelet and dine on a fresh clean red pill.

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