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– When I’m 14 and I
finally have my period, will you go and buy me tampons? – Yes, Vanessa. I’ll go to the creepy guy
behind the 7-Eleven counter and be like, “Hey, my
sister’s having her period.” “Please give me some tampons.” (gentle melody) – [Both] Hi! – I’m Talbott. – Hi, oh nice to meet you. – What’s your name? – Anne Marie. – Nice to meet you, Anne Marie. – Hi, I’m Vanessa. It’s nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Are you gonna talk
about your profession? – Yeah. – Yeah. And you’re gyn… – Gina-cologist? – Gina-cologist? I think it’s onicologist. – So I’m a gynecologist. – Dang it! – Yeah. – What part of the body
do you think I focus on? – Can I say this? – A vagina. – Vagina. – And ovaries. – And ovaries. – Ah ha. – Anything else? – Do you work on penises too? – Not really. – How about breasts? Like those. – [Anne Marie] Yeah, breasts. – So generally female extremities? – Yeah. Female reproductive structures. So tell me all the things you know about the female reproductive structures. – The cervix, the labia, the clitoris. – Oh, the ovaries and then there’s the… – Oh the fallopian tube. – Yeah, the fallopian tube and then… Oh crap. – Okay. – Try to draw all the structures of the reproductive tract
that you can remember. – I do see ovaries.
– This is an egg. – Yeah, ovaries. – And this is a fallopian tube right here. – Mm-hmm. – You just drew that, cheater. – And then this is like a
little space that I don’t know what it’s called and
then that’s the outside folds of the vagina and then
there’s the clitoris. – Mine kinda looks like a
frog and this is the woman. – Alright, you wanna see? – And she– – Ahh. So which one was more accurate? – Well they’re both special
in their own unique ways. (laughter) Both of them have a uterus. I don’t, I’ve never seen
eyes on either a uterus so you both got that kinda wrong. Who started puberty first? – I think I did, yeah. I started in like, fifth grade. – Yeah, most girls start first. – Wait, I got my first
pimple in fourth grade. – Talbott, that’s ’cause
you didn’t wash your face. (laughter) – Yeah. When I was little, I used
to call them tampoons. (laughter) – I have a question. – Don’t look. – How does a tampon go in a vagina? Is that a tampon?
– So this tampon… – Yeah. – To put it in, you
kind of put it through, at the entrance of the
vagina and you put it all the way in so that this
little area is sticking out but the rest of it’s in. You push this in. – Oh. – And then see what happens? – Uh huh. – That part comes out and
then you pull this out and this stays in the vagina. – Hmm. – And then the strings just hang out. And then you can pull it out like that. And then the blood
collects in here and then you can put it in the trash. – Is that an egg? – No – That’s a Diva Cup. And people put their period blood in it. – Well you’ve watched a video on it. – Pchh (laughter) Like that. – Now you can kind of… – You have to fold it? – Fold it so it’ll fit. – Mm-hmm. – And then kind of push
it inside the vagina – So it’s kind of like a funnel? – And then it sort of opens up. – Oh. – So that nothing hangs out
and then the uterus is gonna… – Oh it collects in the cup then. – Yeah, so the blood
goes straight in there. – Yeah. – And then when it’s time to take it out, you just king of pull on the
little… you can pull it out. – Wait, will there be
a hazard of the blood spilling out of here? – Yeah, so you’re just better
to do it in the bathroom. – So we talked about tampons, so how do pads work? – So you put it on your underwear. Then you take off this little sticky and then you can wrap it around
the side of the underwear. – Mm-hmm. – And then you just leave
it in your underwear and pull your underwear up and… – So for like people who
like, really are opposed to like, putting things
inside their vaginas, is this like their option? – Oh yeah. Yeah, and a lot
of, you know not everyone wants to use a tampon. – Mm-hmm. – There are, you know,
women who decide they don’t ever want to use a tampon, they use pads. – Do some people think
that you can get pregnant by a tampon? – That’s a misconception. – Yeah. – So you don’t have to worry about that. – Mm-hmm. – Alright! – Thank you, it was great to meet you. – Yeah, it was super nice to meet you. – Yeah you too. – Thank you so much! – Yeah, nice to meet you.

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