Unity is Strength – English Moral Story for Kids

Name of the story is Unity is Strength Once upon a time in a village there lived a farmer That farmer had 3 sons They were always quarreling with one another The farmer tried his level best To bring them on right path but they never listen to the farmer and ignore his advice so the farmer felt very worried and he thought to himself hmmmnn how am i going to convince them that if he keep on quarrelling the others would take advantage of them they have to be together One day he thought of an idea He called his sons and ask them to bring a few sticks all three sons went around and brought some wooden sticks with them when they brought those sticks he tied them into one bundle and he gave that bundle to each of the son He gave it to the first son and said my son try all your strength and try to break it can you do it let me see first son said to his father ohhh father it is such a simple task I will break that in one minute you see Farmer just smiled away This first son tried all his strength and power to break the bundle of sticks but he could not break it at all being tired he give that bundle back to the farmer now the Farmer went to the second son and said son can you try the break the bundle now the son said to his father ohh father this is so easy I will break this bundle in just a moment Farmer smiled again and he watched as his second son struggled to break the bundle into pieces after a while when the second son realized that he could not break the bundle he give it back to the Farmer now it was time for the third son Farmer went to his third son and said Ohh son can you take shot to break this bundle your other two brothers could not break it the third son said to his father Ohh father it is so obvious they could not break it because they are weak i am so strong i will break that bundle in a snap of a second farmer smiled again and as he watched the third son again struggling to break the bundle he realized that his message is going to get across soon as the third son could not break the bundle he gave the bundle back to his Father now this time Father broke the bundle and gave one stick each to those three sons and said ok you tried the bundle now can you break the stick tack tack tack and before even he finished his sentence all three sons of that farmer broke the stick immediately Farmer looked at all three sons by now even all three of them realized what their father was telling them They realized that If they keep on quarrelling they will be not united and anybody can break them and take advantage of them but if they unite and work together they will be so strong like bundle of sticks that nobody can break their unity and they will always prosper The moral of the story is Be united and you will emerge as unbreakable

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