VA Healthcare 101

Welcome to the Minneapolis VA Healthcare System. Here are a few reasons why it might be in your best interest to use VA health care. After all, you’ve earned it why not use it. As you are aware body
armor places a lot of strain on the musculoskeletal system, this can cause
ankle, knee, back, and shoulder pain. It can have lasting effects, some soldiers experience
breathing difficulties from exposure to burn pits, and dust storms. Traumatic brain injury from improvised explosive devices, rocket-propelled
grenades, vehicle rollovers and the like can cause head injuries. Which can cause
headaches, difficulty with memory concentration, as well as other changes. These
are only a few of the common injuries associated with military service. So, come
to the VA and let us support you. To be the best version of yourself. Hi, my name is Peter
Weissman and I’m my doctor at the VA. Beyond treating the issues from your
military service, the VA is also your total health care provider. We can
provide high quality care ranging from anything from an ear infection, to a
broken arm and our expert staff and specialty care clinics are available to
you for no monthly cost. One common misperception is – is that if you come
here, is that your gonna deny care to some of your veteran buddies, but in fact
that’s not true. The more veterans that come here the more the VA can serve its
veterans, My son, is a veteran, he’s in college right now on a GI bill. I’ve told
him to get in touch with his local VA, my standard of cares is that anybody who
comes here is treated as good as my son. And, I hope that you come to your local VA to.

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