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Hey, I’m Vanessa Hudgens. Snacks that I
usually look for are like — if I, if I can — low carb, low sugar…. Almonds —
I love macadamia nuts. Women’s Health decided to bring me some keto snacks and
I thought, might as well give it a try! These are Moon Cheese sriracha-flavored… Balls? They’re just cheese balls! But they’re sriracha. Gonna give it a try — and I know it’s
gonna be amazing. Because sriracha is everything. This does not
taste like sriracha. Oh wait! I feel it in the back of my throat. I’m taking these home! Mi Scusi. Look at these Dang bars! This is really what they’re called, Dang? Maybe
because they’re so good you’re like, Dang. Okay — this one is almond vanilla — Daaang! — bar. It’s just like really um… chalky. This one is the lemon-matcha. I would say it’s like, slightly more exciting than the almond-vanilla because there’s a lemon tang to it? I’m scared of this chocolate one.
So close, I’m so close! Chocolate…sea salt. Sounds promising. I mean, it’s definitely the best one. Daaaang! Those bars are chalky! Okay, this one is the Keto Crave Energy Bar. And it’s chocolate chip cookie dough!
Coconut MCT oil! And chicory root? Interesting. I feel like the coconut MCT is in the chocolate?
So it makes it like kind of oily in a weird way? Soft. It’s really soft.
Once again, it’s like, really chalky. I feel like that’s just a common through line with bars a lot of the times. Okay this one comes with instructions. That’s pretty impressive. And it comes in a pouch. That’s about as wondrous as food gets.
MCT! A lot of these keto things have MCT. I guess that would make sense.
“You store it in the fridge, and then you eat it cold”. Okay, well this one’s already cold — so I’m gonna give it a shot. It looks like there’s poop in my mouth, doesn’t it? Oh wow! It’s actually really good. The coconut is really coming through.
Once again, slightly chalky. But less chalk, more paste! But it’s good; I’m not mad at it.
I dunno if I would reach for it? But this is my favorite thing we’ve had so far. Oh…F Bomb! Salted chocolate macadamia. I do love macadamia nuts. It’s okay. It could use like a little salt.
It says there’s sea salt, but I don’t taste it. It says there’s dark chocolate, but I don’t taste it. It’s just like ground-up, oily macadamia nuts. I don’t know if I really like any of these snacks. And last but not least, good old seaweed snacks.
Always great, except for when you’re doing a photoshoot. Because then they get stuck in your teeth. And that’s not cute. Oh wait, I’m doing this on camera.
Watch me get seaweed stuck in my teeth! I just realized it’s probably like not the most attractive thing to eat? They’re so good! They’re like salty, and kinda sweet, and kinda crunchy. It’s like fun food. It’s like astronaut food kind of, like astronaut ice cream? That was good. So, I don’t think it’s very hard to tell what my favorites were? But, drumroll please! Seaweed and Sriracha Moon Cheese. For the win. These are the winners; these are the very best snacks, hey! These are going in my purse. Thanks Women’s Health!

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  1. Why keto though? It’s been shown in the current scientific research to not be optimal for high intensity performance (like most sports/athletic activities).

  2. Ok I’m so confused, I’m not saying they are the same person but have you ever seen Nikki Limo and Vanessa Hudgens in the same room ? Even the way they talk, the way they make jokes etc this is creepy bye

  3. i always wondered why vanessa was still around if she didnt rly do anything career wise but this video just goes to show that it’s all about attitude! she’s the cutest!!!

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