Vegeta Runs out of Stamina against Jiren l Dragon Ball Super

Android 17 sacrificed himself to save Goku and Vegeta You’re still standing? Jiren, I will be the one to knock you off the Arena. Vegeta Challenged Jiren on his own. Does he stand a chance? Android 17… In order to save you two, he sacrificed himself Pointless No matter how many of there you are, there is nothing you can do against absolute power Yet you still intend to knock me off? Yeah, the Prince of all Saiyans will beat you Impossible I don’t like that confidence No usual transformation this time? My base form is more then enough Vegeta’s punches have no power behind them It’s Pointless. Just jump off the arena Shut up I see, I understand now. Play time is over

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  1. Ay bois sub or my dream of uploading anime is gone ok. If only Vegeta transformed into ultra instinct considering he was also pushes past his limits.

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