VIA Stories of Strength – Alex, Part II

So my top strength was creativity. I’ve always found myself having to be creative,
whether it was coming from a lack of resources or just being bored with something
that I was already doing…wanting to do it in a new way. New ways of doing things has always been
something I’m interested in. My next highest strength is curiosity. I’m just genuinely interested in people. So I ask a lot of questions. Seeing that creativity is my top choice,
I’d really like to lean into curiosity because it helps me learn more and then, when I have more knowledge or more viewpoints, it allows me to create new ways to do something. I really enjoyed it. It gave me a lot of insight on myself. And it was really cool to know more about myself. Also, I think it’s important for me to be
able to communicate these things to other people. When I’m working with other people,
whether it be my wife, or the guys at the gym, or my clients,
really anyone I’m interacting with, what this test
is really showing me is that, man, people are really cool. If you just assume everyone’s like you, you’re
going to miss out on life’s experiences, you’re going to miss out on teamwork, you’re going to miss out on opportunities to make something so much better
than if you just approach it with your own way.

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