Victor Martinez | What Pro Bodybuilders Order for Room Service

good morning Muscle & Strength
come join me let’s have some breakfast rise and shine in the morning about to
order some breakfast let’s start with checking out what’s
on the menu you know they have your egg whites and you have to be careful in hotels
they like to cut corners on egg whites so they try to feed your egg
beaters I always make sure I tell them use real eggs
I don’t like egg white substitutes of any kind because the texture again it
doesn’t taste like real eggs so when I look at a menu you always see for
example you know the omelette classic omelette your choice mushrooms peppers
onions Swiss cheese potatoes and provolone cheese I just tell them give me
an egg white omelette that’s it so I order the same one they have here
classic omelette but just make it egg whites with nothing and then I order two
separate or three separate whole eggs because I want to get some of that yolk the
oatmeal I always order the oatmeal but um done in water I like it in water
it’s just you know milk is for babies but uh for now I’m gonna stick to my
usual oatmeal my egg whites my whole eggs and some fruit morning I like to order please
let me get the omelet yeah just nothing just make it all whites please yeah but make sure you use real eggs so
all whites and no oil no no oil no butter can you make it dry and let me
get three whole eggs or sunny-side up again cooked well please yeah cooked
thoroughly please again no oil no butter yes let me also get uh strawberries
blueberries yeah but not the little bowl you guys brought me these little tiny you
know not the tiny ones yeah just strawberry and blueberries
please yes and just uh slice of wheat toast feel like toast today yes dry thank you
oh can I get our glass of ice please yeah that’ll be it yes thank you there you have it breakfast made to
order breakfast here is great this hotel they show up pretty fast
it’s not an hour like in Vegas and it’s also not pricey like in Vegas
you order 10 egg whites in Vegas it’s about a hundred dollars you know here’s
pretty sensible you know 15 bucks and again it’s the wait I love it because
it’s only about 10-15 minutes and it’s not that bad yes I ordered under 321 on the oatmeal can you make it in water yeah the oatmeal please oh I forgot it
yes can you add the oatmeal please with in water cooked in water make it
lumpy yeah lumpy not watery can’t start my day without my oatmeal all right yes please thank you have a good
day yeah so that is some oregano which I didn’t ask for but it’s alright and this
is supposed to be all egg whites so this has to go back because I have the
yellows already yes I ordered an egg white omelette and it came yellow it’s you
added yolks to it yes I want the omelette that you have here
I want the egg white omelette but I want only eggs real eggs again and cooked
well dry no salt no I mean no oil no butter ok thank you oatmeal watery yeah watery I’m going to change that
to yeah they did it yesterday yes I just checked the oatmeal you
made it watery can I get it lumpy made in water yes thank you like my
oatmeal lumpy who says that for now I’m gonna start with the eggs said three whole eggs
but one extra yolk is not gonna kill me yeah yeah yeah calling let’s see hello yes you guys you guys did it yesterday
perfect a whole ruckus going on so can you put it for extra three minutes in the
microwave the way you already have it and it should actually make it a little
drier okay alright thank you yeah again I mean it’s just too soupy I don’t like
oatmeal tasting like soup you know and it’s when it’s watery it’s just too soupy
and I just doesn’t like it that way you know your first meal you want to start it
right and I think the worst breakfast you can have is breakfast you don’t want
so verdict let’s see hi it’s alright no but I got the oatmeal oh you know what the oatmeal
they look the same so I’m gonna take the smaller one only because of the portion
size I’ll eat the whole thing she’s got an extra point just for that
service and I’m being courteous I mean so I’ll give it a 4 all right there
you go the new omelet and it’s dry and see
nothing really is dripping and soaking and voila I got what I wanted okay guys thanks for joining me for my
hotel breakfast Victor Martinez here until next time

100 Replies to “Victor Martinez | What Pro Bodybuilders Order for Room Service”

  1. Can’t watch this idiot he went out to eat before and it was the dumbest thing to watch I rather not care about calories and care about spit and having my food dropped on the floor ya dummy

  2. He's way too picky… I understand he's paying the hotel for service but come on. He says room service is fast and it takes an hour in Vegas but I'm sure he spent at least close to an hour calling about watery oatmeal and an extra yolks. Lol

  3. If I were paying for the food at these prices I would want it exactly how I ordered it. All these people are hating on Victor but I can’t blame the guy especially since he competes at the highest level of bodybuilding. He only wants the best in his body and he’s wants his food a certain way. He wasn’t rude so chill out.

  4. I like a lot of things that Victor is in, but as many have said in here about the segments he does, they're hard to watch. He's a whiney diva and I fear for hotel staff should he ever win an Olympia.

  5. So funny – I'm not surprised he had to work so hard to get the order as he wanted it, gen. pop will never understand (and we shouldn't expect them too) and chef's especially aim to create food for pleasure – so its hard for them to drop down to this level of functionality. This is why I just book an apartment with a kitchen – or if we stay in a hotel it is because I KNOW it does an excellent breakfast buffet… but thats only ever going to be for one or two nights.

    Room Service – too much hassle for everyone involved IMO.

  6. He might be an ok guy in person, but on every single M&S video, Victor comes across SO rude, has absolutely zero manners and just seems like a genuinely horrible person. Please don't use him for any more videos!

  7. Personally I just would have said can I have an omelette made with 8 egg whites 3 whole eggs one bowl of oats stiff made with water and a glass of oj and ice

  8. Listening to him ordering gave me PTSD from being a server. Customers like these are a nightmare. There's meeting a customers needs and then there's being demanding. This video says a lot about his personality.

  9. Just eat your oatmeal and shut up.
    This guy is way too much. Maybe if he wasn't so picky. He would be able to eat more and actually win some shows.

  10. Hehehehe they knew they were on Camera and got scared and mess the whole breakfast 😁😁
    " i will have the small portion if not i will eat it all " hehehehe
    She went to check who done the oatmeal previous day and the guy was on day off 😁😂🤣

  11. so funny how m&s reply all those comments 🤣🤣🤣 but yeah maybe hes picky but i think he wanted to enjoy the hotel svc and nothing else😉😉

  12. Oh man, I'd rather buy a few eggs and hardboil them myself in the water boiler and eat some rice cakes. Even if I had the money. Too much back and forth for my impatient self.

  13. I wonder what the Superman of Compton: The Great CT Fletcher would say about all this picky eating and calling back for "watery" oatmeal.

  14. So if someone messes up your food that YOU PAY FOR you’re a bad guy to make sure it’s correct? 😂😂 you trump supporters going everywhere to complain

  15. One of the most polite bodybuilder and I am was half time laughing while he was ordering as he was confused how one could on earth eat that 😂😂😂

  16. So all of you guys said that he was picky? I feel like he was just being disciplined on eating while traveling right?

  17. I don’t think victors a bad guy or an asshole as some of the comments insinuate. But I do feel he actually has difficulty communicating and isn’t really a people person lol. Aside from that dude has a great physique. He just needs some adjustments in the way he communicates to others. Some of this may be a mental thing, some may be upbringing. People are way too hard on this dude though lol. I think it’s the band wagon effect. One person says something and all the sudden everyone’s outraged about it.

  18. M&S don't take the comments personally. Being consistent and dedicated to your passion/hobby/career/whatever it may be is rare to find these days. Victor is really "dry" no pun intended, but it is nice to see someone so dedicated and strict to their nutrition. Is it fun to watch? No and that's where the comments come from. I found the cheat day video interesting to see what his definition of cheating is compared to others. It's not the most exciting video ever, but saying you need to take it down is excessive.

  19. so I just watched a 10 minute video of a grown man complaining to hotel workers about his breakfast? he's a fucking cuck. not surprised he had the CNN on in the background. hopefully they brought him tampons for his vagina.

  20. So many people talking badly about a living icon of bb because he is picky with his food.
    I was expecting funny comments when I scrolled down, but the level of negativity is a bit too much. Chill tf out kids, if you dont like the video just move on, no need to call people names.

  21. Good chance they would have spit in your food buddy been that picky and stuffing them around.
    I felt embarrassed just watching that.
    Maybe it’s time to grow up.

  22. Man i love his shoulder and 💪 biceps 😋
    And m&s bro don't pay attention on some as"*"les, do you thing 😍🤗

  23. C'mon guys, where's your humor? This was hilarious!!! 😀 😀 😀 I love watching Victor's food videos; don't think he is overly picky, he is just very specific. Building lean mass, you're restricted enough as is with the food you can eat so you should be able to get it the way you like it.

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