Victor Martinez’s Shoulder Workout at Muscle & Strength

Victor Martinez here about to give you
my shoulder workout let’s get started I want to start with the rotator cuff
warmup again very important especially when you going to move tons of weight
you’re gonna go into a right angle position which is here and also here
usually about 20 to 25 reps each one and I do about three rounds this is not a
heavyweight movement I know you guys want to get go straight for the kill
be patient warmup only takes about five less than ten minutes again because you
don’t really rest continue through it and you start noticing deep deep inside
that burn that burn is warming up that little tiny connective tissue in the
rotator cuff not to the side you pull it as far away as you can without really
moving your elbow the first exercises I do for shoulders
again one of them working on the outer caps and also pressing I do the Arnold
presses as it works the front side delts and then I do a giant set following up
with the side laterals I like combining the first exercise before I go into
heavy shoulder presses it’s a rotating exercise it’s right here
right angle the only trick to it is as you’re pressing forward you invert it
press upward so you don’t want to go any lower you go any lower than this rotator
cuff you want to keep all the pressure the front delts side delts so my side laterals again controlled sitting down gives you less abilities to
cheat bounce back use your legs lower back stand up and do
more weight the only problem is you use your body as leverage by bending your
legs using your lower back first set usually 15 reps already warmed
up got a great pump again rotator cuff warm up that helped me felt good on that lateral it’s a good
weight you just make it a drop set second exercise which is the machine
press this again will emulate a dumbbell press don’t want to worry about again I
always mentioned worrying about balance or anything like that I just want to
press I want to press heavy when I go heavier I don’t combine exercise and do
straight sets just to work on that building that mass I like to focus the
movement through and through point a point b controlled and think we can go up a
little bit more eight let’s get this drop two things people do wrong one of them
is either too high or too low you know when I have it direct where it actually
goes from here down to where your hands are placed so it could be direct hit on
your rear delts and then the extension in the flexion of the exercise I know a
lot of people are very flexible they tend to overextend to a point where it
hits the traps main focus of this is the rear delt so let’s try to stop at a point
where their rear delts activated and release in a controlled manner lat pull
down I combine it as part of my rear delt movement without sitting down
elbows up again as high as I can to target the rear delts notice this is right to my upper PEC upper
clavicle most people do this exercise with the rope to the top
I like this again because when you do the rope tend to hit a little too much
traps I do it wide again just hitting rear delts slightly under traps not as
much as the Rope would okay we’re gonna finish the shoulder workout with some
shrugs do shrugs a little bit different I like combining chins up chin down you
get about 10 reps each the reason for that is you have the upper and rear
traps so I don’t like to neglect one or the other
I do both so when I do chin up just straight up when I do chin down I
raise my elbows again just to hit the upper and rear traps thanks for watching subscribe below

100 Replies to “Victor Martinez’s Shoulder Workout at Muscle & Strength”

  1. This guy actually has a good build, very functional and can do other stuff too. Not like one dimensional meathead Cutler💉

  2. "warm-up should only take about 5-10 minutes" haha just watched a video where dude did a entire deadlift session within 10 minutes

  3. One of the greatest 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪

  4. This is a man who's clearly been injured multiple times.. That's why he's stressing the importance of form and rotator warm ups 😂..

  5. shoulder muscle one of hardest to build beside calves…train shoulder more than your biceps…make sure it bigger than your biceps…

  6. Victor you have the best videos out there.
    I will do these on Monday.
    My shoulders have degerentiv arthritis from carrying a 75 pound ruck sack for 14 years. I am a disabled veteran and all your videos have helped me get in better shape and strengthen my back muscles and lats.
    I have been working out for the past five years fighting the pain. Two years later the pain in my back has decreased a lot but is still there.
    I just want to say thank you from an ol Army Sargent you have helped me get in the best shape that I have ever been.

  7. Without trainer He do workout that's mean this is just for fitness not for compete ,he is so calm humble Great Person same as Ramy both looks same in onn and off seasons,True Legends

  8. Got to respect this guy. He came from a top bodybuilder to a man who go to jail and fight after this to get back to the top. Today no doubt he is back and we better take a look at him for the next competitions in 2020

  9. I stopped following bodybuilding after Victor Martinez and Kai Greene lost the title shots. If i wanted to see BullSh*t in politics, I would turn on CNN. But the BS politics in Bodybuilding turns me off. These men sacrifice and train hard. Its now a joke, the IFBB

  10. I was 320 now 250 I’m doing clean keto. I love doing cardio & weight lifting I get a lot of tips from here. My body is changing in a crazy way.

  11. Is Vic getting ready for a show because he has lost alot of weight in his mid section? I watch his videos religiously which have greatly improved my workouts and his older videos he had a little girth in his stomach. Here he definitely has lost it. Looks great.

  12. Victor!!!! It's Linda from Tilton/Can-Do. My husband's computer just pulled up your video on Bing! Hope you are well and happy. I'll see you in about 2 weeks. You've had 160,000 views so far!! xoxo Linda

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