Vidya – 17th September 2019 – विद्या – Full Episode

What’s this nonsense? Nectar is the reason why… …the bees hover
around flowers. There is no smoke without fire. Mother. I swear on Goddess Durga. I wasn’t aware of his intention. Had I known his intention,
I would’ve have stayed there. I stayed there for the sake
of veneration. Otherwise… …I would’ve left immediately. Vidya. Don’t act innocent
in front of me. Don’t say that you
weren’t aware of anything. I’m sure,
you must’ve made some gesture. Due to which the village
chief is crazy for you. Veneration was done in a good
way today. What do you say? I hope you are happy. I did
everything the way you wanted. I’m very happy. You’ve given me nothing but
happiness throughout my life. I’m very lucky… …to have you as my husband. I’m lucky too. To have you as my wife. After marriage,
only a women’s… …life prospers
or gets shattered. Because she just has
faith over her fate. Men are masters
of their own will. You are mine… …only within the
boundaries of this house. What? What do you mean? You were focusing a lot… …on that teacher. The place was too crowded.
Otherwise… …everyone would’ve
noticed you. Don’t forget… …that your mother
and Anjana are… …unaware of your deeds
outside this house. Sorry! Sorry! Believe me,
I will be careful henceforth. May I say something? You are with me despite of
knowing everything about me. Thank you! It is difficult to be like you. ‘I don’t want this gold
jewelry, I want you.’ ‘A woman can share everything… …but not her husband.’ You don’t have to be scared. Just be careful. That is why I have warned you. And men like Nanku Singh
are a curse to this society. You have to stay away from him. Also… …it is not your fault
if the other person’s… …intention is bad. Never blame yourself for that. I am with you if any need
arises in the future. Hello! Hello! Can you hear me? Don’t be scared,
I will be there. We are leaving.
We will be there in some time. Yes. Jagat, you rarely come around. Seems like I will have
to fast to see you. Do it then.
– What? Hello, Vidya! Vidya! Vidya! Chief is here. He is talking
to the principal about you. Follow me. Will you go now or do
you want to pray first? I have to leave too. This is weird. Vidya is here. Please come in, Vidya. Hello, Vidya. Have a seat. I am… …fine. I won’t be able to
sit if you don’t sit. Have a seat. You are the English teacher. You are their teacher. If I sit down in
your presence… …then it’s not right. The children learn
from us elders. Vidya, please sit down. If Mr. Nanku is made to stand… …then our customs and the
government both will be shaken. Sir, I filled it up completely. You didn’t leave any date
unmarked, right? Show me. Very good! Bittu, here’s your reward. Go ahead, play. Bittu is very good at
copying signatures. He has faked Vidya’s signature. Vidya, this is the reward
for saving Sanju’s life. I marked you present
for the whole month. Now, it’s your wish… …if you want to come
to school or relax at home. Chief. Even I have worked very
hard along with Vidya. So, even I deserve
a week’s holiday. Vidya just needs to teach. But you have to handle
the whole school. How can we do it without you? Vidya, did you see… …Mr. Nanku’s generosity? Sir, come on. It’s nothing. Vidya, the thing is that… …the students… …are my responsibility. And, I perform my duty… …with complete honesty. Vidya, what say? Vidya! Vidya! Sir, what’s wrong with Vidya? Sir. What’s wrong with Vidya? I wanted to reward
her, but she… …left suddenly. Did I do something wrong? ‘Greetings, Vidya!’ Ask Khatwaru to pay off
the previous balance. Yes, I will tell him to pay off.
– Okay. Do some work, my dear. All you do the
whole day is sleep. Vidya! Vidya! Is Vidya here? Why are you calling for Vidya? She left for school.
Hasn’t she reached? She did come.
But she left suddenly. That’s why I’ve come
here looking for her. Send Vidya… …to the school
when she comes here. Listen! Is everything okay? No. However, the village chief… …has come to the school. While he was
speaking to Vidya… …she suddenly got up and left. The village chief is
sitting there stubbornly. He says he won’t leave
till her meets Vidya. If she comes here… …then send her to school. Oh! Everything was going well. Why has the village
chief arrived in between? May I ask the
cooks to prepare… …lunch for the kids
with your permission? Sir. Yes? Don’t you think we
should look for Vidya? Yes. I’m worried for her as she… …suddenly left from here. Even I am worried. You must also be worried for
her as you’re the principal. Yes. Fine. As long as Vidya
does not return… …neither will anyone eat nor
will anyone leave this place.

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