Violence against Healthcare – MOOC trailer

Violence against health care is unacceptable. It fragilized the system, jeopardize the work of health care providers and, at the end of the day affects the patients. In this MOOC, we are going to look at the perspective of the patients prevented to access to services. As well as, what affect the transport, hospitals and health care providers themselves. The international humanitarian law and the international human rights law gets all the tools we need there to protect health care providers and the patients. We just need to improve together their implementation. Step into the MOOC, it’s a unique opportunity to challenge and to make sure that all actors concerned by conflict and emergencies, became able to implement appropriate measures to mitigate the risk to patients and themselves. And, to initiate a dialogue between all participants, civilians and military. For many years now, the ICRC has been working with a large group of international organizations to look for a solutions. This group, community of concerned became a community of action. To look for solutions to be implemented in the fields. We look for your participation. We look for you to come with us and share experiences on these solutions. The MOOC created by University of Geneva and the International of the Red Cross, invites all people directly or indirectly concerned by violence against health care to follow this course. And, to interact between the participants to find together sustainable solutions. We look forward to working with all of you and share experiences. Violence against healthcare is unacceptable. We need to do something together.

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