Violet Tree Russian Tour 2019 Documentary – 11

Hello Today is 27th July VioletTree is heading for Moscow Surprise~ Vora from every cities prepared this present Who drew all of these drawing? Somebody drew –>took a photo –>sent by mail –>printed –>glowed the drawings –>wrapped –>made ribbons Wow What a amazing gift Almost over No, no Not yet Still left Bye Thank you, bye One more surprise~ This is Julia who planned all of this tour She came Moscow from Ukraine to enjoy our show The time past too fast, but we were really happy See you We finished the Moscow’s show well Now we are heading to Saint-Petersburg
to make our last show The weather is very cold I think the reason why is the city is located in the north We must do sightseeing Because here is beautiful city, Saint-Petersburg! They love iced americano I prayed for finish this tour without bad luck At the last moment, something bad happened to me My main bow was broken (Seowoo is teaching how to use the steam iron) Good job Wongyu You know, today is our last show How do you feel now? Well, It was really fun Time past so fast I’m sorry it is the last show I”m all chocked up,
and I will do my best until the end Did you prepare any special performance? Like disheveled I’ll take it off after building my body Can you say something for Vora? For Korean and then Russian First, for fans from Korea Let’s meet in Korea soon,
and enjoy together the cocert And thanks Vora in Russia You moved me because of your surprise events Why are you crying? Do you know what is this?…my… broken heart That’s too bad So sorry Even the bow was her favorite and it is expensive I will earn money And I will buy really really expensive bow The camera is saying “You are bluff” By the way, how do you feel about ending this tour? This tour was my best tour Because I enjoyed the most For what? The performance Aha, what was a shame? Did you enjoy? Well, always I enjoy the tour, but I can feel my stamina is getting weak I appreciate as a leader How about hard thing? In the last tours were really hard Somehow, this tour was not that hard physically However one of my sorry thing is I did not have many chances to talk with Wongyu He slept too much About 20 hours a day Is there any reason of you sleep like a long time? I didn’t know too As always, we wil ldo our best, and we will finish this tour nicely Thank you I cannot believe that the first tour was 4years ago Don’t you forget Korean? Maybe, I spoke English too much Is that so? I’m almost an English man Nowadays, I’m studying English on YouTube I felt about the basic importance How about staying with Wongyu? He is a good boy He’s quite, slept early and woke up late Then please say about the last performance Thanks for coming our show Let’s meet again in Russia Let’s enjoy together Yeah, We are VioletTree Wongyu, did you cry? No I couldn’t How about Hyunjin? I have no tears Where is your emotion? I’m gonna cry on the way to go back We are having dinner in Korean restaurant
after the last show Two different bistro is facing each other So we are going to order from both I will order Ramen What is that? Tree ear Sausage Egg and Kimchi The restaurant’s name is ‘PyunSu’ Bon appeitie! What a beautiful night in Sait-Petersburg Sanit-Petersburt, byebye So, bye!

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