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(upbeat techno music) – Hello. I’m Deborah Wilson. I’m a gynecologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I’m very excited to
talk to you about Viveve. Viveve is a cryo-cooled
monopolar radiofrequency device. What does that mean? That means that it tightens tissue. So, radiofrequency energy tightens tissue and the unique thing about the Viveve is that it actually
cools the surface tissue and tightens the underlying tissue, which is something that’s advantageous when we’re treating the vagina. So, this is the Viveve applicator here. You can see it’s very small. This is the pad here that
cryo-cools the surface tissue and heats the underlying tissue. It is useful for women who
experience vaginal laxity and most patients who have
had a few vaginal deliveries do experience some laxity or looseness. So, this tightens up that vaginal entrance and makes sexual
intercourse more comfortable and more stimulating. And also, it can tighten the tissue around the urethra and the bladder, so almost like a sling procedure, where it lifts the urethra and the bladder so that when a woman coughs or sneezes, she doesn’t lose urine. Oftentimes, incontinence, specifically urinary incontinence, has two different components to it. So, there’s the muscle component and we can treat that
with the Emsella chair. The Emsella chair causes
supramaximal contractions of the muscles and
strengthens those muscles. And then the Viveve treats the tissue. So, for women who have,
say, mixed incontinence, where they lose urine
when they have the urge plus they lose urine when
they cough or sneeze, Viveve combined with
Emsella is a very good idea. (upbeat techno music)

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