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Hi, I’m Rolene Strauss and I’m so excited to be on the August cover because it’s Women’s Month. Hi, I’m Rolene Strauss and I’m so excited to be on the cover of Women’s Health magazine in August on Women’s month Today is such an exciting day for me because I get to share a dream come true experience with you I’ve always wanted to be on the cover of the Women’s Health magazine And as soon as I heard of my cover shoot, I’ve decided to use it as a goal and as motivation to focus on Becoming the healthiest version of me and to focus on my wellness. So this is how I prepared for my very first Woman’s Health cover shoot The first priority was to become as healthy as I could be my health and wellness partner is Dr Ledivia from RevitaHealth and what I love about her is that she doesn’t use the scale as a measuring tool of your health What I climbed on now is a machine that measures things like your muscle to fat ratio Your visceral fat you metabolic rate and so much more. So I went on this journey with the RevitaHealth diatitian Dr Ledivia and the RevitaHealth team to focus on my wellness and what we did was I was the guinea pig of the RevitaHealth ultimate 21 day detox I tested out all of the recipes the smoothies the step-by-step instructions and I have to say that I’ve never Felt as healthy and as energized as I’ve done after that So the first step was to do the RevitaHealth ultimate detox. I also thought that you would like it if I share my favorite smoothie out of the RevitaHealth detox with you. My absolute favorite smoothie was the Golden milk smoothie and Here is the recipe What you will need is One banana peeled, some turmeric some cinnamon then a some fresh ginger Pitted dates Protein powder. So I use the functional protein powder from RevitaHealth Which is a pea protein powder and then coconut milk and a cup of ice I unfortunately don’t have ice with me now, but it is, you know, it’s going to work with out ice as well. Okay, so I’m gonna start by putting in the banana So this is actually enough for two servings, so I usually make it for me and my husband in the morning so one banana one Teaspoon of one tablespoon of cinnamon One teaspoon of turmeric. I just actually just throw it in Some cinnamon Ah it smells so good Some fresh ginger Depending on how much you like ginger I really like ginger so I just put in a whole chunk of ginger Okay, then some dates, two pitted dates I received these dates from my mother-in-law all the way from Kakamas in the Northern Cape. So two pitted dates. Just for some sweetness One cup of coconut milk This is like coconut cream I’m just putting in everything. And then some Protein powder if you don’t have protein powder with you You can put any source of protein like some almonds. So I usually throw in two or three almonds or a few walnuts just to give you some healthy protein and let me see so banana,turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, dates, protein powder Coconut milk, a cup of ice. So I don’t have ice with me but Okay, so as you can see this is a nice big serving It smells amazing It taste really good Exercise is such a big part of my life and I basically just continued doing what I love which is high-intensity interval training these exercises have been shown to have so much health benefits and I try to work out between three and five times a week and I work out here on Val de Vie estate with FitLife gym As part of my preparation for the Woman’s Health shoot I Obviously had to make sure that my skin is in very good condition As part of my skin routine I go for regular skin treatments at RevitaHealth and my favorite is mesotherapy from Dr. Ledivia But if I don’t do mesotherapy I go for regular vitamin C treatments and especially before big events vitamin C skin treatment is amazing for my skin and this is my aesthetics therapist Anneke She does all of my skin treatments. So I’ll quickly show you what a vitamin C skin treatment looks like. I do go through regular periods where I really struggle with bad skin and as you can see in this video I Truly struggled with breakouts here So it happens to all of us. Don’t be too hard on yourself The funniest thing is that it usually happens to me right before a big event or a big shoot, but that’s life so just to sum it all up what I focused on with regards to my preparations for My women’s health cover shoots was first of all my health and my wellness with RevitaHealth ultimate detox second of all was to lead a healthy lifestyle by working out three to five times a week and then Focusing on my skin routine and giving my skin some TLC Between all of that. I still first priority was still to be a mom and a wife and to spend quality time with my family But now up is some behind the scenes from the cover shoot. Enjoy Hi today is a very exciting day. I’m doing my very first Woman’s Health shoot and I can’t wait to show you what we’re up to behind the scenes and yes, I’m just so excited I usually prefer to do my own makeup for big events or shoots but I was so fortunate to have one of my favorite makeup artist Algeria Ferreira to do my makeup for this very important day We went for a very sporty look for the hair, a high ponytail with a braid This was probably a shoot that I’ve been most nervous about But also one of my favorite shoots till date I got there and the team was amazing They were so comfortable to work with so easy to work with Sean the photographer literally shot until he got the shots and then we stopped and moved on to the next outfit So this shoot probably took us between two and a half to three hours Which is so little for a big cover shoot like this So it was such an easy team to work with I loved every minute of it and I think the thing that I loved most is that the whole Women’s Health magazine is All about being strong about being fit about being healthy and it’s not just about being skinny Like what we think society wants us to be so I love this whole shoot and I just loved the atmosphere and The goal behind it The one thing that I’ve realized all over again while preparing for the shoot is that there is no such thing as perfect. And that trying to be perfect steals our self-confidence and as soon as I started focusing on my health and my wellness the race just came I Focused on becoming healthy from the inside out and that changed everything so if there’s one thing that I want to say with the shoot and with this video is that Focus on being the healthiest version of you from the inside out. Don’t try to fit into certain jean or try to Weigh a certain number on the scale just be you but be the best you

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  1. So wonderful! I loved reading women’s health leading up to my wedding a few years ago – the workouts are great 😊🌸

  2. Love your perspective on fitness. It’s so much more about internal than external when it comes to wellness!

  3. As a married woman. Your husband is the only person who should see your body. Your body is the temple of the lord. Other men looking at your body . Many men lusting over your body. Cover up for your husband. Also these clothes that are to revealing are a no no

  4. Love from India 🇮🇳. Thanks for golden smoothie recipe☺️. And your views on wellness and fitness are inspiring
    Lot's of💜💜

  5. This videp was great! Thank you for taking us with you on this journay. You are amazing and you look so healthy! Your glowing 💕💕

  6. I hope you didn't feel forced to dress scantily in this shoot. You previously mentioned in your spoken word album about "the most powerful word" and how you had little control over the clothing you were asked to pose in then. Except you were more covered in that magazine than here which is what worries me. I still think you're a fantastic role model for all girls and women, just hope you're ok 🙂

  7. Rolene, baie dankie vir die smoothie resep. Jy lyk soos altyd fantasties en baie geluk dat jy op die voorblad is. 'n Toonbeeld van binne en buite skoonheid en gesondheid. 💕💕

  8. Congratulations Rolene! I love that you promote health and confidence in yourself rather than confidence in perfection! I don’t really believe in role models but would have to say that you are a great role model for women!
    Thank you for the smoothie recipe as well 😃❤️

  9. runs off to exercise what a fab shoot, you looked so healthy! Your smoothie tutorial looking so glam made me think that you could be SA's healthy cooking answer to Nigella Lawson😂

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