VMO Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
gonna show you some VMO strengthening exercises. So let’s get started. So the VMO stands for
Vastus Medialis Oblique. But basically it’s your inner quad muscle. It has a lot to do
with the tracking of the kneecap. So if you have issues with that, you want to strengthen
your VMO. So the first one is gonna be lying down. You’re gonna take that leg that you
want exercise, put it straight down. Keep your leg straight and locked out and then
turn your foot out to the side. So that’s gonna be an external rotation of your leg.
And slowly lift it up, almost like you’re scooping something up with your foot to about
the other side. And then slowly come back down. So just start off with about 10 of these,
trying to keep it nice and straight, and nice and slow and controlled. And then you can
work your way up from there. The next one is gonna be a ball squeeze. You can use a
basketball, soccer ball, if you don’t have a ball to use to squeeze, you can fold up
a pillow and put it in between your legs. Just put it right down near the knees. And
you’re gonna squeeze in to the ball. And while you’re squeezing in to the ball, you’re gonna
come up into a bridge position. So you have to do a combination move. So that’s activating
that VMO and then slowly come back down. If you can, hold that squeeze the whole time.
If it’s weak and you can’t, that’s ok, then relax. Squeeze in again, come back up, and
then slowly come back down. So again, just start off with 10 of those and then work your
way up from there. The next ones are gonna be standing up. Wooooah! Ok, so the next one,
still using the ball, put between your legs again right at the knees. And you’re gonna
do a squat. But remember, you want to keep those knees behind your toes, so stick your
bottom out. Squeeze in, squat down, and come back up. Again, if you are really weak in
those inner thighs and that VMO, you might want to take a break in between, but if you
can keep the squeeze the whole time, that will really work those muscles. Coming down
and coming back up. And then the last exercise is a plié squat. Those of you ballet-ers
out there, you know that that’s when you turn your feet outwards. Make sure you spread your
feet out a little bit so you have room to take your knees out, but you don’t want to
cross over your toes again. So you still have to stick out your bottom, but now you’re going
almost at a 45 degree angle. So squatting down and then coming back up. Nice and slow
and controlled and then back up. So those were your VMO strengthening exercises. If
you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out
some more videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com Don’t forget to like us and subscribe. And remember,
be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. I am glad to learn what VMO is! I am sure mine needs strengthening. Why do our VMO's need strengthening?

  2. I like your videos…and wanted to ask you exercise for wrist pain….i m having pain in my wrist since 2 weeks and it worsens on moving my wrist up and down or on lifting something heavy …i m a player and want this pain gone soon…please guide me.

  3. Hy. Dr Yo. I have patelofemoral syndrom with no pain in my knee, but i want to fix this. I have strong muscles but on my left Leg my Quad lateralis is stronger then vmo AND i think Because of this reason my patella is still going wrong.this exercises will help for my weacker vmo? AND how often i need to workout them. On daily base or?!
    Thanks for answer

  4. I recently had an mcl tear. Will strengthening the VMO help in rehab. If not, what exercises do you think would be the best?

  5. Hello Jo
    a great demo , may I ask if those Exercises enough for the VMO !
    Actually , I have weak Rt thigh
    you can say it's half size & strength.
    it became after Osteoarthritis 😔

  6. I have a pain in my knees at different times and my Dr advised me such exercises. What is the time period that i need to be better? thank you very much!

  7. Hey!
    In your video for Maltracking patella, there is only one exercise for VMO strengthening, however here there are multiple variations. Since i have patella issues, should i be trying to attempt the squats variation? I find the first exercise (also featured in maltracking video) a little harder to perform.

  8. Hi Jo, I had a stroke three years ago and this gives me spasticity in my VMO the day after I do any exercise. Do you think that a general quad stretch and following your strengthening example could help? I don’t know if there is a specific VMO stretch. Thanks

  9. Will popping in the knee go away with this ? I've been recommended VMO strengthening by doctor . Popping started after i twisted my right knee during squat exercise and its just  in the damaged knee.

  10. hello dr.jo
    I have anterior knee pain due to chondromalacia that's caused by maltracking knee cap
    these exercises is good for me ?

  11. hi doc.when I extend my left leg fully after flexing there is a loud pop sound.my physio says it's a lax mcl.he has given me v spring for my inner thighs.Is it correct?

  12. Hi DoctorJo! My right VMO feels really really tight. . . so much so that it's difficult and painful to perform a squat motion. I recently started a running program after a long (4 years) hiatus and run about 20-25 miles a week (5 mi every other day). No problems with running at all, no knee issues that I can tell but the tightness of my VMO is new to me. No issues doing a standard standing runners quad stretch on my left, but the right leg is painful. I've been using a triggerpoint roller to target my VMO and it only sort-of seems to alleviate the pain and tightness. I'm wondering if I should stop the triggerpoint massages and concentrate on strengthening my VMO? I'm guessing the sudden introduction of running has caused all this. I don't feel like I've got patellofemoral issues, although they might be coming if my VMO is weak. Thank you for taking a look!

  13. thanks for your advice in previous vid regarding doing stritching for my bad knee…..it works…..thanks a lot

  14. what is my injury? 10 years ago i lifted 2 dumbells over my head and the right side of my ribs cracked well it was very deeply strained i never got help from it so when i get stressed it gets inflamed

  15. Okay, I commented on your ankle video and did those, and now I realize I need these too because I am beginning weight bearing after 10 1/2 weeks of non weight bearing for 2 Jones fractures same foot same time with one fracture above the other. My entire leg and especially calf and muscles around the knee can't hold me up. I don't weigh that much either. Whew, wore out with this.

  16. Hi
    When you do the leg raise at 0:56, do you elevate your left hip a little at the starting point in order to rotate your right foot?

  17. I've had a kneecap dislocation a couple months ago. My doctor has advised to do VMO strengthening exercises along with some others. How much of these must I do? I'm a 15 year old.

  18. Hi, a physio told me its best to avoid activation of the adductors when trying to target the VMO. What do you think of that information given? Thanks

  19. Hi. Am going to start doing these after my doctor said my knees are tracking outward due to stronger muscles, causing pain. I have a smaller physical therapy ball, maybe about half the size of the basketball. Would something like that work, or do I specifically need something larger?

  20. Hi.I factured my legs when I was 3 months .now I am 16 and my fractured leg is small compared to the other .it is clearly visible and I feel bad about it. Please help me to overcome this problem and make my factured leg as strong as the other

  21. Dr, I have an acl tear grade 1. Its been a months and when i tried to do the first exercise it feels like my knee is about to go out off place. What does that means?

  22. I have patella femoral syndrome, and I always hear the cracking sounds while going on stairs and squatting. I feel pain sometimes too. Should I do the squate exercise or I should avoid that one??

  23. Hi and thanks for the VMO exercise Dr Jo. I have a pain on the top inner side of my Tibia bone at the (right) knee. I have a rod in my (right) femur due to an accident. Can you recommend any exercise for that ?

  24. Hi, is that ok to do squating with trunk flexion as you did? Some physio say that trunk should be stright while doing squating. My question is what is the diffrance between them?

  25. Thanks for all your great videos. For someone with shoulder impingement issues and bad knees, you have been so helpful to me

  26. Dr Jo, I am currently dealing with quad tendonitis but really need to strengthen my vmo for my knee health and stability. In your opinion, am I ok to do your recommended vmo strengthening exercises?

  27. Hi dr Jo..the ball squeeze exercises really hurt the medial part of my knee..thats where i got the osteoarthritis…but i want to do those exercises..any ideas??

  28. Hi Dr Jo,
    I have got a patella Dislocation and my physiotherapist recommended for my to strengthen my VMO muscle to prevent such things from happening again, will these exercises be good for my type of injury?

  29. It hurts to squeeze a soccer ball on my vmo I've been running I'd it just sore or is it worse ? I can do the other exercises just fine

  30. Hi Dr jo
    my left patella is pulled slightly laterally Everytime when I flex my knee how to relax that vastus lateralis muscle
    Plz help me

  31. Only on one leg my outside quad muscle is far bigger them my vmo. This is causing me issues with my petella. Lots of sites say you can't isolate the vmo. So therefore, how colan I ever correct this??????

  32. Dr joe. Does this work the vmo more so them the outside quad muscle. My outside quad is far bigger them my vmo ans I want to balance them out.

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  34. Hi, I’ve had surgery and i still have issues with it. I would like to know if this would help with my Patellar subluxation? My knee goes out and up

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