Vocal Health & Stamina

Hey everybody, welcome. Welcome to the first ever episode of Let’s
Get Vocal with Rena. In these next episodes I am going to answer
questions that you have about your voice, about presentation, about confidence, about
speech, anything that you’ve wondered about or had a problem with. For those of you who don’t know me, my name
is Rena Cook and I’m a voice, speech and presentation coach. I work with individuals in groups who want
to use the voice in more dynamic and compelling ways. So let’s get right to our first question today,
is from Bill. He says I represent a company that sells a
product primarily at trade shows. I speak all day in noisy exhibit halls and
by noon I’ve lost my voice, what can I do to build more vocal stamina? Well Bill, this is a really important issue
particularly for people who talk in any environment that’s noisy. I’ve had some experience with that myself. I used to do some recruiting for the University
of Oklahoma when I taught there, and we would be in big exhibit halls with people talking
and yelling, lots of reverberation and I would find myself pushing too hard vocally and I
would wear out and my voice would get thin, it would start to hurt, scratch and even kind
of break up a little bit. So I did some research as to what that’s about,
we have a really natural tendency when there’s background noise to push too hard from our
vocal folds. These little tender things right here think
they have to work harder so that people can hear us when there’s a lot of noise. There’s a couple of things that we can do
to help protect those delicate vocal folds and give them a little bit more space. First of all, we have to think about breathing
a little deeper. Putting more breath through the vocal folds
and that’s just being aware of how we’re breathing deeply and centrally. And next, we wanna think about this area. I think first of all about lengthening the
back of my neck so that I go this way which creates more space in the back of my mouth,
in that upper throat area, so if I’m thinking long I’m taking pressure off of the vocal
folds. The next thing you can think about is to make
more space in the back of your mouth. Maybe just by thinking a little bit of a yawn
and you don’t want to people to see that you’re yawning, and so your mouth is shut but there’s
space emerging back there kind of, and then I hold that space as I talk. So let me demonstrate on pressing and then
I’ll demonstrate how to change what’s happening in the mechanics of my body that take pressure
off my vocal folds. Alright so right now I’m in a situation where
I’m saying oh my gosh you need to buy my product and I’m trying to out talk all the people
around me. This is going to wear me out. The first thing I do is lengthen the back
of my neck. My chin comes down just a little bit, it’s
not tucked in but you can hear already that the voice is not having to work quite as hard. I’m gonna make sure that the roof of my mouth,
there’s a lot of space there particularly in my soft palette, so that space in the back
of my mouth and I’m going to breathe more deeply. So that I can say I have this product that
you need to learn about, and I can speak clearly and in a focused way that doesn’t hurt me
here and that can be heard with a lot of noise around it. If you want more information about this you
can go to my website www.MyVocalAuthority.com and there’s a course called the essential
vocal warm up which will help you build stamina so that your voice will be stronger and give
you some techniques that’ll help you in the exhibit hall. Thank you so much for joining us on our maiden
voyage, and remember breathe deeply and speak your truth boldly and the world will listen,
bye bye.

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