Volunteering in Women’s Health

My name is Julia Winterflood and I’m an Australian Volunteer for International Development working at Yayasan Rama Sesana, which is a sexual and reproductive health clinic, located in Bali’s biggest traditional market in downtown Denpasar. My role is Communications and Fundraising Officer. I would say only in the last decade or so has there been more of a focus on women’s sexual health, as people begin to realise that only when women are healthy and are able to live their lives as best as possible, will the community in general be healthy. Yayasan Rama Sesana really focusses on low income women in the Balinese traditional market community. Now these women are extremely hard-working, these women obviously don’t have much time, so very low priority is put on their own personal health. Doctor Sari is a remarkable woman. She started Yayasan Rama Sesana twelve years ago, when she recognised that here in this traditional market would be the primary position for a sexual health clinic. So I have been working very closely with her, which has been a blessing. My name is Luh Putu Upadisari. I am a founder and director of Yayasan Rama Sesana. For women who come here for our services, mostly they come for any kind of health problem, but especially for women’s health problems. Also consulting for gender-based violence. I really love walking around the market with Dr Sari. Whenever I do get a chance, whenever we’re leaving to a meeting together, everybody knows her and she knows everyone. So we’re always running late, because she always has to stop and have a conversation with almost everybody that she passes.

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