Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs

Hello, dear traders, and welcome to my new portfolio Expert Advisors course. Walk Forward optimization is what I will talk about in more details in this course. That’s a little bit more advanced algorithmic trading but I will do my best to structure the course in a way that even a very beginner can follow along and can trade with the portfolio Expert advisors. Now, in this course, I will include 30 strategies grouped into 3 portfolio Expert Advisors which means that you will trade 10 strategies with one Trading Robot or Expert Advisors. Now, I have decided to do that because when we do algorithmic trading with many strategies, it is much easier to avoid the emotions in trading. And this is exactly what makes people lose money. Now, if you look at our website, you will see that we have already many students joining. We have over 14,000 students at the current moment with over 24 online courses. And it is my purpose every day to find new methods to improve the strategies and to include more and better strategies into the courses. Of course all of these strategies should be tested by everyone and you should decide if you want to use them or not. Now the course will bring you the benefit that you will not need to stay in front of the screen trading, following charts, looking at indicators. The portfolio Expert Advisors will have the strategies. I will show you how these strategies are created. What is the logic behind, how I have tested the Expert Advisors with different robustness tests and especially with the Walk Forward optimization which is a tool that many professional traders use. I use it daily and it has some improvements now which I wanted to share in this course. So when you have the Expert Advisors, you can place them on your Meta Trader platform and they will open and close the trades for you. Simply, you will not need to do any manual work on analysis because the Expert Advisors take the trades automatically. This course is suitable for everyone who wishes to trade during the free time, people who have their daily work and have just a couple of hours or even minutes. Because once you place the portfolio Expert Advisors on the platform, you really don’t need to do a lot except to follow the performance like once or twice a day. It is up to you. You can follow the performance at the end of the week and take decisions if you want to keep trading with these portfolio Experts Advisors or not. As well, I will include in the course 3 portfolio Experts Advisors when I launch it and I will update every month with new 3 portfolio Experts Advisors and totally 30 strategies. So you can have a very nice portfolio of strategies and diversify the risk. This is very important nowadays not to depend on one strategy but to diversify the risk between many strategies. As well, in this course I will get into details about the Walk Forward optimization which is now updated and we have the possibility to see the different parameters in each segment, to complete a full backtest at the end and to decide if the strategy is better. Of course this is possible to be done automatically and at the end of the day we receive great strategies which are tested with different robustness tools which I will demonstrate to you. And I will show you how I create the portfolio Expert Advisors which have great equity lines. Much better than the individual strategies. At the end of the course, you can create your own portfolio Expert Advisors. I will show the whole process step by step or if you don’t want to go through the process, you can take the Expert Advisors that I will include in the course and those that I will update every month. And this way, you will be able to test these strategies and decide if you want to use them for your trading. I have selected to use EURGBP, EURJPY, and GBPJPY in this course. Because this way, I stay away from the American dollar which causes a lot of volatility most of the days. And it is great to have a nice portfolio of cross pairs. And especially if you have already some of my other courses, you will achieve better diversification because you will have different currencies and different strategies. I wish you to enjoy the course. If you have any questions at any moment let me know, I will answer you as soon as possible. Enjoy the course.

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