Walkthrough for 40 Stamina Mihawk Raid (Updated 2.2) [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

What’s up, everybody? Zeenigami here. We’re gonna go through the 40 stamina Mihawk raid. We’re gonna be doing a double Zeff team, but there’s lots of teams that can clear the 40 stamina Mihawk raid. Mihawk is by far the easiest raid boss, cuz he is one of the first raid bosses to come out. The first thing you wanna do is just really slowly stall on this first little stage. Golden Pound Usopp is super super vital to this stage, because GP Usopp makes it so that you can just stall for 3 turns on Mihawk himself. If you have a character like Jozu, Jozu is also great, because Jozu completely negates an attack from Mihawk. What I’m gonna do right now is I’m just gonna look for some food and look for a red orb on my Monster Chopper while killing out the turtles. You want to stall on stage 3. That’s the very important stage to stall on. I guess actually getting food is not that important. The only reason you need food is to heal back up after the penguins touch you. Some other characters that are really great, any strength characters are great, cuz Mihawk is obviously a DEX character, so any strength characters you bring will do a good job. Right here, the first important part out of the Mihawk 40 stamina, this marine will do a 2,200 damage preemptive attack. There you go. Take him out first, and then we’re just going to very very slowly stall on the penguin. The penguin only hits for just under 900 so you want to bring a nice low attack staller. If you’re using a team like Mihawk, you probably wanna bring someone even weaker than GP Usopp; bring someone like a turtle or Gaimon or something like that. And you can just sit here and stall on the penguin forever. I’m actually only going to stall until right now, because the only thing I was waiting for was my Jozu special. Now, I’m gonna heal back up and take out the penguin. Don’t heal for much, just a tiny bit, but it’s more than nothing. On this stage, very very important is that the first character you attack is the elder seahorse. Use GP Ussop to kill the elder seahorse, cuz the elder seahorse has 6 hit points. If you don’t kill him, he will lock down your entire team. Now, some alternate ways to do this that you’ll see me doing is to use a character like Vista or Sanji that does exact damage to clear out the entire team, so that way you can save orbs. Like on the turtle and the penguin stage, you wanna save orbs on your good characters and then after that use like Sanji or Vista to clear out that stage and take them out. Then you can have all your orbs ready for Mihawk. Mihawk has 1,000,000 health and does a 4,000 damage preemptive damage. If you’re using a Monster Chopper team, this is the hardest part about a Monster Chopper team is not dying to the two preemptive damage attacks. So a MC team either has to be able to heal or have more than 6,300 damage or so. 6,250 is technically enough, but you know, you give yourself a little space. Once you get here, if you use Alvida’s special, since Mihawk does attack every turn for 10,000 damage on 40 stamina, if you use Alvida, it’ll buy you one turn with only 2,000 damage taken. If you use Jozu, who is especially good on this island, because Jozu will completely negate an attack from Mihawk. So with Jozu, I will buy an extra turn here. You can use Mr. 3 to also get you a turn. You can use, and you’ll see me do it, Mr. 3 to stall for one turn, and then Jozu to stall for another turn, and then GP Usopp to stall for even longer. So between those 3 characters, Jozu, Mr. 3, Alvida, GP Usopp, you can stall for a long long time on Mihawk. And I actually might be in a little bit of trouble here. I’m going to need an orb on my Monster Chopper to get past this safely. I still should have the damage for it, but it’s gonna be a little closer than I wanted to be. You’ll see on the other teams I bring, like my Gear 3 teams and my Mihawk teams and stuff like that, you can do a lot more damage then I’m doing right now. Rayleigh, Whitebeard, all these characters are all very very good for this island, so bring them along no problem. Take him out and good bye. Super super easy. There are lots of teams that you can use. Mihawk only has 1,000,000 health and there a lots of ways to stall him, to negate his attack, to just not take that much damage. So you can see some other examples of teams I used. Good luck farming your Mihawks. Give me a like if you liked it. Share this with your friends, and y’all stay beautiful.

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  1. Zeenigami do you know chopper comeback as next ? or in the future he will comeback?

  2. Just tried mihawk again… 20% at 40 stamina this time. I used a rainbow gem and still lost D: So I need a Vivi helper captain and my G3 possibly…

  3. I got a special maxed out mihawk and look for friends who's mihawks cooldown are around 17-20 range. My ID is 354-223-104

  4. managed to get a mihawk after using all my gems on sugo yesterday! used a laboon/ vivi team and got him on the 4th try.i have zeff but my units are around level 30 on average, so that wasnt happening lol

  5. I'm so ready for Garp with maxed Mihawk now. Just checked my friend list and it seems quite a lot of my friends got their Mihawks maxed as well. Last time, farming Garp with Vivi/Zoro was pain in the ass. I think I can officially graduate from Vivi team now, lol.

  6. I used a double whitebeard and a double Rayleigh team and got 15 mihawks but no skill up

  7. Hey Zeen i haven't been able to get on twitch for a bit but I appreciate you putting more videos and stream highlights here bro ill try to catch your stream sometime but anyways stay sexy c;

  8. Hey guys and girls I really need some high vivi friend captains for the upcoming mihawk it would be highly appreciated I have laboon if you need one as well please help me out and thank you if you do my id on global is 245183600

  9. i just had 40 mihawks from the raid and wanted to reduce his special. Not even one worked! Is that normal while theres no double chance and do u know the propability of leveling up a spezial?

  10. Mihawk is coming back tomorrow and you can get a free code for GP Ussop by looking at optc-guide.com , they have a reedemable code section

  11. I did this with gear 3 luffy and a gear 3 luffy a gp ussop a 4 star kid and bike franky and a arm point chopper it is easy just need a few gems

  12. Zeen, can I use Fossa(4* maxed) + Kuma (5*) as my captain. With Alvida, Golden Pound, Jozu and Gear Second Luffy?

  13. Can i with double blackbeard, arlong, fossa, Calgara and alvida? i don't still for Now usopp gp except sogeking or usop slingshot (delay two turns). Which raid do you suggest 30 or 40 stamina?

  14. I'm only close to getting gp usopp so it will be a while till I can even challenge the easiest raid bosses or the harder islands

  15. hold on can I use g2 luffy on this raid with like a little oars Jr and one hit namule kind of team on this and of course golden pound usopp but can I use those characters and still pass it

  16. Hello guys mihawk is upon us I need some g3 friends pls reply with ur id and has g3 as ur leader im a scrub with luffy bazooka…

  17. ei dude, the last team you used was blamenco /gear 3. Can I swap Blamenco for Kuma? I have both but maybe the HP boost helps me out a bit more

  18. In he day I send this message is the best day to farm Mihawk I have 2 yr anni ship so maxed special and 1.5 dammage I'm using double gear three Leo mihawk diamante oars jr I'm so set for 30 or so mihawks

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