WCE Healthcare Programs

– At Blue Ridge we have
some fantastic non-credit health care trainings, and
these are wonderful health care opportunities to get
into the health care field. We have several programs to choose from. And the fantastic thing
about our programs is you can complete these programs
in a matter of weeks, it doesn’t take years to get through it. The other great thing about them is that you can complete
them while you’re working. And these are programs that are graduating students that are getting jobs. These are in demand
credentials that students are earning, and many
health care employers in the area hire these students even before the students finish
class in some cases. And so we’re exceptionally
proud of the program and the good things that
it’s doing for employers in the community, but the
fantastic thing that it’s doing in the lives of individuals as well. We’re just exceptionally
proud of the fact that we’re graduating lots of health care
employees for our employers in the area and the good
work that they’re doing. At Blue Ridge Community
College our goal is to help you change your future
in weeks, not years. (light music)

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