Welcome To Bonnifait+Giesen’s Up-Cycled Container Home

Welcome To Bonnifait+Giesen’s Up-Cycled Container
Home Bonnifait+Giesen’s Port-a-Bach, according
to Atelierworkshop, is an up-cycled container home that was built in China and shipped to
New Zealand. Now part of the Puke Ariki Museum in New Plymouth,
Atelierworkshop sees the Port-a-Bach as “an effective answer for large scale projects
and if portability, site access, robustness, security are issues.” Since, according to Puke Ariki Museum’s site,
the museum “is an innovative museum, library and information centre that combines learning,
knowledge, resources and heritage objects for a visitor experience that is like no other,”
the Port-a-Bach is a perfect addition to the museum. This home combines the traditional features
of a container home with innovations that make it ideal for making it transportable
and eco-friendly.Unlike most container homes, Atelierworkshop has designed the Port-a-Bach
to be transportable and reusable. The front folds down to form a deck, and the
end opens, creating two bunk beds. Canvas screens create lightweight, exterior
walls to keep unwanted animal life outside. Once the deck is in place, glass doors are
revealed for easy access to the home.The bunks can also double as chaise lounges if no children
are around.Lightweight screens drop down to create partitions within the home, affording
privacy to individuals. A small, functional kitchen is in the home. It is designed to function in a remote setting,
but can also tap into city utilities if desired.A full-sized shower is placed at the end. The open floor plan keeps the space from feeling
too small.Transportable by truck or helicopter, the Port-a-Bach is the container world’s version
of a luxury “tent camper.” Up-cycled, transportable container homes? Not a bad idea. SUPPORT US HERE : Tiny Homes : http://bit.ly/2qQ374g

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