Welcome Your Emotions + Art Therapy Exercise

Hello my fellow art makers and art
therapy lovers – I want to ask, do you find yourself running away or resisting your
feelings? do you struggle with connecting with your emotions and really feeling
them? often times we have a complicated
relationship with emotions. we like to run away, deny, suppress, manipulate, or
just wish them away. we do this especially with pain fear and stress. so
perhaps you can identify some of these common ways that we cope with emotions: first we like to deny – this is pretending
that we’re not feeling a certain way we’re not angry or stressed out and we
show the world that we got it together. we also run away or distract ourselves
constantly – we do this with a lot of different things like new events, new
projects, new relationships, foods or drinking or drugs and shopping. we also
disconnect – maybe we haven’t cried for years or we always feel neutral or just kind of empty inside. perhaps we suppress
our feelings, so we put it out of our conscious life which can be an automatic
process too (we may not voluntarily do this) but perhaps our dreams kind of show
us a glimpse of the things that we have suppressed. another common way we cope
with emotions is to control or manipulate them – this is when we force
ourselves to feel better. and also we wallow in the emotions or be controlled
by the emotions which are very different from all the things that I’ve
described so far but this is when emotions kind of hit you like a wave and
you become consumed by it but you don’t understand what’s happening or we just
become reactive or impulsive without seeming reason. another thing that we often do with
emotions is we condemn ourselves when we feel them so perhaps you are aware of
your emotions but maybe the problem is that you condemn yourself for having
these motions or you judge yourself and it becomes a negative spiral or cycle of
just negative emotions leading to more negative emotions. it’s okay to use these coping mechanisms
as a way to temporarily hold these feelings at a distance to make it safe
and then come back to that when we’re ready but what often happens is we
disconnect from these feelings without the intent to address them again so it
becomes months, years, and even a lifetime goes by without us really looking into
what’s inside of us. I used to do all of these things; I used to shop,
I used to mindlessly eat things that really didn’t helped my health. but this was before I learned the power
of emotions and learned how to use them to my advantage to empower myself
instead of disempowering myself; to be conscious of them without being flooded
by them or being controlled by those emotions. art was a powerful medium that
let myself turn this around completely. we somehow learned that emotions are
dangerous. we cannot deal with them and we shouldn’t let them be here. the thing
is nobody really teaches us how to do this – we all have to learn how to deal
with emotions after we have become adults so how do we deal with them?
we deal with them like Rumi. Rumi is a Sufi poet who wrote lots of poems and
I really love his work. let me share a little poem by Rumi called “The Guest House:” this being human is a guesthouse, every morning a new arrival, a
joy a depression a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an
unexpected visitor. welcome and entertained them all! even if they are a
crowd of sorrows who violently sweep your house and empty of its furniture
still treat each guest honorably. He maybe clearing you out for some new
delight. the dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing
and invite them in. And be grateful for whatever comes because each has been
sent as a guide from beyond. what Rumi is teaching us in this poem is about
mindfulness – to be with whatever Life brings us no matter what it is. it is
truly a practice of acceptance of being open and committing ourselves to greet
each emotion with faith and compassion. sometimes we think acceptance is weak
and that we should resist or condemn certain emotions, but think this:
acceptance is powerful it is an act of courage of compassion
and of faith faith that you are stronger and bigger than the emotion, the
pain. faith that you can hold this difficult emotion in your hands look at
it straight in the eye and acknowledge it is there. all the emotion really wants
in your life is to be acknowledged be understood and be accepted by you. there’s a reason why this emotion is
here now it has a purpose to serve in your life. I want to share a little
activity to practice this acceptance read
Rumi’s poem and then create a picture of that guesthouse and include visitors
to your house. what guests are there? are they coming to
your house or are they already in your house? where would you be? this activity
can help us understand where we are right now and what we can work on in
terms of practicing more mindfulness acceptance and compassion with our
emotions. no emotion is wrong or bad. all are welcome in art therapy. if you
want to explore more about your emotions and discover in depth about who you are
into your own art I have spots open for a one-to-one online therapeutic art
sessions. you can see more information in the link in the description box. there is pain and then there is
suffering. all of us can experience something negative in our lives but we
also pile on additional suffering on top of it because we try to run away from
the pain or resist it. there is power in letting go of resistance and truly
sitting, truly being with whatever comes up. thank you for listening and watching.
I’ll talk to you next time

25 Replies to “Welcome Your Emotions + Art Therapy Exercise”

  1. This is stunningly beautiful and therapeutic. You have struck a most perfect balance in the fine art of self-disclosure. The warmth, intimacy, and trust you create in bringing the viewer IN, (into your home, your cleaning, food preparation, eating, walking, drawing, processing, playing — thinking and being) in 10 minutes is deeper than most therapists could hope to achieve in months of treatment. This is all to say nothing of the sensitivity of the words, the insightfulness of the assessment and advice on Emotions –it all delivers something truly unique and very, very special. Thank you so much.

  2. 💜💙💚💛This was powerful…the best in explaining emotions and that they are neither good or bad…but do need to be addressed…thank you so much💜oh and i love the rumi poem, The Guest House…

  3. Understanding that emotions are a "guest from beyond" (I think that's how Rumi stated it in his poem) that are here to be teachers for our being. What an important reminder. Thank you.

  4. The Christmas family reunions are always full of emotions for me. Thank you for the therapeutic inspiration of how to welcome all of them . Merci !

  5. What I personally don't understand is how I would be supposed to live my life when I let themselves feel all the emotions. I personally have sensory anxiety, that is anxiety from sensory processing disorder and it's about the brain not correctly assessing that a sensation is harmless because the process of processing sensations gets messed up. A similar thing happens with all kinds of unexpected or abrupt events. I find that if I let myself feel all the emotions, that would disable me from participating in a lot of activities that are important or fun to me as I wouldn't have enough brain power left for actually doing things. I would also end up upset a lot of the time, and would then feel depressed because my life has become so negative.

  6. One thing I am trying to accept is that I am often not able to understand where an emotion is coming from and that I cannot know for sure if what I think I am feeling is actually what I am feeling.

  7. Thank you. Your voice, the things you said, the visuals– everything is about offering a safe, hospitable place of rest. Do continue your work of healing 🙏

  8. Hey! You know I usually like your videos, but I LOVED this message. I have been working on acceptance a lot and also trying to wrote about it too. So, this came on the right moment 💚 thank you so much for this beautiful message and taking the time to create this 💚😊✨

  9. Hi there, really loved the video, calmed me down so much <3 – also where did you get your table? Been after one like this for the next house I move into so I dont have to lug heavy furniture around 🙂 thank you xx

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